Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The blinded Defense Minister /a head tax on polluters

His record during the war was less than admirable!
However one picture is worth a thousand words.This past Friday,Israeli papers had a picture of him at the frontlines with Syria.Three times he looked through his binoculars and nodded in agreement,as the professionals explained the landscape.
The covers were still on the binoculars,and all he saw was darkness.


Beware of the United Nations placing a carbon head tax on each American.=The goal redistribution of wealth-a global socialism.
Each candidate for President,should be forced to sign a pledge that they will never agree to such a tax.
In addition, I do not understand the concept of allowing companies,countries or individuals who pollute the environment,be absolved by buying credits from less active polluters.It sounds like a trick to allow the wealthy to get away with pollution.
The savings acrued by conservation,should go to the planet's benefit,not to some fat cat with an SUV who can afford to purchase credits.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Global warming/ Sen. Joe Lieberman

I recall last year that it was one of the coldest -if not THE COLDEST winter in Europe.The US has had extremely cold weather in certain parts of the country, yet we keep hearing about global warming.
When the Hollywood types come to the Oscars IN LARGE GAS-GUZZLING autos, and the former V.P. flies in a private plane,you have to ask how much is hype-and how much fact.?
In reality there are no facts, but hypothoses by individuals who wish to undermine the indusrial world.
The hundreds of billions of dollars they advocatespendingf to correct the problem,would cause major economic harm to this country.Even as we face this avalanche of so called facts,India and China continue to present both present and future problems for cleaner air.
Of course we should aim to rid ourselves to an addiction to fossil fuel,however, it means that the Liberals and Conservationists are going to have to prioritize our worlds needs.
The most important goal,is not to rehabilitate some extinct cockroach, or fish but providing safe energy without dependence on the Middle East, Venezuela etc.
The auto manufacturers can move quicker on battery upgrades.Wind ,solar and nuclear power need a shot in the arm.Coal whether we like it or not is part of the solution,as is ethanol and other biodegradables.
When many scientists are still either skeptical or in the opposing camp,we should not assume that global warming is a fact,and only the liberals understand the problem.
When the Hollywood crowd drives in small electric cars,worry about the atmosphere in their private lives ,then we will take notice of their using recycled paper plates for public consumption.
By the way what are we going to do with all the COW EMISSIONS?


I watched Sen. Joe Lieberman yesterday on Fox.He has really matured as a political Independent, without any party discipline over his head.
I thought as I listened to his common sense approach to the constitutional and military-political problems, what a great VP candidate he would be on the REPUBLICAN ticket with Rudy.
Of course that is not possible.However,I recalled why I was disappointed with him after GORE chose him.Instead of remaing loyal to his positions,and saying "But, as a member of the team, I will defer to the Presidential nominee." Instead he flipped, and adopted the more liberal themes of Kerry. In addition his ill-fated Preidential campaign 4 years ago fizzled out quickly.So, I believe he will remain a great Senator, perhaps king-maker,but avoid a national run.
The recent election I believe has had a major effect on him, and today he is the single most important member of the Senate.
If Guliani is the nominee,I would not at all be suprised to see Joe not only endorse him,but to reciprocate and campaign for him.Hillary went overboard in campaigning against him for no reason.There is a day of political "rechoning"

Monday, February 26, 2007

Obama and the vote /RUDY FOR PRES

I wrote last nites blog before I read todays NY Times story on the event in Teaneck,promoting housing in Yesha.Walter Ruby of the Jewish Week just called for some comments.
He asked if I believed this would catch on in the Jewish Community?
As a concept,the Orthodox Community will embrace it.The Reform probably oppose it and the Conservative will be flexible as usual.


The NY Times page 1 story on how Obama is trying to distance himself from the other candidates, because he was against the war from day one.Although the story does point out some inconsistencies.Of course he was not in the Senate,nor did he have access to intelligence reports.
My question is this.
If he had access to the intelligence reports as then believed to be true re.WMD , would he have still voted against the resolution.?
If no, then how can a man like that serve as our Commander-in-Chief.?When would he use our war powers-after a nuclear strike on our shores (OR AN ALLIES)?
If yes then he is no different from Hillary et al.


