Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulus / Mitchell

So much is written and discussed about the stimulus package, that anything I write would be superfluous.However the talking heads are working on the assumption that it it is an almost perfect package.Therefore how will the Republican Party look at the voters and say they voted against jobs etc.
Well if the next 12 months sees a recovery based upon this package,they will have been proven right.However if not, the Reps will look like heroes,
What the Pres. is doing wrong,and with this I agree with Rush Limbaugh ,is planting a sense of doom and gloom. in fact the economic news is not worse than the Reagan recession.
The Pres. is making a mistake not to rein in Pelosi,Conyers ,Stark et al who have no problems with re-election,and care little for bipartisanship.

It was nice to hear that Sen. Mitchell in enunciating the new Administrations policies,mentioned not only the Road Map (long dead!) ,but Pres GW Bush's letter of 2004 regarding no Palestinians to return to Israel, and retention of the large settlement blocs.
A reasonable beginning!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


It is hard to conceive of the " change" that our new Pres. has brought .There are still lobbyists in major positions,albeit with"exceptions".There is Nancy Pelosi being as arrogant and brash as usual,basically playing down bipartisanship.True the Presidernt has extended his hand in social friendship,however when it comes to "tachlis" he would not bend.
The more the press analyzes the stimulus package, the more you realize it is pork.Take the modernization of medical records-to save money and lives!
In truth there are no programs capable of such an undertaking.There are nowhere near enough computer technicians who could put them into doctors offices-when available.Small physician practices are not going to swing for the investment needed.This is above all the security and privacy issues we spoke about recently.
So many of the projects in the House bill will not create Jobs in the next 2 years-when we need them.
Those of the pro-Israel community who supported Obama,because he will be there for Israel, will have to keep their eyes on the letter being prepared for Ahmedijean.the Mitchell visit,and the Obama interview on Al Arabyia.
I hope I am wrong, but we are in for tough times.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nathan Diament / Sexual stimulus /Help Israel

I am very proud of the expanding role thatNathan Diament has undertaken in Washington as head of the OU's IPA(Institute for Public Affairs).Yesterdays has a story about Nathan and his close relationship with Obama going back to Harvard,and of course the basketball court.This positive feeling I have for Nathan,who I originally hired and then opened the Washington office for him to staff does not change my mind that IF he joined Rabbi Lookstein at the inauguratiion church prayer service ,even on his own time that would be an error.You can never forget that in public life your personal persona cannot be differentiated from whom you represent.

Rabbi Lookstein on the other hand was acting as one of the actors,and either did know,or should have known better as to the long held stand of the RCA ,based on his late Rebbe's (Rabbi Soloveichik's ) teachings.


The stimulus package about to be passed by the House,has too little stimulus, and too much pork.Drudge reports that $335 million is going for education to prevent sexually traansmitted diseases.Not too many people will obtain jobs with such funding.This is but one small example of the Dem. direction.


Reading through Foreign Affairs magazine,and othe so-called scholarly journals of foreign policy,one sees that the so-called experts are out in full force to place the Arab-Israeli conlict at the center of every ill,and that good-willed Israelis (to be read not Netanyahu) realize that the path to peace is by breaking up settlements etc.
It reminds me of the old George Ball article on "How we have to help Israel in spite of itself"Luckily Ball is not around anymore but his ideas are.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Global hoaxery / George Mitchell /NY fiasco

More than 34,000 scientists have signed a petition saying global warming is probably natural and not a crisis.Yesterday for the second time in history it snowed in the United Arab Emirate.
On March 8-10 there will be a major International Conference on Climate Control in NYC with speakers such as the Former Prime Minister of Spain and the current President of the European Union.
The drive to spend megadollars on technology not yet discovered based on the Religion called GLOBAL WARMING , IS THE SECULAR APPROACH OF LIBERALS TO RELIGION IN AMERICA.

I first met George Mitchell in 1982 when he was filling the unexpired term of Sen Ed Muskie.That summer,Mitchell of Lebanese descent was way behind in the polls for a full term.The only organized groups for him were the Pro-Israel PAC's and community.We HUVPAC) invited him to Monsey upon his victory,and he was indeed grateful for our support.
After his appontment in Oct. 2000 by Pres. Clinton to head the Mitchell Commission following the Al-Aqausa intifada,he was not really a friend in his report.He blamed the settlements as a root cause,and exonerated Arafat and the PLO.He called the PLO an "independence movement" without referring to their desire to dismember Israel.His report came to naught.
He is soft spoken,a gentleman and an experienced diplomat and mediator with great success in N. Ireland.However with Fatah and Hamas fighting and Bibi set to win,it will not be in the cards for much more than token progress-if anything.
What he has going for him is his prestige and the Obama factor.


