Sunday, November 08, 2009

Islamic Terrorism is terrorism, unless its politically incorrrect / The Tea Party

Firstly I was extremely upset as I heard the President's initial statement regarding the Texas massacre.Instead of speaking to the crisis at hand, he began for almost 4-5 minutes on congratulating the members of a tribal meeting, and the calling out to a Medal of Honor winner.I found his behavior callous and insensitive.
When the President spoke, he was already briefed by his senior staff. The minute he said don't come to conclusions,I knew we were dealing with Islamic terror.
He knew the Doctor was a Muslim.
The FBI knew he was on the internet with elements extolling suicide bombers.
There are pictures of him in Islamic dress in public.
He was yelling " Allah Akbahr" AS HE MURDERED OUR SOLDIERS .
He publicly attacked and fought with fellow soldiers re the role of America in fighting Muslims.
Americans are not dumb, nor should the facts be kept from them in such a horrible situation.Despite the Administration the War against Terror is REAL!

When the FBI releases his phone records, bank accounts, internet connections,we will have a clearer picture , and possibly a more worrisome regarding Islam in our Armed services.We know what has transpired in our prisons with Islamic converts.
I personally would like to know where his salary was spent ,being single,living in a small rented apartment and with a reasonable Majors salary?
Despite Napalitanos calming words to Arab countries,we await Sen Joe Liebermans hearings on this issue.

As a conservative, I have no love for the liberal left.The President and his cohorts are moving too fast and to far to the left for our country.The rise of the "Tea parties" however is troubling.I am all for activism,and pressure on our elected representatives.However, third party groups are not helpful to our democracy.Moreover, Who are the leaders of this group? What are their names? Who is funding them?
More importantly. what do they believe in beyond fiscal resposibilty?
Although I will grant the one anti-semitic sign could be an abberation,I worry about these rallies with the singing, dancing and organization reminds me of church revivals.
We need to strenghthen the Republican Party,and if candidates atre too liberal, then the primary challenge is the correct path.
While I love Fox News,there is something artificial and scary about how these tea parties are developing.