Monday, June 04, 2007

Cong Dan Burton

I joined for lunch today with a small group of S Florida pro-Israel activists, and Cong Dan Burton ( R.-Ind ). I was pleased to be able on behalf of Huvpac to present a campaigh check for his primary.He has a tough race ,because he is being challenged by a friend that he helped get started in politics.On every issue he has been there with us.
I have known him since 1982,when he was elected to Congress and we started Huvpac.He is the third ranking Republican on the Foreign Affairs Comm. ,and former chair of the Middle East subcommittee.
Aside from discussing the US-Israel relationship,we had a chance to discuss both stem cell legislation and immigration.I tried to convince him ,that the issue of stem cell research was totally divorced from abortion.His wife is a physician and understood immediately the anatomic-physiologic and embryonic facts that support Jewish law's point of view that there is no life before 30 days gestation.
On immigration, he too was upset that there is no provision for English as the official language of our country.and should be mandatory for citizenship.

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