Monday, November 30, 2009

climategate / Iran

The climategate fiasco, has thrown the science world upside down.What is amazing is that instead of saying let us try to recreate the original numbers to show the correctness of their position,they are digging in their heels.
Science has become theology, and if you don't believe we will destroy you.
Those who played games with the numbers,threw out the old reviews,and refused to follow the law by releasing requests under freedom of information laws, should be prosecuted.

How many times does Iran have to spit in Obamas face, until he realizes it is not raining.The time for action is 3 years too late.Neither Bush nor Obama have lived up to their responsibilities-and after Dec.,Israel may have to go it alone.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anshe Chesed in Boynton Beach / 10 month moratorium

I previously wrote about our orthodox ashkenazic shul in Boynton.Wh have now grown to over 60 families,and have a daily morning minyan.We also have an agreement with Yeshiva University ,whereby Rabbi Avi Billet is our visiting Rabbi a few times a month besides him giving a lecture series during the week.
Due to the generosity of an anonymous donor,we are now planning to build an edifice on El Clair Ranch and once that is up, we should see an exponential growth in our attendance.For the third year,I am teaching a "parshat hashavuah" class there each shabbat one hour before Minchah.
Anyone looking to dedicate a sanctuary -this is a great opportunity.

I am sympathetic to those who are protesting the agreement to halt construction for 10 months in Judea and Samaria.THERE IS NO REASON TO BELIEVE THAT THIS WILL IN ANY FASHION HAVE A POSITIVE EFFECT ON THE THE SO-CALLED PEACE PROCESS.
Unless Israel gives up half of Jerusalem,and all the area beyond the '67 WAR AND ALLOWS THE "RIGHT OF RETURN"-in other words total surrender- there will be no peace.
They have not come to the conclusion yet that Israel is a JEWISH STATE.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michelle's gown / ME failure

Yes Michelle Obama's gown was gorgeous etc.,howevever the fact that she appeard taller than the President,and outshined the wife of the short and plain dressed Indian PM, made her appear as "too much" .It is routine at Presidential events to make sure there is symmetry between the parties.Michelle was out for the kill .Her outfit would have been more appropriate for Madame Sarkhozy.

The failure of the Presidents ME approach is totally his own fault.
1-He raised the bar for the PA, thinking that he could get Israel to stop construction in Jerusalem.Once he raised the point,they are refusing to compromise.
2-He counted on the Saudis to play a positive role by amending the "Saudi Plan".no such luck
3-He felt if he slammed Bibi with a demand for total "settlement" cessation, he would buckle. It showed an arrogance that only served to have all of Israel rally around Bibi.
4-He thought that stopping settlements was the key to Iranian cooperation-silly and immature thinking. No one signed on to that notion.
5-He thought that the force of his sweet talk would solve the Iranian nuclear problem-it can't and the clock is ticking!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chanukah in the WH / Taxes

Having been a guest at White House Chanukah parties,it seems unreal that the reason the party was cut in half,was because of the cost.In fact very little food was available,only some of it kosher.The military staff is not paid by the hour,and the highlight really besides "see and be seen" is lining up for a 25 second photo with the President and first lady.
I do not want to be paranoid and claim that this has anything to do with Israel-settlements and Bibi, however aside from the fact that most Jews voted for Obama,he has no natural long term association with Jews outside of his Illinois crowd.

It is so difficult to understand how with a rising defecit,massive unemployment and failed programs that were meant to create jobs, the Dems are still talking about more taxes and even more taxes.It is the young people who will get hit badly with increased forced insurance premiums,payroll taxes,increased capital gains and now a proposed "war tax".
The handwriting is on the wall for a massive turnover in Washington in 1 year.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Palin on settlements

I thought the Palin comments on Israel and settlements were a little on the simplistic side.Yet they show a basic support for the rights of Jews to live anywhere in the holyland.
Watching her reception at a mid-western book-signing you have to feel the magnetism she has that attracts people to stand in line overnight for a signature.
Yet she should not confuse rock-star adulation, with an acceptance for her as being ready to run for Pres.She doesn't have to satisfy the NYT or Newsweek, but millions of Independents and Republicans that would like to see her have intelligent responses to the ills of the world,and what she would do differently in N Korea, China,Russia etc .
The attack on her by J street for supporting Israel), is just a side show by this irrelevant group

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prostitution from rising temps/ Votes for sale

The climate change industry has one amazing virtue= a rich imagination.
The UN food committee reports that because of " global warming" more and more Filipinos are living close to the water.Since there is no industry,the women have to turn to protitution for a service all the sailors who I assume are hot from increased temperatures. Then of course the next step is increased HIV.
By the way the thought occurs to me that 100 years ago in the tenements on the lower East Side,without fans or air conditioning there is no documented increase in prostitution during the hot weather.
So you see-global warming leads to more sexual diseases.
If you disagree you are not a rational,intelligent human-got it!