I had wonderful quality time this weekend with my 2 sons and son-in-law, as we gathered to celebrate my 70th birthday.Much of the time was spent analyzing the Presidential campaign.(the women skipped the politics)
I greatly respect their political insight and we see eye to eye on most issues.At the end of the day,we were unanimous that Rudy was the best candidate,and that we should support him.While all of us are fiscal conservatives,and foreign policy neo-conservatives,we have no great interest in the abortion debate,although we are against same sex marriages.
In recent memory,the leading candidate in the Republican primary contests,unlike in the Dem. party,has gone on to win the nomination,and Rudy continues to maintain a growing lead in the polls.
All of us are concerned re . security issue as well as Iran and Israel.Rudy presents the most impressive approach for leadership and vision.He also has the energy that McCain seems to be lacking.
We agreed that Gov. Richardson is an attractive candidate,but I was reminded ,that as UN Ambassador he hired Monica Lewinsky for the staff-poor judgement.
There was much discussion re.Obama as a VP candidate.While I thought that the combination of the first woman and the first black was too revolutionary,there was disagreement.This related to two issues-1- he would claim he deserved it and 2-the pressure of the Afro-American Community..Personally ,I believe Richardson and his hispanic roots would be better for the Dems.Where could the Afro-American Community go?,while the Hispanic could go Repub.
A great ticket would be Guliani-Jeb Bush.(purely my own thought-even though a Bush could not be on the national ticket in'08)
Fla,N.J and N.Y. would really be in play with Rudy at the top of the ticket.
It's a long way to Feb and the major primaries,and a lot can change until then -but its fun!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Amana- an important endeavor

My wife and I had the pleasure of spending Shabbat with our children in Teaneck.It certainly is a source of great pride to see your children and grandchildren mature as Torah observant Jews.
While there we walked ino a major controversy.A group of American Jews,concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Yesha-(Judea and Samaria) have come up with a great concept.
They are offering homes for sale to American Jews with an opportunity to rent them out to Israelis.The benefits are many-more housing for Israelis,as well as an opportunity to make a profit.There is also an option to use the home for you or your family.
A public presentation was announced by Amana the sponsoring organization to be held in the Bnai Jeshurin synagogue in Teaneck.
Immediately pro-Arab groups plus left wing Jewish groups of the Peace Now ilk,attacked the proposals and applied to demonstrate,which they did.
Their protestations helped increase the attendance,however the sounds and sights of people with an American flag yelling about Apartheid and occupation is difficult to swallow.
G-d gave us this land,and we furthermore captured it not from any non-existant Palestinian people,but from the Jordanians,who declared war on Israel and lost.Only a stregnthened settlement movement will protect Tel Aviv and other cities from Arab armies,that would be within minutes of striking them.
There is not the slightest hint that Hamas or Fatah truly want peace with Israel.In the last few days since the PA cease-fire over a dozen rockets have hit Southern Israel.
Despite the protesters,this effort is commendable and should be supported.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Rice is cooking!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chlorine as a weapon /Mecca

The additition of chlorine gas,as a weapon of the insurgency is both frightening and shocking.First used in 1915 and then again by the Germans in WWII, no civilized nation has used it in warfare since then.
While it is toxic and poisonous, simply knowing that it is part of the enemy arsenal is enough to frighten civilians and military alike.
The rules of war have changed with the mass introduction of suicide bombers.Allegedly a few thousand have been trained in Pakistan ,willing to die in the name of Jihad.The truth is that we must not defeat the terrorist, but totally destroy them and their evil organizations.
Sadly, as the Democrats come up daily with new surrender ideas,our enemies match them with new concepts that today will shoot down helicopters in Iraq, but surely will be attempted on our shores once we withdraw in defeat.

