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BHO FOR DEBATING MANAGER/ Hollywood values / Cynicism

I love debating !
In high school and college as a member of the debating team ,I loved to spar with opposing schools.Any accomplished debater must study the material, practice, and of course be quick to respond. It certainly makes you a better public speaker,especially if you have a good coach that teaches you body movements etc.
Mazal Tov ! BHO is a great debater-he talks the game, is glib personable and stands his ground.
If he were running for Debating Manager I would vote for him.
However there is no "there" there in his resume.
He never accomplished a single thing except write 2 memoirs and give a speech as a State Senator. Challenge anyone to list his accomplishments in legislative or bipartisan terms and you will fall flat.

It is amazing to see the headlines that "Hollywood types attack Palin."
These Hollywood degenerates are the most immoral conceited and overpaid members of society.They have NO VALUES except glamour and glitz.Yes they know how to read a script,sing a song,tell a joke written by someone else,however where in the great plan of this world did the almighty bless them with superior wisdom? or political insight?
Not that Palin is perfect-she is not.However as a Gov. with a high favorability rating she should not be subject to the ridicule and smears that these jerks use in the name of good citizenship.Why don't they have the backbone and decency to stick to the issues.But then again this is Hollywood!

As we approach Rosh Hashonah, one cannot help but marvel at the lies that politicians will throw out in the name of winning elections.
On Thursday,Democratic negotiators announced they had a truth there was no such deal.In fact the Republican House members were never even consulted. This group plus a few Republican Senators forgot we have a bi-cameral legislature.
The Dems have enough votes to pass anything they want.However they fear that without Republican support the nation will rise up against them,since the public is really not on board.
Why did they make the announcement? To embarass John McCain,and to make it appear firstly that his efforts were not needed,and then later to say it was his fault that the talks broke down.
Sadly the Democrats involved have no integrity,and it becomes disheartening as a citizen to watch such pure cynicism and dishonesty.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy New Year

I have not blogged for 2 days,as I was spending a great deal of time preparing sermons for Rosh Hashonah for our shul in Boynton Beach.Without a Rav,we all try to divide up the responsibilities.Our ashkenazic shul is growing nicely.

Obviously I am not privy to negotiations on the bail-out bill,however I hope that Republicans do not blink when it come to denying any funds to community groups,such as Acorn.As noted in todays WSJ editorial, these funds belong to the taxpayers(if there is a profit) and not Democratic Party front groups.With that in place(such funding) the Rep. Senators should filibuster.
If Pres. Bush wanted to do something right, he would veto the Defense bill with 5 billion in earmarks.Make them come back and vote on a clean bill.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


If Palin had said that President Roosevelt in 1929 handled the Great Depression (when he wasn't President) and went on national TV ( when there was no TV) the talking heads would be laughing their heads off.But Biden ah.."You know Joe.."
Gaffe after gaffe, but its hidden away on,where only political buffs see it.

Now that McCain has suspended campaigning and returning to Washington for the financial crisis debate,we will see how Obama responds.

Randy Schultz is the editorial page editor of the left leaning liberal Palm Beach Post.On Sunday he authored an op-ed "The secret cell helping McCain".
He accuses The Clarion Fund of distributing copies of the DVD "Obsession-Radical Islam's war against the West" as a secret attempt to stir passsions against Obama.It is he claims "aimed at swing-state and Jewish voters".
This DVD was enclosed in many newspapers delivered in swing states.
First of all this film probably made by Aish Hatorah is a few years old, and was not made for our campaign.
Under the law,even if this as a byproduct crystallized voter thinking on a campaign oriented issue, its release is perfectly legal,as it mentions no candidates or party, and is purely educational. It is not a "ZIONIST PLOT or SECRET CELL.
In fact,the dangers of radical Islam are universal,and one can make the argument that the purpose was to push both candidates TO SPEAK OUT ON THE ISSUE.
However, Mr Schultz does not believe that Radical Islam is a real danger.In fact, he makes the following claim.
"Obsession contains a chapter called "Denial" which compares the supposed failure to confront Islamic terrorists to the failure to confront Nazi Germany. Al Qaada in 2008 is Hitler in 1938.It's a tempting comparison because of the anti-semitism then and now,but a false one.
"Radical Islam" unlike Hitler has taken no territory.This is not Munich in 1938"
Then further one he states "As one US national security expert said (who?) a couple of years ago two people believe that Al-Qaeda could pull off world domination Osama Bin Laden and George Bush."