The hacking of the the e-mail files of a major climate control office,pretty much debunks all the nonsense of global warming.They lie, make up statistics and many have an ulterior economic motive by investing in companies that will gain from govt. grants etc to fix this non-existent problem. I see Al Gore seems to be doing quite well.
I would love to see a Tom Friedman column on these e-mails.

How can we teach young people what democracy really is, when legislators vote on crucial issues such as healthcare,and cannot possibly have the time to read,and absord the contents of the bills?
One thing is certain, the age of tranparency,post or bi-partisanship and open promised by Obama never got off the ground.This is all a farce,and were it not for our sad economic state,be a big joke.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health rationing / It's the economy-stupid / Equal coverage!

A few weeks ago just prior to our coming to Florida, my wife had a routine mammogram scheduled.Unfortunately, when she got there, they realized she was one day shy of a year and a day in between exams.
The current controversy highlites the role that will be played by Govt. in rationing medical care.It appears that this panel did not have any expert on breast cancer .Yes rationing as I point out above is prevalent,however with the new Obamacare it will become quite severe.
At the end of the day of course is when some panel says,"sorry your father is 84 years old, and we can't spend that kind of money on him for a new hip etc" ( the so- called death panels)

As a followup of my blog of Mon.- we went to see La Traviata last nite at the West Palm Beach Kravitz Center.Normally 2500 people normally crowd this magnificent edifice.Last nite 6-700 attended.Of course this is Madoff and Rothstein territory,however it speaks to the general economy.

Drudge makes a great point:
The AP assigned 11 fact-checkers to go over Palins book,and not a single one for Obama's.
I rest my case

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama and Gilo

The worst part of the Obama blast at Jerusalem in not that they blasted the decision to build 900 homes in Gilo .Rather it is the fact that he called this neighbohood a "settlement".He has no feeling for the Jewish homeland post 1947.It was Gilo that was rocketed from a neighboring Arab village during the Intifada.
On the positive side was the groundbreaking of 105 new homes in Nof Zion ,a section of "East" Jerusalem-Kol Hakavod.

They should run an expose on who pays the salaries of Peace Now and the other menuvalim-
yiddish for ousvorffs ( not a compliment! ). I believe we would see outside sources Jewish and non-Jewish who seek to destroy the Israeli spirit.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Senate protocal / Palin / an exit strategy

How can you ask Senators to begin discussion on a bill they have not seen?and one that only the majority leader has the power to make changes to, despite 2 Senatorial bills (after deliberations), and without knowing what the cost will be?That is what Sen. Reid is proposing.

Gov. Palin is a phhenomona,and the media cannot get enough of her.While I have my doubts about the depths of her understanding of foreign policy ( she can't be worse that Obama)it is clear that liberals are frightened of her,because she is not a left wing feminist.We have a long way to go, and she will be a major part of the story.
My advice for her, is to take 3 months off after the book tour and travel the world and meet world leaders to understand our needs and future.

I have read much about WWII, and do not recall hearing about an exit strategy.Our one goal was total victory.That must be our only agenda in Afghanistan.Anything less will allow the terrorist structure to reform and threaten nour country.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The economy / bowing /Apologizing for hiroshima

Of course we all read the statistics to guage the economoc morass.Last nite howevever we had a slightly different angle to examine.Sheila and I have been going to concerts here in S. Florida every other week or so while we are in the area.Usually we go to either West Palm Kravis Center, or the auditorium at FAU (Florida Atlantic Univ.) which has a 2400 seat theater.Last nite at the latter site,with a full symphony orchestra only 700 patrons showed up.Yes, it is a little early in the season (Thanksgiving) but mainly it is the economy-I was told.