The Pricess Caroline story brings smiles to those who believe the Kennedy era is over.Yet the NY political story will make interesting reading as we approach 2010.
Probaly AG Cuomo will challenge Gov. Paterson whose ratings have dropped.Rudy Guliani is expected to run on the Rep. side,although I wish he would run for Senate.It is probable that there will be a challenge to the new Sen.Gillibrand from some of her Congressional colleagues,Looks interesting!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The future

Just one thought before I leave for the airport to attend the funeral.
What would have been accomplished had they finished off Hamas? The end of Iran as a threat in Gaza.


It is with deep sorrow that I learned this morning of the passing of our dear friend Avi Blumenfeld OB'M .Sheila and I considered them as close as any relative. We traveled to many parts of the world with Lois and Avi.
He was a very special person.Quiet and dignified, he was a self made successful businessman . Early on as he traveled extensively and worked tirelessly,yet,he always had time for his family and the needs of klal yisrael.Avi was extremely charitable.He was a former President of Community Synagogue in Monsey and of ASHAR. He served as Treasurer of the OU and of the RIETS Board.He was a major contributor to HUVPAC and really every major and minor tsadakah. Not only was he generous, but he was a "sport".Above all he was a mentsch and was very caring
The most important thing to him was his family.His parents z'kl,had a small grocery in the Bronx.and Avi was always there to help them.At a ripe old age his fatherz'l all alone made aliyah to Israel,and raised money for indigent families.
Lois and Avi have one son and 4 daughters ,as well 19 grandchildren.Each one is a ben or bas Torah,and were deeply devoted to him as he was to them..
The last 4 years have been extremely difficult for Lois,as she has struggled to maintain her privacy,and yet carry on as a wife,mother and grandmother ,even as Avi's medical condition sapped his energy
Never once did Avi feel sorry for himself,and he always looked to the future.He left a wonderful legacy of family and friends who will sorely miss him.
May the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Israel,and know no more sorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2009

President Obama

Tomorrow is certainly a historic moment for America.For the black community it is one of great pride and joy.
The Pres-elect has according to one Florida paper made about 530 promises in his campaign.This is double that of Clinton and Bush combined.If he will preside over an economic recovery,whether or not it comes about because of his programs,or because of natural economic cycles, he will be a hero.
In addition,if the world situation is quiet,then he will have breathing space to pay attention to his economic programs.If he stays smart,and avoids the pressure of Pelosi/Reid and the left to push card-checks(and other way left agenda items),then he will avoid the partisan ire of Republicans and allow the spirit of bipartisanship to grow, at least for a period of time.
While the black community has much to celebrate,it also has much soul searching to do.The cry that one of their own cannot succeed to the top is no longer believable.In politics media, law ,medicine and other fields the potential for meritocracy is there.
However the inner city and the lack of family units will always hold down their occupants,unless they take matters into their own hand like the Jews of old and the Koreans and Vietnamese.
Education ,Education and hard work must be the order of the day.
They have their heroes,Obama,Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas and others who every American can look up to -black or white.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Headache !

Trying to make sense out of the memorandum of understanding between the US and Israel,the Israeli Cabinet decision for a cease-fire with an apparent partial withdrawal,the Hamas statement giving Israel one week to withdraw,and the Egyptian statment that they are not bound by the US-Israel agreement, leaves your head spinning.
We should not take our eyes off of the goal,and see if it has been ,and will be maintained.


Plans for cooperation,intelligence sharing etc etc,are all nonsense if the picture on the ground shows Israelis running to shelters.
If the answers to the above questions are in the neg (1 and 2) and of short duration,then it has been all in vain,and the group of them,Olmert,Barak and Livni should retire from public life for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Friday, January 16, 2009


