Friday, December 23, 2005


The apparent lack of public outcry from Young Israel branches, Rabbis and lay leaders to the Forward story, speaks volumes to the status of what was once a great and innovative synagogue group. When the Lanner affair hit the press, OU branches started to hold back dues in addition to making demands for mass firings and resignations.Of course we responded with the Joel Commission.
Here we see the disconnect between NCYI and its branches.Most branches outside of the NY area APPEAR TO BE UNAWARE of the story.
True the OU involved a sex scandal which is TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM A “GARDEN-VARIETY “ monetary scandal which unfortunately we have become accustomed to.
One would like to believe that in the world of organizational transparency, a full and public explanation would be forthcoming–certainly for the sake of KOVOD HATORAH. Any smell or scandal leads to a chilul hashem..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

TIAs and Sharon ; TU and YU - 12/21/05

We are pleased that PM Sharon has left the hospital after his TIA (transient ischemic attack-or as they call it a “small stroke”)
TIA usually lasts for minutes and the medical teams at Hadassah are the best.However from a long –term political point of view despite major attempts to deal with the patients lifestyle and medical problems, such as obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, and control of diabetes, TIA is a serious warning sign.
One must assume that the medical team will examine the Carotids (arteries ) for obstruction and his cardiac state.Most patients are also placed on anti—platlets or anti-coagulation therapy.
Nevertheless one third of TIA patients will eventually go on to suffer a full stroke and many will have recurrent TIAs .
At the present the polls show little concern for this by Israelis, however we have a way to go before the elections

It was great to see the Torah UMadda emblem on the podium in front of Sen. Hillary Clinton at the YU dinner.In addition an e-mail plea for fund similarly had our motto/emblem.
Sadly the YC Alumnii Association stationary and invitation for the sports dinner had only the flames.
We are making progress!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

THE SHARON STROKE etc 12/18/05

The announcement within the hour of PM Sharon’s stroke , could represent a major earthquake for the Israeli body politic.We of course pray for a full and speedy recovery.
However, even if that occurs many voters will be reminded of his age and frailty as they go to the polls.Let us remember Kadimah is a one –man show.Without a vibrant Sharon it could all fall apart.
We know from experience that they rarely tell the truth about the initial facts of a world figures health crisis, and therefore new will have to be patient as things develop

Those who advocate an immediate total withdrawal of American troops from Iraq,are reminded that we still have troops all over the world.This includes Japan, Korea,Europe and other parts of Asia, long after those wars concluded.As Sec Powell said today, there will be some troops around for a long time in Iraq .


.It is sad to see how far behind Pennsylvania Sen Rick Santorum(R) is in the current polls.He is not only a great Senator, but a decent and warm human being who deserves our communities support.Norpac is raising funds for him.For those intererested(call Dr Ben Choake)


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sen Menendez-- NCYI 12/15/05

The appointment of Cong Bob Menendez to fill the seat of Senator Corzine should be a plus for our community.While Corzine had a good record,Menendez has been an outspoken leader of the Pro-Israel Congressional leadership.

The story in this weeks Forward on the National Council of Young Israel and their Nursing Homes comes as no suprise.I discuss in my book, that negotiations for a merger ( OU-NCYI ) came to a halt for a number of reasons.One of them was our desire to inspect the nursing home books.
If there is a strong and competent and leadership at NCYI they should demand an outside panel to investigate,publish the results and oversee any indicated changes.
It reminds me of our approach to the Lanner scandel