Wednesday, December 21, 2005

TIAs and Sharon ; TU and YU - 12/21/05

We are pleased that PM Sharon has left the hospital after his TIA (transient ischemic attack-or as they call it a “small stroke”)
TIA usually lasts for minutes and the medical teams at Hadassah are the best.However from a long –term political point of view despite major attempts to deal with the patients lifestyle and medical problems, such as obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, and control of diabetes, TIA is a serious warning sign.
One must assume that the medical team will examine the Carotids (arteries ) for obstruction and his cardiac state.Most patients are also placed on anti—platlets or anti-coagulation therapy.
Nevertheless one third of TIA patients will eventually go on to suffer a full stroke and many will have recurrent TIAs .
At the present the polls show little concern for this by Israelis, however we have a way to go before the elections

It was great to see the Torah UMadda emblem on the podium in front of Sen. Hillary Clinton at the YU dinner.In addition an e-mail plea for fund similarly had our motto/emblem.
Sadly the YC Alumnii Association stationary and invitation for the sports dinner had only the flames.
We are making progress!