It is a real treat to welcome the Teaneck part of our family Banji ,Ari and family to Boynton for the school break.
I have always held that on matters of security only Israelis have the right to question decisions of the govt. Nevertheless, one can raise points that enter your mind.
Why does the Israeli govt. believe that Tues. is the deadline for their military action? Will the Israelis melt in the face of Obama criticism? Don't they trust Hillary-Obama?
Are the Israelis simply going to withdraw without either collecting remaining rockets,or being replaced by a third party?
If Hamas rejects the Israeli terms,will Israel unilaterally cease fire based on a lame-duck assurance by Condi Rice?
Is Israel guaranteed that Egypt-US will stop the flow of rockets etc?
What will be Israel's response be if 1,2 ,or 10 rockets hit Sderot?
If they simply allow it to pass,what will have been accomplished by this military action?
Israelis gave up their homes,schools,synagogues industries and dreams for the Sharon/Olmert disengagement.Will Israelis one or two years from now mourn the wasted lives of this campaign when they are again mobilized.
Let us pray that there will be quiet and peace.Time will tell.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pardon the water- boarders,Libby and Pollard

When Gerald Ford became President, one of the first things he did was to pardon Richard Nixon.This very unpopular move, may have cost Ford the upcoming election. Yet he knew that the nation could not tolerate a continuing trauma of trying a former President. In retrospect it was a wise and courageous decision.
Today, left wing Democrats are looking to criminally pursue intelligence officers and others who followed orders in the war on terror, and used torture.I will not discuss the merits of torture in a war for survival.I have already done that previously.However, these individuals did prevent another attack on the US. It would serve no national purpose for our next administration to move in that direction.
How Obama handles intelligence will have to be seen.If we go 4 or 8 years without a major domestic attack,he will say "I was right", and if there is G-d forbid an attack, he will start singing another tune.
In the meantime President Bush should pardon all those connected with water-boarding and other forms of "torture" then sanctioned
In addition he should definately pardon Scooter Libby, who was made a scapegoat for the anti-war movement.
In addition it is time to commute the sentence of Johnathan Pollard on humanitarian grounds.He has suffered enough,and probably the CIA and Defense Dept, will now not vocally oppose his release.
Please call the White House,asking for that action.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby it's cold outside / Hamas

As the nation freezes, and the Germans are talking of a new "ice age" we still hear the liberals talking of global warming.They refuse to look at the new data,and the new input of skeptical non-partisan scientists from all over the world.
This reminds me of the scare around the millenium,regarding computers,terror and so on.
Global warming is no less a religion than any of the established churches in the world.

In the middle of a war,with the world mobilized against Israel ,it is heartbreaking to see the PM ,and the Defense Minister fighting in public.Olmert's comments on the UN vote and Rice show a total amateurishness that undermines the relationship ,even if she will be out of office in 1 week.
Israel faces a challenge from the North,and the Hamas threat will not go away unless they are defeated, or the conditions are put into place that will allow the surrender of rockets in Gaza to a third party and their destruction,foreign monitors in Gaza,and destruction of the tunnels with a mechanism to prevent new smuggling.The idea of a moat,over a deep gulley is a possibility.However a one year time limit for a cease-fire is ridiculous.The time goes quickly, and in 18-36 months we will be back again to rockets and invasion with a stronger Hamas.Already France is indicating it will talk to Hamas.
Hillary Clinton's statement yesterday on Hamas,represents no change in her long held view in this regard.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A speech for the "AGES"

Look,Obama is a great speaker,and his rise to power began with his convention speech 4 years ago.
However the Obama-mania of CNN this morning makes you chuckle.When asked if the reporter had seen any of the text of the inauguration address,the answer was "NO".However added the CNN reporter it would not only be Lincolnesque, but be a speech for the "ages". Perhaps said the guest being interviewed they would be discussing this speech for hundreds of years.
I wonder how a mere mortal can live up to this description?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jimmy Carter / UN vote / Iran / GOP retirements

Isn't it time for Jimmy Carter to begin treatment for his Alzheimers?
In todays Washington Post he attacks Israel for attacking a "defensive Hamas tunnel" from Egypt into Gaza in the late part of last year .You know those defensive tunnels that bring Grad missiles into Gaza, and 'DEFENSIVELY" fire them at Israeli towns, where the residents have the nerve to want to sleep peacefully at nite.

Whether it was smart of Olmert to reveal the truth about Condi Rice and the UN vote or not I am not sure.However, Bush has been there for Israel and for that he should be blessed.The NYT story about the refusal to agree to Israel's request to allow Israel the tools to bomb Iran,shows again the inability of the NYT to protect national security.