The Europeans would like nothing better than to have us accept the Mecca deal which allows Hamas to pay lip service to previous agreements, without recognizing Israel.One good point that Jimmy Carter did in his book,is to reprint the Road Map.Clearly step one is to disarm Hamas,Islamic Jihad and other such groups.Hasn't happened,and won't happen!Abbas is weak,and his only interest was in stopping the Hamas-Fatah fighting.
Israel and the US must remain strong on not recognizing the accord.Cong Nita Lowey is to be commended for putting a hold on millions of US money headed for the PA.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Edwards does it again !

The blogosphere is really giving it to John Edwards,after his recent remark that the greatest short term threat to world peace,is Israel, if it bombs the Iranian nuclear facilities, triggering nuclear war that would invole the US and Russia.
Sadly there are no comments from Edwards,about Iran going over the red line in nuclear development,terrorism and blackmail as a causi belli.Nor any mention of Iran directly and indirectly killing American troops in Iraq.
There are so many scenarios possible with Iran,Osama, and Islamic Fundamentalism that threaten world peace on a daily basis. without parroting the Europeans, who already believe that Israel is the GREATEST DANGER TO WORLD PEACE.

Two possibilities
1-Edwards who participated in the Herziliya Conference which dealt primarily with the threat of Iran not only to Israel ,but to the world ,did not understand or appreciate the experts, and could not follow what he heard and saw.
2-He shot from the hip, in a flippant manner,HOPING TO STIMULATE HIS CROWD.

In either case, he will soon join Kerry as someone DEEMED unqualified to serve as Presidentwith poor judgement and foreign policy credentials.
If you enter the google-yahoo world on this event,aside from the National Review blog which broke the story,there is ample opportunity for Israel bashers to sprout their wings to protect the left wing of the party,as they espouse the classical European anti-Israel analyses.
Congratulations to Edwards for pissing off the Catholics and the Jews in one week.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Romney/The breakdown of the Unity Committee/ Dysfunctionality is the order of the day

Tomorrow Gov Romney struts out his first TV commercial in four or five states.He is certainly an attractive candidate ,however we have to learn a lot more about him before we can feel comfortable with his ideas.I was saddened to read that like Bush he is against stem cell research.
Of interest is the fact that Sen Harry Reid is a Mormon,(I believe a few other Senators are likewise practicing Mormons),and it has never been brought up as an issue pro or con.Hopefully,this will fade like JFK's Catholicism did at election time.
Jews did not appreciate the emphasis on Joe Lieberman's religiousity when he ran for Veep.I personally had upwards of 50 or more press calls after his nomination.I told them all, that he was running for V.P. ,and not Chief Rabbi.

One of the most productive issues I was involved in during my service in the Jewish Agency,was the work of the Unity Committee.This group, consisting of Orthodox,Conservative and Reform worked on the Conversion problem in Israel.The majority of recent FSU ( former Soviet Union ) immigrants are not Jewish according to Halachah(Jewish Law)
Sadly it appears the committee has run into dificulties in meeting its mandate.
Since I am no longer involved, I would not assign blame.Other than to say,that the leaders of the Reform Movement in Israel have been looking at every opportunity,through Supreme Court cases,publicity,Knesset pressure, and outside (US) religious influences to discredit the Chief Rabbinate,and make themselves as equals(despite their miniscule membership in Israel)

Kudos to Sen. John McCain for clearly stating that he purposely missed the special Saturday (non-vote) of the Senate,because it was meaningless,and only a futile attempt to embarrass the President.


There is something to say about the Chasidic prohibition on TV's in the home.Nothing more clearly displays the dysfunctionality of our society at a time of national crisis,than the continuous soap operas on each cable station.
Who should care whether Britney wears underwear or shaves her head?Aside from seeing a Bronx former taxi-driver turned Judge (a success story-NO? ) how much is enough of Smith's body,lovers and dysfunctional relationships ?
Who cares if some actress named Moynihan is pregnant from her former boyfriend?
It only caught my attention because my wife asked me if she was related to the late great Sen?
Obviously ,the public can't get enough of this stuff.
So we have only ourselves to blame,when our children look up to a Paris Hilton or Britney and not to any moral or upstanding communal leader, clergy, or titan of Commerce.
But what I find absent, is that even the voices who once spoke out against TV violence and Sex are silent.
I think they have been overwhelmed by the events on the ground-but then again it is so disgusting that you can't help both laughing at the never ending cast of characters,and feeling sorry for so many wasted lives.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Get your Carter book from the Library/ Good old Mitch / Hillary under fire

