Thursday, June 28, 2007


It is hard to understand why the President whose popularity is low would get so involved in a major bill opposed by the grass roots in his party,as well as the majority of Republicans in the Congress.
To a great extent there are a number of lessons to be learned from the now defeatd immigration bill.It was very similar to Hillary Clinton's health initiative.Conceived in secret,there were no Committee hearings.The Senate was ready to vote even before a hard copy of the bill was available.The President insulted Republicans who opposed him.
Sen Trent Lott,blamed talk radio.Both overlooked the cynicism of the American people, that the Federal govt. could be trusted.
The bill was too all-encompassing.There should have been a bill tackling stopping the influx of illegals ,and enforcing our current laws. After that problem was under control, the 2-3 million illegals with criminal records should have been deported.Having accomplished that,with enforcement of employer hiring practices, then some sort of temporary permits given to the remaining illegals to work,and to get in line for the path to citizenship.
At the end of the day,despite polls,most Americans do not approve of Amnesty on a massive scale.And no matter how you explain it,Amnesty is Amnesty.
Sen.lindsey Graham probably lost his shot at a V.P. nomination, and John McCain will have to pay the price for getting into bed with Ted Kennedy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A new refinery / Abbas

Aside from the need for new sources of fossil fuel, conservation and the need to develop alternate sources of energy, is the need to build new refineries.America has not built a new refinery in approximately 25-30 years.
Among the reasons has been opposition from local and State governments that make the process lengthy and costly.This is in addition to the fluctuating price of oil/gas.
I should like to once again throw out a suggestion I made years ago.
The federal govt. should build 1-3 new refineries on federal land,and when completed auction them off to the major oil companies.
Today, because of antiquated facilities, fires etc we are operating below 90% capacity.To keep prices stable or low, we need to function at 92% or better.
With new refineries, the pressure would be off every time a refinery goes off-line for maintenance.

Why is it necessary for the CIA to release secrets regarding an attempt to kill Castro, while he is still alive?

Why should Israel place a halo around Abu Mazen (Abbas)when he is no more "moderate"
than was Arafat?
Besides being a soft-spoken well dressed terrorist who dealt with the intellectual side of terror(instead of the guns/rockets),he is a holocaust denier from his PHD days in Moscow's Lumbumba University.He was a constant companion of Arafat's,even sitting at the dias on the White House Lawn for the Oslo signing.
At every conference,he advised Arafat to hang tough on the "Right of Return" and Jerusalem.His lack of leadership and transparency,and support of corruption make it impossible for him to succeed.
Never once have we heard him tell his people that the so-called"Refugee Problem" must be solved,but not by their return to Israel.
Whe should Israel trust Mubarak who seeks only to reunite Hamas/Fatah.He and Abbas knew exactly the status of each tunnel used for arms smuggling but did nothing?
Even today Abbas attacked Israel for killing 11 terrorists in Gaza ,as a "criminal act."
Abbas is not a peace partner, but a seive for US and Israeli funds to be filtered to the terrorists.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

sex and tourism/ the Jewish Agency

The campaign to attract young males to visit Israel by featuring sexy female soldiers in bikinis represents a new low in government "hasbarah".(education)
Aside from the fact that the soldier posing on her back on a wall looks cachetic to me,the concept of using sex to sell Israel is outrageous.
It is sort of interesting that in this weeks Totah portion, Bilaam after unsuccessfully trying to curse Israel for Balak,suggests infiltrating young women into the Israeli's camp for sex and idolatry,leading to the moral and eventualm physical demise of the Jewish nation.
The Jewish nation has a special holiness that is based on morality, and family values.
The p.r. sex campaign, together with the gay pride parade in Jerusalem, merely confirms how deeply we have stumbled
What is sad, is not the depravity, but a failure on the part of leadership to recognize the status of our mores.


The threat by the Jewish Agency to call for government recognition of Conservative and Reform conversions,and of the two movements once again bring up two points.

The continuing irrelevancy of a massive bureaucracy that spends millions on meetings and staff,but is devoid of importance and relevance in the Israeli body politic.For example there are no large numbers of Reform or Conservative Israelis.Yey,they dominate the Agency in partnership wih American secular fundraisers.
If the public would know the true cost of bringing delegates to Israel three times per year,as well as taking over a major hotel with meals not only for the delegates but the huge staff,who are moved with their computers but a few blocks from headquarters, in addition to site visits,it would be shocking.

It is time once again for the Orthodox to consider leaving the Agency.Yes they do get some funding,but the inherent bias against the religious stream should no longer be tolerated.
Without the Orthodox movements,the Agency could no longer call themselves the representatives of world Jewry.
The problem is that the orthodox bureaucracy has a sweet thing going, and they are not about to give up the kovod and perqs.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Congratulations to PM Olmert!
He succeeded in changing the name of a "foreign" territory from Gaza to HAMASTAN.
Now would be a good time to give back the Golan,Judea-Samaria and half of Jerusalem,so it doesn't have to be given back piece-meal.

You can cry when you hear American and some Israeli diplomats utter,that maybe this is for the best!Now we can have a peace partner!
The op-ed in todays WSJ by Barry Rubin sums it up perfectly.There is no peace partner-period.