Mr Schultz seems to have forgotten about 9/11,the takeover of Afghanistan,attempts to take over the Phillipines and Saudi Arabia the murder of Anwar Sadat,the USS Cole,the Anwar Towers, the plot to blow up transatlantic planes,the multiple convictions even in Florida for terrorism,the takeover of Lebanon by Hizbollah,and Gaza by Hamas and the murder of Rabbi Kahane and so on ....
Indeed Islamic fascism is a threat to our freedom and that of our allies.
Over the years I have delivered one hour presentations on Islamic terrorism, and could only skim the surface of what is known about this threat from China to Russia,and from S America to Europe. There are many organizations who monitor this on a daily basis.
The left has traditionally looked upon these activites as "criminal" that should be addressed by our criminal courts.In fact we are in a war,and sadly Mr Schultz who as an editor of a newspaper, could by a click of his computer have a thousand page read-out on the problem, seems to take a narrow and non-sophisticated PARTISAN approach.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hemorrhoids and beer

A number of years ago,while in practice, I visited a fellow colon-rectal surgeon in Belgium. One of the interesting things I learned from him, was that he routinely used beer for his patients after rectal surgery. A few bottles a day, relieved pain,made the patients happy and helped with bowel movements.
When I came back to the States,I initiated the use of beer in my practice.Initially the nurses and my colleagues laughed at me, until they became convinced of its efficacy.
For a while I was known as the "beer doctor".
The reason I bring this up,is because in this past weeks Daf Yomi (the daily study of the Talmud) it states very clearly that one of the treatments of Hemorrhoids is BEER!(gittin 69b)
I recall many years ago that Dr Fred Rosner published a treatise on the teachings of Maimonides and hemorrhoids.
As the saying goes" there is really nothing new under the sun".


I am not quite certain why John McCain would mention AG Andrew Cuomo as a possible czar for the housing-financial mess.If memory serves me correct,it was on his watch under Clinton that the housing-mortgage mess was allowed to fester.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Israeli Democracy ? / The rally again

Sadly we are in that silly season in Israeli democracy and politics that exposes its inherent weaknesses.
The lack of a 2 or 3 party system, allows for minor parties and candidates to blackmail the leading contenders for leadership.The threshhold for a seat in the Knesset is so low,that if you study the history of the Knesset,the session may start out with with less or more parties than it concludes with, since members leave and form their own new parties,or jump ship to an existent party.
The most important problem,is that unlike England or the US ,there are no member districts.Thus as a citizen no single Knesset ,member represents you, because they all do.Thus politicians are beholden to the central committee and not the voters.Attempts to make changes have not met with with success.
How the Livni attempt to form a Govt. will play out is not clear.The meetings,intrigue,deal makings and Volvos with drivers (reward for joining) is just starting.


As I read the words of the Ayatollah yesterday promising never to abandon their fight to destroy Israel,my anger at the Democrats and the organizers of the rally increases.
What was the purpose of the rally? To allow politicians to make a grand entrance, or to highlight the anti-Iranian efforts? After all this COALITION TO STOP IRAN is only an ad-hoc group with no constituencies.It is the Presidents Conference with its 52 members that can mobilize a community and appeal to the non-Jewish world.
Politics is a combination of people talents,diplomacy and in the final analysis HARDBALL.
Once invitations were sent to public officials and candidates,and acceptances started to come in,the refusal of Biden or Hillary to attend was their problem.How would it look if every Democrat would have pulled out of such a rally.
At the end they would have looked for a face-saving modus operandi.
The organizers blinked, and for that they hurt the movement.
What did they accomplish-they did not want to offend the Dems,so they wind up offending the Reps. Moreover,at the end of the day,the Presidents Conference is an "insiders " org. mostly unknown to the masses.This weakness, poor judgement and failure to lead and be tough, will not enhance their reputation.
K Street has to be looked upon as an enemy of our people.Like its left wing agenda is inconsistent with Jewish survival.
Candidates who accept money from them, should not receive pro-Israel funding and support.Better to give to Hamas than to them.At least they are an openly declared enemy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Backbone! /Tzipi Livni -the peoples choice