In answer to two readers who called-I did not buy Carter's book,but took it out at the Public Library.In contradistinction to many books on foreign policy that have a smell of Machievelli,this reads like a high school textbook.It reads as you would imagine him talking.
Without going into substance,the pattern of presenting in depth every nuance , argument and complaint of Assad or Abbas,while painting in broad strokes the position of Israel is measurable.
That is even before you get into historical mistakes and the twisting of events.

As a student of Roberts Rules of Order, it was a pleasure to spend some time while on the treadmill last week watching the Senate Iraq debate on C-Span.My yarmulke goes off to Sen Mitch McConnell, Republican leader for coming out victorious in the non-debate debate.
I would like to suggest another resolution supporting Gen Pettrius who won an 82-0 vote on his confirmation,now that he is leading the troops.
It would be fun to watch the Dems vote against him , when they just voted for him.Or conversely vote for him while they are trying to undermine his military leadership.


The liberal blogosphere is having a ball trying to get Hillary to say she is "SORRY" about her Iraq vote.Its not clear to me why they will not accept her argument, that she voted on faulty intelligence etc.
Personally,I don't care if she uses any type of apologetic term or not.However it is not her style to say " I am sorry."
As I documented in my book, "Journey through the Minefields" after her kissing Mrs Arafat,she came to visit us at the OU.A noted national TV reporter,called me and clearly said that she saw Hillary with the headphones on when Suha attacked the Israelis.
No matter what I said in our private pre-luncheon meeting, she never changed her story that she had not heard Mrs Arafat.
Whether Hillary deserves to be President,should not rest on playing word games regarding a vote that she believes now years later turned out differently than she thought at the time.
Will she be strong on national security in the future is certainly more important.What are her thoughts on Putin? the Taliban in Afghanistan?Free Trade?Energy independence? and so on.Yes Iraq is important,but Americans ,even those who want to withdraw,are going to have to ask Whats next?I have yet to hear a plausible scenario for America in a post-Iraq withdrawal world.
The liberals I believe are showing political immaturity,that may get them an Obama or Edwards as candidate,but will assure a Republican victory.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Progressivism /Mecca / N Korea /The demise of the Conservative (jewish) Synagogue Movement

We Jews have always been blessed with self haters.From Egypt,where 80% of Jews died in the night of darkness(for a failure to accept G-d and Moses) to today, we have a ripe supply of Jewish self-haters,who go under the category of "progressives",or left wing liberals or Zionist doubters. Some are real anti-semites.
The Palm Beach Florida Journal is one such a rag.In this weeks issue is a headline across the bottom of the opinion page "Military rule of West bank surpasses South Africa's apartheid"by J. Zel Lurie a senior columnist. For three weeks the editor has written columns endorsing Jimmy Carters book. Think what damage this does to Jewish people and how much our enemies rejoice.
I do not intend to disssect these columns,except to say they are disgusting.I am almost finished reading the Carter book,with notes so that I can analyze it Pesach at the Granit, where I will be a scholar-in-residence.
I will simply state,that I toured S. Africa during the Apartheid era, met with whites and blacks,government and anti-government leaders,and spoke in every single major synagogue in Johannesburg and Capetown and it is pure hate and self degrading venom to compare the situations.(I was back this year, and of course saw the progress),(Beware the Progressives will become more vocal as the '08 season plays out)
My only question is why do Palm Beach Synagogues allow this paper to be distributed on their premises free of charge?And,why do kosher pesach hotel programs advertise in such an anti-zionist paper?


