Sunday, May 29, 2005


The defeat today of the EU constitution in France and its impending defeat in Holland later this week is welcome news.
The French goal of attempting to create an alternate center of world power is but a back-handed slap at the U.S. In the immediate future the result will be a lowering of the value of the Euro .But more importantly anything that disrupts the cohesiveness and power of the EU should lessen the ability of that group to pressure Israel in the peace process. It will also divert their attention inwardly as they ponder their future and even the future of its unitary monetary policy . Thus they will exhibit less bravado and power to negatively influence events in Israel.
The Europeans have many economic and social problems. These include high unemployment, a low birthrate with an inability to guarantee the stability of their welfare systems without immigration from N Africa. The Islamization of Europe that ensues yields crime, and a lack of integration of these millions of refugees. These problems plus a lack of contact between the average European and the Central EU structure, on top of resentment against the Chirac Government all speak to the underlying problems in Europe.