Yesterday I could not believe Hillary withdrawing from the rally.Tonite, I cannot believe that Palin and all politicians were disinvited.Shame on the organizers, and on K Street which set up a protest to Palin.
Question-How many left wingers will they ( K Street)now turn out for the rally? or would they rather sit and talk to the Iranianian Pres as he rants daily ,including today, about Israel's demise.


Israel is a strange country politically.The kadimah Party has 74,000 registered voters.One half did not vote yesterday. Limor won by 431 votes,getting in the low 40%.Thus the new PM -apparent,who takes over from Olmert, who himself took over from Sharon -all on the basis of 20,000 plus voters,and some back room dealing with Shas etc.


All evening I have become increasingly upset with the decision to disinvite Gov. Palin.For nine years I served on the Conference of Presidents, six as OU President,and three as Exec. VP of the Religious Zionists.I have always been a fan of the organization and its leadership.
In truth, before I point fingers.I must admit that not knowing what took place within the discussions,and the roles of ancillary organizations puts me at a disadvantage.
However RES IPSI LOQUITOR- the matter speaks for itself.

Nevertheless,this "politically correct" decision is truly unacceptable and shameful.
This rally was never about candidates,but rather how do you mobilize a large group of citizens to take time out from work ,to protest the maniacal anti-semitic and anti American President of Iran.
In truth,Sen. Clinton has been to hundreds if not thousands of rallies and meetings.Provided you are not inviting a racist or radical,no politician would ask for a list of invitees.At most,the organizers would arrange for opposing candidates to appear at different times.
As I noted yesterday, I personally observed Clinton and many candidates from both parties attend rallies.but yet never be on the stage at the same time,and never having to shake hands.Remember this is a street rally with plenty of room so that the Secret Service could have coordinated the visits of Hillary and Sarah.
I recall a HUVPAC dinner 2 or 3 years ago where Hillary and a conservative Republican Senator were both our guest speakers.They sat together and acted warmly as they should have.Sarah Palin is not a monster,and she deserves respect even if you disagree with her.
The presence of Clinton and Palin together with Gov. Patterson and perhaps PM Olmert would have guaranteed a large crowd, and great press coverage.Two individuals calleds me tonite and said they would not attend since the oxygen has been snuffed from the rally.

What would have happened if Palin came, and the Dems won,would they change their policy to Israel? or to Jewish Organizations? I think not.
Their motto is what can you do for me NOW, and in the FUTURE. What's past is past!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I cannot believe it!

When Hillary ran for the Senate,I recall her appearing at a rally in front of the UN, at which her opponent Cong. Rick Lasio also appeared. No one yelled POLITICS.
When our Community marched for Soviet Jewry and had leaders of both parties address us -hey NO POLITICS
When we stood in front of the Capital in support of Israel,and leaders of both partied came to the event-They called it Bi-Partisan support.
And when the Al Smith dinner occurs in a Presidential race,both Presidential candidates appear together,and we call that NON-Partisan.

Now that the Community planned to protest the Iranian President with a NON-PARTISAN and BI-PARTISAN rally, it is unbelievable that Sen. Clinton would cancel because Gov. Palin will attend.
In other words, if Hillary comes its non-political,but Sarah makes it political,It is the height of CHUTZPAH for Hillary to believe that her mere presence allows and projects respectability and acceptance on another politician. And she alone can determine who can be invited.
This cause transends politics.
It is a short-sighted and immature decision,that she and her handlers will regret.
For the organizers ,it is much free publicity.If Sarah Palin comes,the crowd will exceed all records for such events.
The results of this snub will play out in Florida and other Jewish area.