We will see how long the Mecca deal between Fatah and Hamas lasts! As soon as Hamas tries to kill Dahlan who is the Fatah strong man in Gaza,and supposedly Abbas' choice for Vice-Premier, or some similar machination,it will be over.In the meantime,lets keep an eye on the weapons smuggling,the rockets into Sderot,and every single violation of their obligations under the "road map" of not so blessed memory,to disarm and to recognize Israel ,etc.


The deal announced with N.Korea, PERHAPS is a move in the right direction.
But, have we not been here before?Unlike Libya, which gave up its nuclear program and was then rewarded,this deal is predicated upon future negotiations.
Will N. Korea ever give up its nuclear weapons?
Will N. Korea in the interim stop suppying Iran and other countries with nuclear technology?
Will they stop counterfeiting our currency?
Is there an iron-clad inspection mechanism,or a date certain to conclude negotiations?
What happens if they cheat again?


A series of articles in this weeks Jewish Week (NY) made me smile and even laugh.There is an old yiddish expression "laching mit yasherkis" laughing with pain and hurt.
I refer to the Conservative Synagogue Movement,who are in their dying throes even if their paid professionals don't know it!
On June 8,1898, the single most important personality in saving and sustaining Orthodox Jewry in the US, Rabbi Dr.Henry Periera Mendes formed the Orthodox Union.(His story is told both in my autobiography and in the late Saul Bernsteins "Centenary Portrayal").
Rabbi Mendes spoke out with fervor against the growing Reform movement,which he contended was trampling the central tenets of Torah Judiasm,as well as the Conservative movement,which he believed was following the footsteps of the Reform albeit, in a more gradual and less open way.
Now 109 years later,his prophesy has come true.With women clergy,gay marriages and ordination,together with an almost total breakdown in halachic standards ( JEWISH LAW)among their clergy students,practicing "Rabbis" and supporters, the merging of 80% of the faithful with Reform ideology is complete.
Shabbat,kashrut standards both in the home and public arena,Family purity (mikveh) have gone down the tube.Assimilation,Jewish ignorance on the rise.
Page 1 news! 80% of Conservative Jews eat cooked fish in a non-kosher restaurant-DUH!
Conservatve Judiasm has become "PARTICIPATORY THEOLOGY". Meaning, you ask the people what is the halachah=Thats it!
Every Jew with or without a religious education can vote!
Every "Rabbi" can rotate through the Conservative halachic commission.Its a difficult position,since halacha can change every week or year.And, if you don't get the votes this year to change the halacha,be patient next year you may succeed.Or, as happened recently you can vote for 2 different opposing resolutions.(From their point of view it is too bad the Moses was not given a choice on Sinai--one from Column A--
The professionals of the movement,are wonderful people who I am sure see the inconsistencies-but life marches on and we have to adapt.
The 20% who cannot stomach the changes, will move into the Orthodox camp.
SADLY, SADLY the YARSHIKES comes because you have to ask How many of these peoples great-grandchildren will be Jewish? We know what the answer is for the Reform=there is no reason the statistics of these Conservative Jews which were better than the Reform in study after study (but still negative population growth) will not approach their new found partners in subverting Torah from Sinai after the demise of the CONSERVATIVE STANDARDS OF OLD!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The race card / Social conservatives in the Republican race

It was not expected,when the Obamas' pulled the race card recently.Mrs Obama stated because he is black ,he could be shot in a gas station..I would expect that from Jesse or the Rev Al, but from a US Senator,who ran unopposed for a Senate seat,and now after two benign years of Senate service is runing for POTUS,--UNBELIEVABLE .

Social conservatives up to the present really do not have a hero to back in the Republican race.Romney is an unknown and possibly a flip-flopper.Newt is probably not going to get an opportunity in light of the early Calif-Florida primaries.Jeb Bush ,is wisely laying low.
The more I see John McCain,the more concern I have that he has lost his energy.That excitement is not there.I first met John as a Congressman,when he ran for the Senate.As fellow Vietnam veterans,we are on the same page on so many issues.I hope he realizes that he needs to show vim and vigor to motivate his fans.
Rudy,on the other hand presents a picture of "this is who I am,and have always been,AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE."
It could be that at the end of the day,conservatives will have to realize that national security,terrorism,immigration and the economy (vs the socialism of the Dems)will trump gays ,abortion etc---especially since he has held up Scalia as his ideal USSC Justice.
As when he ran against Hillary,until his health forced his withdrawal he would make a tough campaigner,and a tough President on behalf of American national security and interests.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gov. Spitzer meets reality /Edwards maintains his inconsistency /The Mecca deal

