Monday, November 02, 2009

Election Day

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

All Election Days can bring lessons as to the mood and direction of the country and tomorrow's vote will be no exception. Here are some of the crucial races to look for:

1. The Governor's race in Virginia: The Republicans are headed toward landslide victories in Virginia. What a repudiation of Obama this victory will be to Obama, who just a year ago took Virginia as part of his election victory. We were told at that time that this was part of a shift in Virginia from a red state to a blue state. I guess that shift lasted a full year.

2. The Governor's race in New Jersey- Chris Christie seemed like he would enjoy an easy win over inept incumbent Governor Corzine. But Christie has run a pointless campaign and lost his entire lead. The race is too close to call. The fact that Corzine has struggled so mightily in the bluest of states tells you a lot about the Democrats position nationwide.

3. The Mayor's race in NYC: Mayor Bloomberg looks like he headed toward victory over Bill Thompson. This will be the fifth consecutive election in which the Democrats have failed to win the NYC mayorality- this is the legacy that David Dinkins left City Democrats; his disastrous term as Mayor has left the Democrats in exile from Gracie Mansion in a City that is 80% Democratic.

4. The House Race in the 23rd District in NY- The race is now between the conservative, Doug Hoffman and the Democrat, Bill Owens. The Republican candidate dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat, thus proving how poor a choice the Republicans made in nominating a left winger to try to win this right-leaning district. A victory by Hoffman will strike fear in blue dogs, who know that the anger that has propelled Hoffman to the lead is also rising in their districts and will soon be a weapon against them. The Democrats are trying to portray this a purge against Republican moderates- this is a poor attempt by Democrats to try to shield themselves from acknowledging that a Hoffman victory could portend serious trouble for the Democrats in 2010.

5. Gay Marriage in 2010- Voters will have the opportunity to overturn gay marriage, which was passed by the legislature. Each side will make a big deal out of a victory since gay rights usually is a loser when it appears on the ballot.

6. The Nassau County legislature- I have been extremely impressed with the campaign that Howard Kopel has run against Jeff Tabak in my local district as the Republicans attempt to take back the Nassau County legislature. Nassau County has one of the highest property tax rates in the country and Republicans have hammered this point home in the election. Good luck Mr. Kopel tomorrow.

Lets hope the good guys win tomorrow.