Hey Big Spender--of someone elses money //Olmert /The Campaign is too long

Senator Biden released his tax returns.
With a salary in six figures,he should be ashamed of himself-cerainly not a compassionate Liberal--with his own money.


Tomorrow is the Kadimah primary for leader.
Olmert should have resigned after the war,and after the Winograd Commission report,and after the corruption charges.He is a man with no honor.
His only goal was to bring "peace" before he leaves,to redeem his reputation and place in history.
Apologizing to Arabs for '48,forcing Jews from Yehuda and Shomrom,dividing Jerusalem
are all fair game, if he can get a "SHELF AGREEMENT" before he leaves.


As much as I love the excitement of politics,I pray for the end of the campaign.
The dishonesty of the press and the candidates is annoying.
Today Carla Fiorino former head of Hewlett-Packard was asked if Sarah Palin could serve as Pres of H-P.She answered -no.Andrea Mitchell caught up with her and asked her to amplify the statement,since it was already on the net.
She added,"Not Palin,McCain ,Obama or Biden would be qualified to serve as a corporate Pres.,since a company is not the US Govt."
Later,one saw an attack in whicht the recording was stopped after" McCain", to make it appear that she (a McCain supporter) was only talking abiout Palin and McCain.
It took Fox and Brit Hume to set the matter straight.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A solution to the housing crisis?

I know very little of economics,and like everyone else.I await the "bottom" to take place.
However, the one suggestion that I have heard that seems to make some sense is the following.
We know that the housing situation with sub-prime mortgages,foreclosures,lack of capital for investment,all adding up to a glut of homes(2-4 year supply) with falling prices etc are a prime cause of our financial woes.
The suggestion is to invite a consortium of housing speculators join forces and buy up all the foreclosed homes from the banks etc for small amounts on the dollar.They could then turn around and sell them at bargain prices.

This would clear the books of Banks of their rotten loans,allow people to buy home at reduced prices,and revitalize the housing market/industry in 2 years,once these homes have been sold.Theoretically, people could obtain mortgages at reasonable rates, in light of the lower total cost of the property. Of course the speculators would make a fine profit.
We await the Fed meeting see if they lower rates once again.Will that help?
Again not as an expert,and perhaps based upon wishful thinking,history tells us not to panic.Walk into the malls,or look at our highways-yes there might be less sales than last year,or we are driving less miles/day,however we have a huge economy.


Two more days until the Kadimah primary.What is interesting is that FM Livni who is the frontrunner to beat Mofaz,seems to indicate that if she loses,she will leave the party.Some have suggested she will be helped by a Sarah Palin boost as a woman?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Bush Doctrine

I am indebted to my brother-in-law Kal Hartstein who forwarded to me a blog outlining the truth of the origin and evolution of the Bush Doctrine,before the Charles Krauthammer piece (Real Clear Politics)
pointed out on Friday that CHARLIE was wrong.

In fact the Bush Doctrine is an evolving concept .TO WIT;
the Doctrine is described on........
March 2002-(NYT-Frank Rich)-any nation harboring or supporting terrorism = a hostile regime.
March 2002-(UK Guardian) imposed principles on small states re: terrorist activity,banking etc.
Jan 2003 (American Enterprise Institute)-defined principles of American global hegemony with anticipatory self-defense
Feb 2003-(PBS)-a whole set of premises,and anticipatory self-defense merely one facet.
March 2003-(Slate-Michael Kingsley)-asserted President's right to go to war without permission.
I will skip one or two
March 2005-(Krauthammer)-policy of democratic promotion in the Middle East.
Dec 2006-Phiips Gordon of Brookings)-4 basic assumptions,of which anticipatory self-defense is half of one.
Skip a few more
July 2007-(Barack Obama)-speaking to leaders of rogue nations if they first meet conditions laid out by US.
Jan. and May 2009 (Jeff Jacoby -Boston Globe)-warning to jihad sponsors:"You are either with us or you are with the terrorists".