The arrogance and bullying techniques of Atty-General Spitzer has recieved a rude awakening when he applied them as Gov. While I am no fan of the legislative shenanigans of both the Assembly and Senate,the Gov. has come face to face with the fact that he will have to deal with Silver and Bruno,unless he can overthrow Silver and try to make deals with some Republican Senators to switch parties etc.
The Gov will have to take into account the political upheaval and fratricide that could ensue.
He should consider Anger Management,and develop a working relationship with the two bodies.
If not, it will (continue to)make great political theatre.


After my last blog about John Edwards,it became known that he rehired two staffers that he had fired for anti-Catholic writings.The obscene nature of these two womans writings,make it a no-brainer that a Presidential candidate would want to distance himself such individuals on many counts,especially the negative PR
However,after the liberal blogosphere objected, he relented.
Another example of bending to the prevailing pressures!


The summit in Mecca was a joke.Saudia Arabia flexes its wallet and muscles to outbid Iran for dominancy in the Fatah-Hamas world.The end result will be a temporary truce,that cannot last forever,for it will bring no political value to both sides,if Israel and the US stand tall.
The announcement that Hamas will never recognize Israel,nor will they renounce violence permanently (perhaps a cease-fire for a few years!)means that Hamas was the victor of this round.
For Israel,the greater concern is the huge amount of sophisticated arms being smuggled into Gaza.There has to reach a point where Israel says enough is enough and goes in to clean out these weapons stores before it is too late.
The current Temple Mount hooplah in the Arab world,is but another indication of a lack of intellectual honesty on their part when it comes to Israel.Though the world knows the construction does not endanger the Temple Mount,it serves their purpose to scream and incite.For most uneducated people,they become suspicious of the Israelis.
We should never expect in our lifetime,that the Arab world is prepared to accept us or to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors.
Even Egypt observes the cold peace,while closing its eyes to weapons infiltration.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dem-flip flops /Islamophobia

The editorial in yesterdays WSJ giving a chronlogy of Hillary Clinton's statements on Iraq ,and an op-ed in the same paper on John Edwards views on Iran are not only compelling reading,but frightening.
Every person is entitled to chamge their minds,even politicians.However when it occurs because of the audience being addressed ,or the polls, it is political cowardice.For a long time,I said that while I disagree with Hillary's domestic agenda,her national security statements were closer to Joe Lieberman's than her fellow Democrats.No longer!
In view if George Soros backing Obama,the all-star Dem. candidates are fighting for left field.Hillary hopes that after she wins the nomination,she can move to left-center.Problem is-who is going to believe her?
By the way John Edwards,noted ambulance-chaser-malpractice lawyer who is building a 27 bedroom 6 million dollar home with a basketball court,should consider giving part of his property to "the other America".
For me the real problem is ,when Israel will be under the gun,and under pressure from Iran ,and threatened by Hizbollah and Hamas can we trust these vacillating politicos?
I think NOT!


I like Rabbi Marc Schneir as an activist and innovator,even if if I disagree with his politics.What he did in the Hamptons is terrific.His association with Kadimah,as its American President ,will be short-lived,for after the next elections,it and the Pensioners Party will be history.
However,his new project to fight ISLAMOPHOBIA ,is another matter.
Helping to erase misunderstanding between the black-Jewish and hispanic-Jewish communities is laudable.Neither seek our destruction.There are always responsible black and hispanic leaders who condemn anti-semitism,or anti-Americanism.
Islam today,as represented by Saudia Arabia,Pakistan,Iran and all of the billion plus non-Asian (exclude khazakstan,Uzbekistan etc) muslims,do not recognize Israel,nor do they criticize the fundamentalists who seek to kill and destroy all that we stand for.I do not condemn each individual muslim,however the tact of the organized community has been to claim discrimination whenever charges are leveled against terrorists,or a film like "24" presents realism.
The Jewish Community in the US awaits some confirmation from the Muslim American Community,that they recognize that not only is their loyalty to our country,but they are prepared to renounce all teachings and acts that threaten civility and true cooperation amongst our two communities.
To my friend Marc,I wish you well.However the stakes are very high and the dangers of being used very real!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Super Bowl