We have been to Japan a number of times.Twice when I was in Vietnam, and 2 or 3 times while on vacation.(always in the New Otani Hotel)
I love the bowing especially at the elevator,and on more than a few occasions have partaken in this lovely tradition.However I am not the President of the US ,and the people who I kept bowing to were not royalty.Perhaps it was an immature innocent gesture.
However,we Americans left England , royalty and subjugation,and our leaders bow to no human being.We stand erect and shake hands. The Obama bows to the Saudi Prince and now the Emperor were definately un-American.
Which leads me to point no 2.Obama is always apologizing for our history and greatness.If as rumor has it that he intends to apolgize for HIROSHOMA-NAGASAKI,that would be a great insult to Pres. Truman-Roosevelt(Churchill) all of our brave servicemen who were prepared to die in an attack on the Japanese mainland but were spared by the atomic-bombs.
If he did apologize,while I know it is not an impeachable offense-it should be! Let the Emperor visit Pearl Harbor!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amateur hour at the WH

The shtick that was pulled by the the WH during Bibi's recent visit was totally small time amateur hour.Probably originating from the Chicago mastermind Rahm Emanuel,the idea was not to let Bibi know if he he was meeting with the Pres. or not. Not only did they hold off the decision until after he had landed, they made sure to tell the press, that this was because they were not happy with his public plans on settlements.Then they allowerd no official photos of the meeting,and release pictures from the luncheon days later.
In addition, they quietly spread the word as to what transpired ( seems like nothing transpired) and then spread the word of the signifificance of a background picure on the wall,saying this was the Obama message.Namely you can be a great hero if you make concessions for peace.
No wonder the Obama approval rating in Israel is 4%-not a number that Israelis would feel confident in trusting him.
At the end of the day this hurts Obama and the "peace process" more than Bibi.
If the PA unilaterally declares statehood in violation of Oslo, then the next day, E-1 construction work should begin.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SOA / Jimmy Carter II

Our Fort Hood Killer has business cards with his name on it. Under his name was
I do a lot of jumping from channel to channel, and to listening to MSNBC, you would have the impression that to call this "Islamic terrorism" is tantamount to prejudice,jumping to conclusions,Islamophobia etc.
The questions raised this evening about his possibly sending money to subversive sources,was raised by me a few days ago,when I asked what happened to his $90,000 salary?

Of course a President has to consider all options before sending troops to Afghanistan.however this long drawn out process, witj leaks by his advisors, can only lower the morale of the soldiers already there.
Surely it confirms to Israel,that they will never be able to count on Obama to commit to a tough decision on Iran.We are witnessing Jimmy Carter II but even in a worse presentation.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anita Dunn / Hamas- Hezbollah / Elliot Spitzer

The departure of Anita Dunn (Mao's admirer ) as WH Communications person should send a lesson to her former colleagues.
While she had planned to stay only to the end of the year,she is best known for her initiation of the war on Fox.As we evaluate her war,she is gone, and Fox is not only still here,but has had increased ratings because of her efforts.Indeed Whether it is the NYT by Republicans in office or Fox by Obama, the best defense is an offense by going on their shows and subjectiong your programs to critical analysis and trying for " hasbarah".
Even today, the Gallup poll show Rep. House candidate surging for 2010 by 48-44% and the current Health bill support dropping like lead on the end of a fishing pole.

The news that both Hezbollah and Hamas have long range rockets capable of hitting every Israeli city, cannot be good news.What with Iran stonewalling, Israel will need strong leadership to make the correct decisions in the WEEKS ahead..

I was told that next week at the "Y" in NY, Avi (Allen) Dershowitz will debate J Street with Elliot Spitzer as moderator.I certainly believe in Tshuva ( repenetance) and rehabilitation.However I also believe that contrition involves allowing a SIGNIFICANT (years not months) period of time where the individual who has committed moral (and possibly criminal) activities be segregated from such public adulation .Otherwise, he/she could easily believes that what they did, and the shame they brought not only on his family, but our community is quite irrelevant .In essence "all if forgiven and fogotten."
Being on national TV and standing before an enthusiastic crowd at the Y,even if they did not come to applaud him,is the wrong message at this time for Mr. Spitzer and our community.