Frank Rich(NYT) ,Charlie Gibson.Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman and the rest of the liberal crowd are throwing the election into the McCain-Palin camp, by their angry one-sided vicious and mean-spirited attacks.
What is interesting is that the Obama folk and the liberal talking heads,won't even acknowledge the shift in the polls.Of course it's not over,but the smile is on our faces and not theirs.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Yes Sarah Palin stuck to the script.But, that is what she was supposed to do."CHARLIE" was tough ,and was trying to play "Gotcha".Thus the setting was not conducive to a heart to heart discussion,Look at the blogs, and see what they were lookong for-Admiral Stockdale-failure-loss of composure-hesitation (Bush Doctrine) and discredidation.
In fact if you don't read the blogs or the left wing papers(Palen wants us to go to war with Russia!) but use your own mind and common sense .you will appreciate that she is tough, and no less qualified to run for national office than BHO.

In all my years of meeting members of Congress ,I never have publicly labelled one an "idiot".
I reserve that term for Tenn Cong Steve Cohen-who not only is an idiot,but sadly a Jewish Idiot. HE TRULY IS AN EMBARRESSMENT TO OUR PEOPLE!
He rose to the House floor, and compared Obama to Jesus-and noted that the House Chaplain had referred to the Christian savior that morning.He further observed that it was a Roman Gov. who was his executioner.
Cohen deserves defeat politically.Theologically, he should be ashamed of himself.

Which brings me to Cong Wexler,who lambasted Palin for supporting Buchanan.Now that we know that when Buchanan passed through her city for a campaign stop she sported a Buchanan pin as Mayor,as she would do for any visiting candidate.In fact she was an activist for Steve Forbes' aborted campaign.Will we get a correction? apology?

Finally one thought on the "swift-boating" charges by BHO. McCain has been around a long time and was vetted many times by political opponents and the press. Same for Hillary.
BHO is a rock star phenomena, with a thin resume of plenty of talk and little accomplishments.Yesterdays WSJ editorial raised questions about his years at Columbia.No one seems to know what he did in those 2 years.In fact if he were not running for Pres.,and another candidate was considering BHO for Veep,what with Wright,Rezko,Ayers and Alinsky as part of his resume,I doubt if he would make the final team.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 / Olmert and Jerusalem


In that spirit I will hold off any partisan discussion,except to say that the Maureen Dowd column in this mornings Palm Beach Post was the most degrading. insulting, sexist, vituperative and mean op-ed that I have read in a long time.Except perhaps the writer from Canada,who wrote that only white trash will vote for McCain.

The rumor that Olmert has or will begin negotiationg over Jerusalem can only bring angst to lovers of our Capital.The Kadimah primaries are upon us, and perhaps within a few weeks we will either have a new government, or be on the road to elections.

Like everyone else we await the ABC series of interviews with Gov. Palin .

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The real origin of using a dressed-up pig as a symbol of wasted efforts comes from THE ETHICS OF OUR FATHERS (PIRKE AVOTH).
Chapter 6 , Mishne 2 (paragraph) in discussing he who does not occupy himself in the study of Torah, is called a Reprobate,as it is stated ( in the proverbs 11:22)" LIKE A GOLDEN RING IN THE SNOUT OF A PIG".
Says the Abrarbenel, a 15th century scholar,"a person without Torah can be compared to a swine which does not appreciate the value of the gold in its snout"..namely a pig will always be a pig regardless of gold ---or LIPSTICK.
( THE ABRARBENEL ON PIRKE AVOT by the late Rabbi Abraham Chill -p -427)
I guess eveyday that Obama is on the defensive and off-stride is a good day for the McCain campaign.However,such arguments over trite are not good for Ameica

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Attacking Palin seems to backfire /the Party platforms on Israel

Two things are really interesting:
1-the more the left wing blasts Sarah Palin, the stronger her appeal seems.Their attacks on her personal life, religion,capacity to govern are bouncing right off her.
2-for the first time in my recollection,the Presidential candidate of the other party is spending time attacking the VP candidate of the other.
The Dems have sent 40-50 lawyers to Alaska to play GOTCHA, but the public is getting fed up with the character assasination re: her religion,family, book-burning and so on.
Obama/Biden and the left wing bloggers/media should concentrate on the issues and the actual records of votes and policies.

