Monday, February 26, 2007

Obama and the vote /RUDY FOR PRES

I wrote last nites blog before I read todays NY Times story on the event in Teaneck,promoting housing in Yesha.Walter Ruby of the Jewish Week just called for some comments.
He asked if I believed this would catch on in the Jewish Community?
As a concept,the Orthodox Community will embrace it.The Reform probably oppose it and the Conservative will be flexible as usual.


The NY Times page 1 story on how Obama is trying to distance himself from the other candidates, because he was against the war from day one.Although the story does point out some inconsistencies.Of course he was not in the Senate,nor did he have access to intelligence reports.
My question is this.
If he had access to the intelligence reports as then believed to be true re.WMD , would he have still voted against the resolution.?
If no, then how can a man like that serve as our Commander-in-Chief.?When would he use our war powers-after a nuclear strike on our shores (OR AN ALLIES)?
If yes then he is no different from Hillary et al.


I had wonderful quality time this weekend with my 2 sons and son-in-law, as we gathered to celebrate my 70th birthday.Much of the time was spent analyzing the Presidential campaign.(the women skipped the politics)
I greatly respect their political insight and we see eye to eye on most issues.At the end of the day,we were unanimous that Rudy was the best candidate,and that we should support him.While all of us are fiscal conservatives,and foreign policy neo-conservatives,we have no great interest in the abortion debate,although we are against same sex marriages.
In recent memory,the leading candidate in the Republican primary contests,unlike in the Dem. party,has gone on to win the nomination,and Rudy continues to maintain a growing lead in the polls.
All of us are concerned re . security issue as well as Iran and Israel.Rudy presents the most impressive approach for leadership and vision.He also has the energy that McCain seems to be lacking.
We agreed that Gov. Richardson is an attractive candidate,but I was reminded ,that as UN Ambassador he hired Monica Lewinsky for the staff-poor judgement.
There was much discussion re.Obama as a VP candidate.While I thought that the combination of the first woman and the first black was too revolutionary,there was disagreement.This related to two issues-1- he would claim he deserved it and 2-the pressure of the Afro-American Community..Personally ,I believe Richardson and his hispanic roots would be better for the Dems.Where could the Afro-American Community go?,while the Hispanic could go Repub.
A great ticket would be Guliani-Jeb Bush.(purely my own thought-even though a Bush could not be on the national ticket in'08)
Fla,N.J and N.Y. would really be in play with Rudy at the top of the ticket.
It's a long way to Feb and the major primaries,and a lot can change until then -but its fun!