Monday, November 09, 2009


Fort Hood was the largest terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.Although every few moments new facts and rumors appear, a certain trend is developing.
1.Despite the 9/11 Commission and all the reform in our intelligence community, we have not perfected our ability to have different agencies talk to each other.MILITARY INTELLIGENCE-FBI-CIA -THE MILITARY CHAIN OF COMMAND-all missed the boat.
2-Political correctness has no place in the prevention or fighting of terrorism.
Soldiers report that they informed their superiors about the Islamic feeling of Malik-What happened to their reports?What happened after he sent E-mails to the infamous Va. Imam(mentioned in the 9/11 report?
4-The President and Homeland Security, are playing the political correctness game .To what end? Will the world of Islamic terror love us or respect us because we downplay their role?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Islamic Terrorism is terrorism, unless its politically incorrrect / The Tea Party

Firstly I was extremely upset as I heard the President's initial statement regarding the Texas massacre.Instead of speaking to the crisis at hand, he began for almost 4-5 minutes on congratulating the members of a tribal meeting, and the calling out to a Medal of Honor winner.I found his behavior callous and insensitive.
When the President spoke, he was already briefed by his senior staff. The minute he said don't come to conclusions,I knew we were dealing with Islamic terror.
He knew the Doctor was a Muslim.
The FBI knew he was on the internet with elements extolling suicide bombers.
There are pictures of him in Islamic dress in public.
He was yelling " Allah Akbahr" AS HE MURDERED OUR SOLDIERS .
He publicly attacked and fought with fellow soldiers re the role of America in fighting Muslims.
Americans are not dumb, nor should the facts be kept from them in such a horrible situation.Despite the Administration the War against Terror is REAL!

When the FBI releases his phone records, bank accounts, internet connections,we will have a clearer picture , and possibly a more worrisome regarding Islam in our Armed services.We know what has transpired in our prisons with Islamic converts.
I personally would like to know where his salary was spent ,being single,living in a small rented apartment and with a reasonable Majors salary?
Despite Napalitanos calming words to Arab countries,we await Sen Joe Liebermans hearings on this issue.

As a conservative, I have no love for the liberal left.The President and his cohorts are moving too fast and to far to the left for our country.The rise of the "Tea parties" however is troubling.I am all for activism,and pressure on our elected representatives.However, third party groups are not helpful to our democracy.Moreover, Who are the leaders of this group? What are their names? Who is funding them?
More importantly. what do they believe in beyond fiscal resposibilty?
Although I will grant the one anti-semitic sign could be an abberation,I worry about these rallies with the singing, dancing and organization reminds me of church revivals.
We need to strenghthen the Republican Party,and if candidates atre too liberal, then the primary challenge is the correct path.
While I love Fox News,there is something artificial and scary about how these tea parties are developing.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Face Book

As of today, I am moving into a more modern world-FACEBOOK ( not twitter ! -yet )
shabbat shalom

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fort Hood

It is too early to know all the facts regarding todays Fort Hood's massacre.One should not jump to conclusions about the shooter because he has an Arabic name,and apparently was born in Jordan.In the back of my mind are lots of scenarios and questions.
As one who served both on an American base ( Fort Monmouth) and in a combat zone,I know that doctors do not have weapons at their disposal.The only time I was given a 45 pistol,was on the few occasions in Vietnam ,that we suspected the enemy might penetrate the perimeter.
Secondly, doctors in the military were given 1 day prior to overseas assignment to learn how to shoot a rifle and pistol.The impression of so many dead,and over 30 wounded by a psychiatrist with 2 pistols really does not make sense.
When they search his home,computer and writings,we will learn if his religious background was the problem,or it really was a mental problem regarding his future assignment to Iraq.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The limits of money / same sex marriage /Hillary about face

YES money is the mothers milk of politics.You cannot run without it. Yet as we saw despite being outspent 2-1, Christy pulled off an impressive win.
Similarly despite massive personal expenditures Bloomberg did not score the blowout predicted.
In both cases,the public clearly saw through the hype.As the NYT reports, Bloomberg is not the hero anymore.In fact in my eyes he is already a lame duck.
You have to love the spinmeisters.Pelosi calling last nite a "victory". A few more vicories like that and she will have to give up her big private military jet.
The WH (Gibbs) pointed out that NJ and Va were local races.Really? then why was the Pres. there on Sun for 2 rallies,as well as Biden and Clinton.And why 400,000 robo-calls by Obama before the election.
Yes they picked up NY-23 a very special contorted story.But even there you take the 45% of Hoffman and 6% of Scozzafava and you have a majority against the Dems.
The big story is
1- the lack of Presidential coatails
2- the role of independents flocking to the GOP, even as young people and blacks stayed home.


The same- sex marriage rejection is of course to be commended.Howevever there are certain moral issues that are not open to situational ethics ie. murder, theft. incest, bestiality and so on.