Iran is prepared to fight to the last Palestinian.The threat by Iran to withhold arms and financial support if they agree to a ceasfire,undermines the Newsweek story this week,that claims that while Hamas gets arms and moneyfrom Iran, it does not take orders from them.

The announcement that four Republican Senators will not run for re-election in 2 years,complicates the GOP sffort to make gains in 2010.How well the economy does,and whether there will be additional Dem. scandels, will determine how the Dems will do in 2010.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Computerizing medical records / Double Standard part ?

The proposal to computerize all of our country's medical records is fraught with danger.While it is terrific to modernize a medical practice,or to have systems in place so that in or out-patients have their medical histories,medications etc clearly stated,it is another thing to place this information on a national grid.

You have to assume that all sense of privacy will be lost.An individual born with a certain gene, or hgh cholesterol, might be denied employment, once companies use private detectives to ferret out the information.

I do not want the world to know what my blood pressure is,or what medications I am on. If I had a malignancy at an early age,but now cured I could be denied life insurance or as I said above employment.If my sister had breast cancer ,and I put that into my familial history,again that can be used against me.

Please don't tell me that no one can access this data. Nonsense!Insurance companies are not supposed to test your blood for HIV,when you apply for life insurance.Do you really believe that the blood drawn is not used for such tests?

As we know from malpractice cases,there are always medical and hospital personell willing to sell information to lawyers and insurance companies.

Health care reform must not be used to socialize our system,provide government care for those who are eligible and can afford private insurance,or to provide a means to deprive individuals of the right to choose their own physicians.

This weeks Torah portion Shemoth, has Pharoh introducing slavery and the destruction of all male Jewish children. Moses sees an Egyptian abusing a Jew, and he kills him. The Torah next describes that Pharoh heard of the death of the Egyptian.

The Rabbis ask "this death he heard of,but what about the deaths of the thousands of Jewish children?"

The world protests Israeli self-defense,and they are outraged.Where were their demonstrations and outrage as rockets rained on innocent Israelis?

THE WORLD NEVER CHANGES! Those who talk about eventual ME peace, have never studied and have even less understanding of the hatred that exists toward the Jewish State.

Friday, January 09, 2009


With only 5 negative votes,the House today joined the Senate in a resolution supporting Israel,and blaming Hamas. It is interesting and disgusting that the LEFT-WING SO CALLED"PRO-ISRAEL" GROUPS TRIED TO AMEND THE RESOLUTIONS TO CALL FOR A CEASE-FIRE.They failed.
What this means,is that in the future when the Community and AIPAC sponsor Congressional actions,we will not be able to take it for granted .We will have to mobilize and prevent these A-holes from destroying that which we have worked for since 1948-50 .a united pro-Israel community.
Thus it is sad to see Condi Rice abstain on a UNSC resolution,which she knows Israel cannot accept.
When I was in college,Life magazine had an issue predicting the end of the Jewish community in the US.We survived,Life didn't.Today Time magazine,raises the same question"Can Israel survive its assault on Gaza?"How long until Time is history?.It is interesting that the morale of the people in Israel is very high,and 100% of reservists have reported to their units when mobilized.70% of Israelis want the military to persist.Most ground force soldiers are 19-21 years of age.Indeed this is a war for national survival,and Israel cannot afford to lose,or to have it appear that they have lost their potency.
The Hamas are up to their old tricks,including creating fake casualties,using film from a different war, smuggling in military uniforms in food trucks,and claiming THAT THE DEAD ARE ALL CIVILIANS!
It takes a strong stomach to reject the anti-Israel bias and propoganda.The IDF has been meticulous in trying to avoid civilian casualties.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Double standard / Panetta

We have to comment on the truthfulness of an anti-Israel proester in Fort Lauderdale,who yelled "Jews -go back to the ovens'.She had either the courage or stupidity to express her true feelings against Jews.That is why when you hear NSC Chief Hadley advise Obama to maintain the Annapolis mechanism, because peace can be achieved this year,is surely well meaning,but smoking the wrong mixture.
The world has a double standard when it comes to Israel,and with all the plans and envoys etc,the bottom line is that the world would be happier without a Jewish State.
I forgot to give credit to AIPAC for its role in putting together the Senate resolution.
The report that Dan Shapiro will join the NSC as the head of Middle Easzt desk is important.As a former Senate staffer,he was involved in the 2003 Syria Accountability Act.Dennis Ross while not exactly my first choice,will be Sec. Clinton's top ME advisor.
I urge you to read Rabbi Marvin Hier's op-ed in todays WSJ on the double standard issue.