Something is happening in America,and the polls are starting to show it.With the general polls, the N.Carolina surge by McCain,as well as the shift in women and independents,I would like to raise a question.
If this McCain surge continues,will it be enough to carry a number of embattled Republican Senators and Congressmen with him?
Considering that Congress has such low standings,and a Democratic Congress will leave the alte kocker liberal Chairmen in place, isn't there an argument for a Republican victory and give McCain the legislative support he needs?

Check out todays where the 2 party platforms are compared by Bradley Burston.
On Jerusalem,the Republicans call for an undivided Capital with the US embassy situated there.The Dems while calling it the Capital, note that "it is a matter for final status negotiations".
On borders,the Dems say it is unrealistic to go back to 1949,while the Republicans call for secure defensible borders with the right to defend themselves.

For the record,neither party has done anything regarding the Embassy,and in truth while American activists like myself pushed for it over the years,the Govt. of Israel has downplayed it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Methinks he protesteth too much

Russell Brand who shocked MTV with his bizzare behavior,looks like he just came from a radical mosque indoctrination!

As good as todays polling numbers are,more significant are the huge SRO,overflow crowds coming to rallies in the Mid-West to hear and see McCain-Palin.

Goodbye and good riddance to Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews as anchor people on MSNBC.Now only the new Air America chick is left of the team that totally destroyed any semblance of objectivity.

Methinks he protesteth too much-and then a major Freudian slips come out.Not one Republican spokesman has accused Barack Hussein Obama of being a Muslim.Yet again yesterday in attacking a series of imaginary charges against him,he said they will attack "MY MUSLIM FAITH" .Then when papers and blogs report that,it justifies his original charges.
Immediately after he corrected his "slip".

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Palin Presidency

I have a habit of reading many books at the same time.That is, I often read a chapter ,put it down, go to another book, often returning to the first book days or weeks later.One of the books I am "nursing" is the biography of President Harry Truman by David McCullough,an award winning undertaking.
His ascencion to the Presidency upon the death of Roosevelt at the end of the war as an unprepared Vice-President raises some interesting questions.
Suppose shortly after a McCain win,he becomes incapacitated permanently (or for a long period of time) is she prepared to assume the Presidency?and how would she compare to Obama/Biden?
On domestic issues,as a Gov.,she has tackled the issues of the economy,in addition to her Executive experience which neither Obama or Biden possess.
On foreign policy,all three leave much to be desired.However, there is a difference in philosophy and approach that allows some comfort with Palin..
Obama-before his celebrated one week trip to Europe is a big ZERO when it comes to experience.He was wrong on rhe SURGE,but refuses to admit it.His main accomplishment is a speech he made as a State Senator.He is sorrounded by left wing advisors, and we can assume he will be another Jimmy Carter.
Biden-has been in the Senate since 1973.This past week Peter Wahner discussed the foreign policy record of Biden in an WSJ op-ed.He points out that throughout his years,Biden has had faulty judgement,and has been wrong on most major issues.
These include Vietnam. He advocated such cuts in defense,that Sens Mondale and Muskie,both Liberal Dems opposed him.He opposed aid to the Contras,opposed SDI,opposed modernization of our nuclear weapons,voted against the first Gulf War,advocated breaking up Iraq,against the Surge,and against being tough on Iran .
In short,as the third most Liberal member of the Senate,he would be like Obama a terrible leader of our country.
Palin,will learn fast from the master McCain.Her native intelligence,world outlook and tough personality will trump the Obama hype and the Biden faulty foreign policy.
In either case,look for Palin and people like Cong Eric Cantor to become the new face of the GOP.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