Hillary did some backtracking on her praise for Bibi. She sounds more like Obama.The capture of the Iranian arms cargo, only reinforces the danger of Iran to Israel and the world.The clock is ticking!
Thanks to my son Elli for Mondays blog.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Res Ipsi Loqitar( I hope I spelled it correctly)

Having spent yesterday and today traveling to Florida,and a little tired, I think there is no need for an extensive blog.
The huge sweep in Virginia by such margins and the N.J. win by Christy says it all.
It is still too early for NY -23, and the Congressional race in Calif., (which Politico describes as a possible upset for the Reps.)but that should swing to Hoffman.
The talking heads in the WH, NYT, CNN etc can say this has nothing to do with Obama-fine.But each of us knows that taxes,jobs,the economy, the huge shift to the left,all originate from Obama,and the people are frightened.
Tonite will surely change the outcome of Obamacare and Tax and Trade.
I can't wait for 2010!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Election Day

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

All Election Days can bring lessons as to the mood and direction of the country and tomorrow's vote will be no exception. Here are some of the crucial races to look for:

1. The Governor's race in Virginia: The Republicans are headed toward landslide victories in Virginia. What a repudiation of Obama this victory will be to Obama, who just a year ago took Virginia as part of his election victory. We were told at that time that this was part of a shift in Virginia from a red state to a blue state. I guess that shift lasted a full year.

2. The Governor's race in New Jersey- Chris Christie seemed like he would enjoy an easy win over inept incumbent Governor Corzine. But Christie has run a pointless campaign and lost his entire lead. The race is too close to call. The fact that Corzine has struggled so mightily in the bluest of states tells you a lot about the Democrats position nationwide.

3. The Mayor's race in NYC: Mayor Bloomberg looks like he headed toward victory over Bill Thompson. This will be the fifth consecutive election in which the Democrats have failed to win the NYC mayorality- this is the legacy that David Dinkins left City Democrats; his disastrous term as Mayor has left the Democrats in exile from Gracie Mansion in a City that is 80% Democratic.

4. The House Race in the 23rd District in NY- The race is now between the conservative, Doug Hoffman and the Democrat, Bill Owens. The Republican candidate dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat, thus proving how poor a choice the Republicans made in nominating a left winger to try to win this right-leaning district. A victory by Hoffman will strike fear in blue dogs, who know that the anger that has propelled Hoffman to the lead is also rising in their districts and will soon be a weapon against them. The Democrats are trying to portray this a purge against Republican moderates- this is a poor attempt by Democrats to try to shield themselves from acknowledging that a Hoffman victory could portend serious trouble for the Democrats in 2010.

5. Gay Marriage in 2010- Voters will have the opportunity to overturn gay marriage, which was passed by the legislature. Each side will make a big deal out of a victory since gay rights usually is a loser when it appears on the ballot.

6. The Nassau County legislature- I have been extremely impressed with the campaign that Howard Kopel has run against Jeff Tabak in my local district as the Republicans attempt to take back the Nassau County legislature. Nassau County has one of the highest property tax rates in the country and Republicans have hammered this point home in the election. Good luck Mr. Kopel tomorrow.

Lets hope the good guys win tomorrow.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Radical GOP / Flu shots / new appointments at Homeland Security

What is quite clear is that the WH and liberal media are trying to paint the GOP as being taken over by R wing fanaticss, and they will thus lose the moderates as they strenghthen their base.
They use Scozzafava as an example of a moderate.Yet her views are way to the left of even most Dems,on healthcare, tax and trade,abortion, union checkoffs the defecit etc.
After this Tuesdays elections,if the Reps sweep all 3 or come very close in NJ. that is the argument they will make for their loss.However it is the grass roots that are talking-they have had enough of 1 party tax and spend. JUST AS THERE IS A LIBERAL POINT OF VIEW IN THIS COUNTRY,THE COUNTRY OVERWHELMINGLY IS TO THE R OF CENTER.
That will be the battle in 2010.-to define what are the parameters the American people want-it surely is not Left wing socialism-Obamaism.

Two weeks ago I went to my internist for the flu and H1N1 shots.He had no supply of the latter.
However I am thrilled to read that the prisoners in Guantanamo will recieve the H1N1 shots.
Our govts priorities are always " on the mark".

Thanks to my brother-in-law Kal Hartstein for bringing to my attention heretofore unknown appointments to Homeland Security on Aug 20, 2009,- both described as "devout Muslims"
Arif Alikan as Asst Sec and Kareem Shora as a member of the Advisory Board.
Don't you feel more secure now?