Leon Panetta, is surely a well qualified govt. servant. However is he the right man for the CIA.The Obama promise was to rid the Agency of politics,which would hardly describe Panetts's history.
His participation on the Iraq study group , and his aversion to tough questioning of terror suspectd, may be a detriment to our security.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tax policy / Senate resolution

Well expecting a bail-out is now a cottage industry.First the financial institutions-banks,then the auto industry,and soon every commercial failure in this country.Housing,commercial real estate ,cities and states are all lining up with their hands outstretched.
Perhaps now that the porn industry is preparing to make a case for itself,can we realize that capitalism ,where you are rewarded for risk that is successful,with a possibility of failure is on the way out.
Giving "tax-cuts" tp people who pay no taxes is pure welfare, and a payoff to Democratic voters of the inner-cities.
Adding 600,000 government jobs means that these hirees will never be eliminated.
We need tax cuts that will encourage investment in industry and for those whose spending will stimulate the economy.
The Republican idea of lending money to the states at 5% interest for a short period,eill prevent waste,when the states will know that they have to pay it back.

================================================================================== The Senate is scheduled to pass a bipartisan resolution tomorrow supporting Israel's right of self-defense.Sponsored bu both Sens Reid and NcConnell. it will send a message to Obama,and the world that our relationship to Israel has not changed.
I see that Richard Haas is being considered for the ME negotiater.He advocates low-level contact with Hamas.
I recall when he was in the White House under Clinton,I never found him to be a true friend of the US-Israel relationship.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


You know when you get butterflies in your stomach,and there is nothing wrong YET, but feel something undesirable is about to happen,well that is how I feel about our Pres.-elect and Israel.
Yes we only have one President at a time,but nevertheless he could have said, "i support the President " on this matter. He did not.I did see on the bottom of the screen of 1 of the cable news shows,that he is "concerned re: civilian casualties", but I could not find the source of that.
The headline of Newsweek by Aaron Miller, "Get tough with Israel" follows an article by the magazine which advocates a shareing or international control of Jerusalem's Holy sites(Martin Indyk)tear down the barrier (Daniel Levy) NATO force in the West Bank later transfer land to the Palestinians (Gen James Jones)Israel take some responsibility for the NAKBA (Walter Russell Mead-in Foreign Affairs) -pretty much points to the direction of the old Clinton advisors-especially the Jewish ones.
Since Oslo,every Israeli concession, withdrawal or disengagement has energized and emboldened the forces thar seek to wipe Israel off the map.I was on a(Am Friends of) Likud phone conference today and Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya'alon put it succintly,we have seen not land for peace ,but"land for rockets".
He pointed out,that he did not believe that Hezbollah is in a position to open a new front.
He reiterated that Israel wants no part of UN efforts in any proposed cease-fire,since the results in Lebanon did not turn out well to prevent the rearming of Hezbollah.
As far as Obama is concerned,he can only go so far without causing a major uproar in the pro-Israel Congress.However each statement ,or lack of one,and nuance will be watched.Luckily Israel probably needs another 10 days minimum to complete the military aspect of the assault.
The only downside of this effort,is the question ,can Israel politically turn around and take out Iran within 90 days if there is no diplomatic/economic progress?

Monday, January 05, 2009

CEASE-FIRE/ gas tax

To the world (except the US) a ceasefire is desirable,since Israel's firepower and technology is so overpowering that surely " innocent lives "will be lost. By the way isn't it interesting that when the Palestinians death toll is announced on Cable TV, it's something like"40 deaths,all civilians,of which 35% are children". Amazing! I guess Hamas fighters are just a figment of our imaginations!Interestingly
The world doesn't comment on the use of mosques as a depot of arms and supplies.
To Israel however,the talk of a ceasefire must contain the answers to a number of questions :
How do you stop the rockets permanently?
How do you stop the smuggling of weapons ,weapon components and other condiments of war?
Who will police the ceasefire? what will be their makeup?-If it is an international force-will they be from nations that do not recognize israel?what will be their power to enforce the quiet?How large will the force be?
Will Egypt and the US-French create some type of construction that will phsically prevent the digging of new tunnels?
How do you convince China to stop allowing Grad missiles to be smuggled to Hamas?
The answer to these questions and similar issues will determine whether the operation is a success or another failure as in Lebanon.
As an addendum -as of 10.30 AM NY time-30 rockets have been fired toward Ashkelon today.It is obvious that the IDF effort while supposedly moving as planned,still has a way to go.