You can vomit reading the sexist articles on Sarah,Laura and Cindy.
"She read a good speech-her speechwriter was-------------------"
Why didn't they talk about all the Obama-Biden writers-on their Senate and campaign staffs,as well as the DNC.
"Is she a new Spiro Agnew"?
Vanity Fair takes apart the cost of Laura Bush and Cindy McCain's clothing. According to them pearl earings on Laura-cost $ 600-1500--SO!
Cindy is wearing according to them a 3 carat diamond earrings worth $280,000
I don't remember the Obama/Biden group having their hairdo's or accessories criticized or analyzed

Wait another 48-72 hours for the polls-this evening CBS has them tied.
These elititis lefties are bringing it on themselves.


While I was happy that Sarah Palin had an excellent meeting witrh AIPAC in the Twin-Cities ,(with the presence of Joe Lieberman), I was similarly suprised that Joe Biden blasted AIPAC. Wisely they did not respond in a negative way..
It appears he is sensitive to the public revelations of his (and Obama's) neg votes,and questionable statements on Iran that made him lose his temper.
He should remember not to shoot the messenger.He is responsible for his own votes and statements,as are Obama and McCain. Israel is nervous about an Obama Presidency re:Iran and the nuclear program.
It reminds me of when Obama lashed out at Likud philosophies,a number of months ago.
Palin was outstanding,-a real super-star was born.
I have been present on more than a few occasions when new candidates met with AIPAC for the first time,and received a briefing book on every single relevant issue that affects the US-Israel reationship,together with the last Policy Statement that was passed at the recent Washington Policy Conference.
She will have to prove her mastery of issues that affect workers,health etc.,as well as national security and foreign affairs.She appears to be a quick learner and a gifted public persona.
We have a short campaign ahead of us,and it will be close until the very end.The left has not recovered from the Palin suprise,and I say again they risk a major backlash if they continue their venom on her instead of the real issues.


The word from Jerusalem is that an Olmert indictment could come this week.That is a few months too late,but perhaps will stop his latest nonsene regarding a Cabinet discussion of the withrawal of Israelis from Yehuda and Shomrom Sun morning.
Without support or legitimacy to make deals,he perservers in the hope that history will judge his corrupt tenure in a more favorable light.This despite the double disasters on his watch-The War in Lebanon,and the Withdrawal from Gaza.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This morning driving to schul,the newscaster announced that tonite Sarah Palin will speak immediately after the scandels of her daughters pregnancy,and her husbands arrest 20 years ago for DWI became public.

20 years ago our friend Barack was playing with drugs -did't hear that on the news.
Great column in this mornings NY Post by Andrea Peyser,who asks how come when Bidens wife passed away,and he said he would take care of his 2 children,but yet go to D.C.daily by train,no one asked "How can you do that to so neglect your children?
We still don't hear an examination of Ayers-Obama and Rezko-Obama -but then again he is the annointed one.
It is obvious that the left has grown agitated over a conservative successful woman who is a Republican.They continue to snipe at her at their own risk.
I predict that she will just wow them tonite=the lefties will get angrier,but middle America will try to be fair and judge the issues just as Joe Lieberman outlined.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An affront....

Without repeating yesterdays endorsement of McCain,I have been thinking about affronts to America and the Jewish people.Yes Sarah Palin was photographed with Buchanan.
Obama spent 20 years in the church of a rabid anti-semite and anti-American-Isn't that an affront?
Obama had his initial political fundraiser in the home of Ayers who seeks to destroy our country?-Is that an affront?
Two weeks ago 500 mostly Orthodox Jews contributed over 1 million dollars (one thousand dollar minimum) for the McCain rally in Teaneck,which McCain addressed.My son-in-law Dr. Paul Ratzker attended.
Of course most elderly Jews will vote for the devil if he ran on the Democratic ticket.However it's not over until it's over.
When I announced at Mincha whoever would like to join the McCain phone bank, most people said while they support him they were not inclined to make calls.I did get a few volunteers.