I am a member of a small minority that did not watch the Super Bowl.Although my children and grandchildren think that my wife and I are somewhat strange in this regard,my aversion to all professional sports goes back to the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Prior to their moving out of Brooklyn,I attended 15-20 games per year,recorded every pitch,and knew every batting average better than Dodger announcer Red Barber.Once they announced the move,I realized Baseball(and then football etc) was not a sport but a business.Only one problem -it was not my business that required my loyalty and devotion,.
So I went cold turkey.and nothing over these past almost 50 years has made me regret my decision.If anything the business aspect has multiplied,as the team and player loyalty to the fans has diminished.
Thus as a real outsider,I cannot get over the hype and prioritization of the game in the American psyche.More strange is this fascination with TV ads that cost millions of dollars per mili-second.
If we would analyze why our society has lost control of morality in the schools,and substituded a permissiveness in the manner of dress for example ,or why there is a need for `policemen in the halls of academia .or a myriad of other political ,social and moral issues the way we analyze these ads,what a better society we would live in.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The hearts of Hamas and Fatah are hardened!

Last nite I heard Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of Efrat ,deliver a talk on Religious Zionism.Riskin,an old friend was a debating team colleague both in high school and college.Incidently,a third member of our yeshiva high school team was Avi (now Allen ) Dershowitz.
Riskin ,made one interesting point.Like the Pharoh in our Torah,G-d has hardened the hearts and minds of HAMAS and FATAH, so that despite working against their common interests, they continue to kill themselves.
From the very first Madrid "PEACE" Conference,I worried that the Arabs would wisen up and agree to everthing Israel offered(similarly at Oslo I, II etc) and proceed to have a State,and most of the West Bank,part of Jerusalem is classical for Arabs to lie(witness all the failed agreements,and the false reporting from the Arab world during the six day war,etc) THEN,being in a stronger position they could renounce their agreements and start again to fight for their ultimate goal-the end of Israel and the return of their "refugees".
Alas,they have never missed an opportunity to shoot themselves in the behind.Their ineptness and plain hatred for the Jew has helped mask the general mediocrity of later day Israeli leaders.
As we enter the '08 election season,and as the left wing of the Democratic party is jockeying to move further left(and carrying Hillary with them) the pressure to talk and engage Iran and Syria will grow.
I believe Syria is not the same as Iran, and under the right circumstances, there could be progress in talks.Syria knows what it has to do to bring this about,and up to the present is not prepared to either divorce itself from the mayhem in Lebanon,or stop being the home for a wide range of terrorists groups.
The first step the US and Europe should take ,is to bring Israel into full NATO membership.The signal to Iran would be clear.As Chirac pointed out ,before he tried to withdraw his comments,an attempt by Iran to launch a nuclear device would mean the instantaneous destruction of Tehran.
The financial sanctions must be toughened to bring home to the Mullahs that the world is unhappy with both holocaust denial and Iranian nuclear ambitions.
The participation of Romney,Edwards and Gingrich in the recent Herziliyah Conference dedicated to the Iranian problem is an important event.
The temptation to make believe that Iran is ripe for diplomacy will only lead to the production by Iran of multiple nuclear devices ,as time is on their side.It is interesting to read today of the mysterious sudden death of an Iranian nuclear scientist allegedly by Mossad.Hopefully he will not be the last mysterious mortality.
The Iranians undertand strength and unity on the part of the free world.
Together with the Saudis-who are not their friends,they finance world terrorism and Islamic fascism.
We are in a world war that we must not lose!