The tax and spend beaurocrats want to add a 10 cent gasoline tax in this country.True, gas prices are now low,but that is temporary,and surely within 18 months as hopefully world economy improves ,even in the absence of a major International crisis(ie Israel bombing Iran)the price of oil will rise.
This kind of funding for highway infrastructure is the path for corruption In addition, the new stimulus package has funds for that purpose.
Indeed the low level of gas prices has only been in effect for a few short months.Its salutory effect on the economy is in the billions.WHAT WITH AUTO SALES AT SUCH A LOW POINT,THIS IS NOT A PRUDENT MOVE,AND SHOULD BE DEFEATED.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gaza Offensive

It is disheartening to see Jewish boys sent into battle to protect their homeland.It is depressing to see the protests around the world against Israel.Yet none of these protesters raised a voice when terrorist attacks took place against innocent Israelis on buses and schools.Nor did they show concern when thousands of rockets came from Gaza ,aimed at innocent civilians.Were not the parents of these protesters , and their governments also silent when 6 million Jews were slaughtered?
A good war is what the cable networks love.Plenty of opportunity for exciting interviews and moralizing.Ratings go up at these moments.What stands out is the moral equivalency that the networks assign to the poor Palestinians and the Israelis.
Could the U.S. and the allies have conducted WWII to a successful conclusion had there been cable TV? Would the world or the public have supported a 5 year war?
After Pearl Harbor had there been a UN ,wouldn't there be a call for a cease-fire?
Where was the proportionality,when Japan only attacked a few ships and an island,and we went after the entire Japanese Empire?
We fire bombed Dresden and sent nuclear bombs against 2 Japanese cities,to repay the brutality and immorality of the Axis.Every book on that war, will convince you,that millions of our soldiers were saved by bringing the war to a conclusion.
Israel has no margin of error as it faces enemies from Hezbollah-Syria-Iran and Hamas.When you add international prssure that increases incrementally,you feel the growing isolation that Israel's leaders must feel.All the criteria for self-defense and national survival have no meaning when they relate to Jews.
Netanyahu and Livni visited Sarkozy ,yet he condemned the invasion.Thankfully the Czech President who took over the EU on Jan 1, called the actions self-defense.
Sadly there can never be a true peace in the region without the Messiah,since the Arabs cannot accept a Jewish State, and most of the world is indifferent at best, and antagonistic at worst. All this talk by the talking heads about peace etc, is just babbling.The Arabs only respect power and force-PERIOD.
We pray that Pres. Obama will show the friendship and support to Israel, that his supporters promised we would see were he to be elected.
For us in America,we cannot fight in Gaza, but we can bombard our newspapers and TV-radio talk shows and surely Congress and the White House of our feelings and prayers.Let us not be swayed by a bunch of pro-Islamists burning a flag in our country.Morality,Justice ,Fairness and History are on our side,and with the help of G-d we will prevail.

Friday, January 02, 2009

ANXIETY/ A People finder /Tues

One can imagine the growing anxiety of the Israeli troops gathered around Gaza.While most are probably regular army,some are reservists,Each day,they observe both the outgoing rockets that hit Ashkelon etc ,and they see the blasts from IAF jets ,helicopters and drones. The tension rises,as they think of their families back home,and wonder if and when the orders will come to attack.
After a period of time,this waiting starts to have a negative effect on the civilian poulation who support a definitive action,but yet see daily 30-50 incomung rockets,as well as the troops.
Of course we in the Diaspora are no less anxious,as we pray that the fighting cease,but not without a total cessation of Hamas rockets.

I was in a restautant last nite in Delray(FL) when a young man at the next table asked me if I was Mendy Ganchrow.He was from St. Louis, but formerly from Bayside Queen,where my mother and brothers lived.His mother Kate Ast, now 87 was a friend of my mothers,but now lives with her children in St. Louis.
She asked her son "What ever happened to Kate Ganchrow?
He did not know,but googled her,came across this blog,where I noted in July that we were celebrating her 97th birthday!Of course she was pleased.

Tues. is the day for possible Senat theater with Sen. nominee Burris, and possibly Gov. B of Illinois planning to enter the Senate Chamber,and the Dems promising to block the doors.By Senate rules,Govs are entitled to enter the Chamber
As I say --Stay tuned!