Friday, September 12, 2008


Yes Sarah Palin stuck to the script.But, that is what she was supposed to do."CHARLIE" was tough ,and was trying to play "Gotcha".Thus the setting was not conducive to a heart to heart discussion,Look at the blogs, and see what they were lookong for-Admiral Stockdale-failure-loss of composure-hesitation (Bush Doctrine) and discredidation.
In fact if you don't read the blogs or the left wing papers(Palen wants us to go to war with Russia!) but use your own mind and common sense .you will appreciate that she is tough, and no less qualified to run for national office than BHO.

In all my years of meeting members of Congress ,I never have publicly labelled one an "idiot".
I reserve that term for Tenn Cong Steve Cohen-who not only is an idiot,but sadly a Jewish Idiot. HE TRULY IS AN EMBARRESSMENT TO OUR PEOPLE!
He rose to the House floor, and compared Obama to Jesus-and noted that the House Chaplain had referred to the Christian savior that morning.He further observed that it was a Roman Gov. who was his executioner.
Cohen deserves defeat politically.Theologically, he should be ashamed of himself.

Which brings me to Cong Wexler,who lambasted Palin for supporting Buchanan.Now that we know that when Buchanan passed through her city for a campaign stop she sported a Buchanan pin as Mayor,as she would do for any visiting candidate.In fact she was an activist for Steve Forbes' aborted campaign.Will we get a correction? apology?

Finally one thought on the "swift-boating" charges by BHO. McCain has been around a long time and was vetted many times by political opponents and the press. Same for Hillary.
BHO is a rock star phenomena, with a thin resume of plenty of talk and little accomplishments.Yesterdays WSJ editorial raised questions about his years at Columbia.No one seems to know what he did in those 2 years.In fact if he were not running for Pres.,and another candidate was considering BHO for Veep,what with Wright,Rezko,Ayers and Alinsky as part of his resume,I doubt if he would make the final team.