This is a great victory for Iran, and the Mullahs.Whether Hamas for the time being will consolidate their gains in Gaza, and concentrate on social needs, or moves to confront Abbas in the West Bank or Israel,will determine how long Israel has before they will be forced to strike.
Once again,Israeli-US arms are in the hands of terrorists,and will be used to kill Jews.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The election of Ron Lauder as President of the World Jewish Congress was not unexpected.Ron,is a warm friendly charitable individual who has a deep feeling for Jewish survial, and a respect for traditional Torah learning.I got to know him while at the Presidents Conference.I never thought of him as a hands-on leader,which is what the WJC needs after their scandels.
His comment that the WJC needs more young people like Matthew Bronfman is a little amusing.That Bronfman, a billionaire,the son of a billionaire, is joining hands with Lauder also a billionaire, does not speak to the needs of a revitalized WJC.Of course financially they will do well.They need to attract AMCHA- individuals who have to work for a living and are the overwhelming majority of our people.
What is needed now,is tranparency in cleaning up the mess and proving that in this day of the Jewish Agency,the religious streams as well as the State of Israel,there is a need for the WJC.
This they should do before they restart their fund raising campaigns.
One area that always requires more growth, is increased Jewish education for adults and youth.
Lauder understands this and his Foundation has excelled.Perhaps this should be the next WJC challenge.We do not need more organizations fighting
ant-semitism.Assimilation and inter-marriage will destroy us,and are our true most threatening enemies.
Yad Veshem,Weisenthal,ADL,AJC(Congress and Committee) etc. can fight over who is the most potent force against anti-semitism. This is classical organizational excess and redundancy.
We take our attention away from the key problem-Jewish ignorance.
I wish Lauder well,and hope that he can bring the WJC back to respectability and success.


Iran continues to act as an axis of evil participant.NATO caught them red-handed shipping arms to the Taliban.America, has ample proof of Iranian supplies and training of Iraqui insurgents, that has led to the death of over 200 GI's.
Their nuclear program continues,as they ignore international pressures,despite a poor economy.
Their allies Hezbollah and Hamas are the source of instability in the region.Their allies in the Palestinian camps have held off the Labanese army,and Hamas is about to win a victory over Fatah.
Thus it is no coincidence that Sen Joe Lieberman talks about attacking these border Iranian positions,and the lead article in the June Commentary by Norman Podhoretz is entitled " The case for bombing Iran".
Last week saw joint US-Israel military exercise by pilots, and the successful launch of an Israeli satellite that goes over Iran every 90 minutes.
The Jerusalem Post quotes an American military man to the effect that plans for a blockade of Iran if needed, are complete,and have the support of the Pentagon.
I am not advocating military action today,but we are getting close!
What is missing are the voices of liberals (an oxy-moron ?) and moderates on this issue of survival.Harry Reid's initial statement was less than satsfactory.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Avrum Burg-former Zionist/ Paris

During the many years I served in the Jewish Agency,on behalf of the OU and Mizrachi,I had many negative encounters with Avrum Burg.Some hint of it is documented in my book.
Walking around with a mini-yarmulke, he was the most anti-orthodox outspoken individual one could encounter.As Chairman of the Agency, he had great power,and in my opinion was utterly obnoxious.It often seemed that he said and did things to spite those who had reason to expect understanding from him.
Only his respect for his sainted father Dr Yosef Burg,one of the heroes of the creation of the State,and after his death respect for his mother kept him within a certain reasonable boundary.Because of his father, he could claim to be orthodox,though his children went to non-orthodox schools.
Once he left the Agency,and his political career crumbled(member of the Knesset) ,he removed himself from the mainstream.
Now,Burg in an interview in Haaretz,said he is no longer a Zionist,and is in favor of abrogating the Law of Return.Burg also called on Israelis to obtain a foreign passport.
He brings great shame on his family,and is a discredit to the religious Zionist upbringing that his blessed father instilled in him.(Yosef was the head of the NRP-National Religious Party).


I usually don't comment on such silly stuff as Paris Hilton.I just wonder if every unhappy prisoner can call in their private psychiatrist when they become unhappy,and their mental state becomes "fragile"?
My real bone is the media,especially cable that gives us a minute by minute account of such outrageous behavior.We allow celebrities to become the center of fashion,morals,politics etc.
Someone should say to the advertisers --ENOUGH!


The Hershey Pa. Police Dept.,is warning motorists not to signal cars without headlights,or with hi-beams.This is a common "Bloods" gang initiation trick.The first car that signals them,they turn around and kill all the occupants as their "target".
Tonites defeat of cloture is a welcome sign-now lets get on with the job of securing the borders.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Today's NY Sun reports that Nebraska Attorney-General Jon Bruning who has visited Israel three times,will be challenging Republican Senator Chuck Hegel in the Senatorial primary ( '08).
With Nebraska being a conservative state,and Hegel straying off the path of support for Bush,Bruning has a real shot.
In view of Hegel's less than all-out support for the US-Israel relationship,this is A race we should follow closely and if it appears winnable ,OUR COMMUNITY should be there for Bruning.

The appointment of an over-seeing committee of the Israeli cabinet to monitor the Syrian threat is dejavu-all over again.
Peretz, Peres, Yishai,Livni, Olmert (and Lieberman) are hardly military sophistcates.Only Ben Eliezer is a military man.
With the Winograd report pointing out the lack of leadership in Lebanon, why are these jokers still there?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Pardon for Libby / The debates

Three cheers for Sen Fred Thompson, who stated clearly that Scooter Libby should be pardoned.This is especially so, if the Judge does not allow him to go free on bail while he is appealing.
The sentence is beyond the Federal guidelines, and the Special Prosecutor brought up the issue of exposing a covert agent's identity, which he (Libby)had nothing to do with,in asking for a three year sentence.The prosecutor knew the name in advance of the State Dept, official,who inadvertently leaked the name.No indictments were made in the case.
The other candidates were not clear on this issue.


The differences between the two parties has been highlited in the debates.
If you believe terrorism is a bumper sticker slogan,then you know where to go.
If you think that bringing all our troops out of Iraq will stop anti-US terror attacks ,the Dems are your party.
If you think socialized medicine will cure our ills,then please show me except for Michael Moore, how many Americans go to Europe or Canada for medical care? vs. the opposite route?
If you believe that 12 million illegals should be give preference on the road to citizenship, then either McCain or the Dems are your path.
If you think tax hikes,will solve our economic problems, then you have no problem sticking with the left.

In truth it is way too early for these debates ,polling and 2 hour election specials.The public will surely get tired very quickly.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Cong Dan Burton

I joined for lunch today with a small group of S Florida pro-Israel activists, and Cong Dan Burton ( R.-Ind ). I was pleased to be able on behalf of Huvpac to present a campaigh check for his primary.He has a tough race ,because he is being challenged by a friend that he helped get started in politics.On every issue he has been there with us.
I have known him since 1982,when he was elected to Congress and we started Huvpac.He is the third ranking Republican on the Foreign Affairs Comm. ,and former chair of the Middle East subcommittee.
Aside from discussing the US-Israel relationship,we had a chance to discuss both stem cell legislation and immigration.I tried to convince him ,that the issue of stem cell research was totally divorced from abortion.His wife is a physician and understood immediately the anatomic-physiologic and embryonic facts that support Jewish law's point of view that there is no life before 30 days gestation.
On immigration, he too was upset that there is no provision for English as the official language of our country.and should be mandatory for citizenship.

Another gentle reminder to our readers and friends to pass the blog on to your e-mail lists

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Romney-kosher food veto /1 yr ceasefire ? /House for sale

I was suprised to learn that as Gov. of Mass. ,Mitt Romney vetoed a bill that would have paid for kosher food for nursing home patients.
When I was OU President, I presided over a meeting of all orthodox groups at OU Hdqtrs regarding kosher food in federal prisons.Sadly ,this was the only issue that could bring together such a diverse group.
The fiscal implications were such ,not because of an overwhelming numbers of kosher prisoners,but the expected demands of Muslim prisoners for Halal.This could present a budgetary problem.
Unlike prisoners,these nursing home patients did nothing wrong against society, except develop illnesses together with old age,necessitatng admission to a NH.It is hard to understand such a veto.

During this year, they will have plenty of opportunity to rearm,train in Iran, build smuggling tunnels from Egypt, fortify deep bunkers ,build longer and more accurate rockets etc.When the year is up, even if they kept the cease-fire ( unlikely ), we will see another Lebanon.
Let them disarm all terrorist groups and turn to the rule of law, in order to talk to Israel.


Anyne interested in a beautiful 9 year old home on a lake inRoyal Lakes Community , Boynton Beach Fl., can call 914-522-1524. The owner has vastly reduced the price -it is a 5 minute walk to our ashkenazic OU affiliated minyan,has a 2 car garage ,detached etc.
Our community is growing,and we now have 35 multi-generation families,with a relationship with YU's Center for Jewish Continuity..
There is another small home in Indian Wells across the street, perfect for a senior in a wheel chair or some mild walking disability.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Cong Mike Pence (R. Ind)

Last nite, Sheila and I had dinner with Cong. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) at a small event hosted by
Mark Vogel ,Chairman of the Hollywood, Fla pro-Israel group NACPAC.
Pence is one of the ranking members of the House Int Relations Comm.,and a truly great supporter of the US -Israel relationship.A common friend of ours is Hart Hasten of Indianapolis.

Mike and I had a chance to discuss testimony this week by AID ,requesting money for "moderate Palestinians".I think he pretty much agrees with me, that the term is an oxy-moron.
During the course of dinner,I found out that Cong Elliot Engel was sitting shivah for his mother.I immediately called him to express our condolences.
Engel paid Pence a huge compliment by noting that when Pence speaks about Israel,you might mistake him for Engel.I pointed out how Tom Delay at the NY AIPAC dinner a few years ago, stated during his talk,that there was no one in Congress more effective on Israeli issues than Engel.
I predict that in a few years, when Sen Lugar retires,Pence will make the move to the Senate.