Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Presidential Polls

Some very interesting polls were released today by Quinnipiac with respect to the important swing states of Penn., Florida and Ohio. Firstly, Clinton continues to lead in the Democratic race by 20 points or more in each state. Likewise, Guiliani leads the Republican race in all three states (although the race has tightened in Ohio). Perhaps most interesting is that Guiliani leads both Obama and Clinton in all three states. Obviously, these are numbers which have to frighten Democratic strategists as there is almost no chance that Clinton or Obama can win without winning two of these three states. With all of the talk that the Democrats have the advantage heading into an election year, so far the polls do not reflect such an advantage.
As an aside, it will be interesting to see the Democrats on a stage together tonight for the first time at the debate in S. Carolina. Will they attack each other or only attack the Republicans? Will Clinton loosen up? Stay tuned.


The Looming Confrontation

Tonight's vote by the House to set a deadline for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq moves Congress one step closer to a confrontation with the President over the war in Iraq. The recent statements and actions by Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi, including Reid's statement that "the war is lost", Reid's statement that he would not believe General Petraeus if he said progress was being made and Pelosi's initial refusal to meet with Petraeus to hear his briefing, clearly exhibit that the Democrats have decided to wave the white flag toward the enemy. Yet tonight Patraeus insisted that progress is being made especially in the Anbar province. The President and the Republicans in Congress understand the importance of staying tough in Iraq and should not give in following the President's eventual veto of the spending bill. They should force the Democrats to choose between funding the troops and making happy. This is a confrontation which should benefit Bush and the Republicans (just as the budget battle in 1995 benefited Clinton and the Democrats).


Friday, April 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Favorability/Al Sharpton's Conference

The latest Gallup Poll exhibits the difficulties which lay ahead for the Clinton campaign in the coming months. The poll shows that her unfavorable rating is an astounding 52%, while her favorable rating is only 45%. This is further evidence of the type of polarization that Hillary brings out among the masses. While I don't think the polarizing nature of her candidacy will hurt her in the primaries (as she only has to worry about the percentage of the public which are Democrats), it will almost certainly hurt her in the general election where she will need to win at least one red state in order to win.

Al Sharpton's organization, the National Action Network, is currently holding its convention in New York. As usual, the big guns from the Democratic Party, including Hillary, Edwards, Obama, Gov. Spitzer and Howard Dean will all be speaking. When will the Republican Party find its voice and use these appearances against said politicians? We all remember how Bush's appearance at Bob Jones University was used by the Democrats against Bush. Republicans should do the same against politicians who appear at Sharpton's conference. In the same vain, kudos to Chris Wallace for questioning Sharpton with respect to the Tawana Brawaley sham and with respect to Sharpton's shameful comments at the outset of the Dule rape case. Sharpton had no good answers for Wallace and was exposed as the huckster that he is. It is time other found their voice as well.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The AIPAC case

One final thought before I take a 3 week break.The decision by Judge Ellis to refuse to close portions of the espionage trials against the former AIPAC officials is the the first of two he should make.
The second is to throw the whole case out.This is a travesty of justice.Jewish organizations,and especially AIPAC have nothing to be proud of by abandoning the 2 staffers.They were doing nothing more than that which is done daily with both members of the press, and Washington staffers of organizations that have an interest in policy and legislation.How many times have we sat with government officials who have spoken off the record,or have given insight into analyses of events,people and governments.These are the ways of our democracy ,and the 2 did nothing wrong.
Moreover it puts a chill into every journalist and public advocacy group.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Seat Belts

Yesterday while most people in the northeast stayed within the comfort of their homes,my wife and I spent the day at a Defensive driving course.The safety course is meant as a way to reduce your auto insurance by 10%.Others take the course to reduce their points accumulated after traffic infractions.In order to obtain and keep the reduction in insurance, you need to take the course every three years-which we have done.
A major section of the course is on the need for seat belts. As a surgeon, who saw countless accidents brought into the E.R.,I not only wear seat belts, but insist that everyone in the car, front and back do likewise.There is no question that belts save lives and cut down on severity of injuries.
Thus it is quite disturbing to see the Gov. of N.J.,riding in a State Police Vehicle refuse to wear belts -with its resultant injuries.
It is a classical case of politicians,who hold themselves above the law.The reported to be one who is never happy to be told what to do.The State of N.J. spends mega-dollars on educating the public on following the law and wearing belts.
I for one, do not believe that he should resign over this infraction(as some have suggested).Recieving a citation ,is primarily symbolic.Even forcing him to pay for his own medical care would not make a dent in his fat wallet.
Perhaps,when he recovers-and we all extend our prayers toward that, he should fund an effort to try to understand the psyche of why intelligent individuals, would go against proven procedures and believe that it could never happen to them.


I have asked my son Elli to write the blog as his schedule allows,for the next three weeks.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

HO HO / 15 months / Fox is out /Pelosi should stay out of foreign intrigue

I am no fan of Imus.To the contrary I find him crude, and never watch him, unless his program is on in the gym locker room.In addition, I must admit I never heard the word "ho" until my wife explained the uproar to me.
Thus I have no pity on him for the firings.
However,why the double standard,when rappers can use that language or even tv guests use crude language without rebuke.?
Why is the dynamic duo Jesse and the Rev Al up front in this issue ?
I seem to recall Hymietown, and Tawana on their respective records.
When will all the black leaders,both national and from the Duke campus/region apologize publicly for the great harm done to the young players,as they villified them in the public arena them before they had a fair trial?


Passover was a time to reflect on so much that has transpired in my personal life.Thus, I look with great sadness on the announcement that the period of service for the Army has been extended to 15 months.
As I prepare for my visit to Vietnam ,after almost 38 years, I recall how I and my wife counted each day until my return.The daily letter,( there was no e-mail) had D minus the days left on the envelope.
I have previously commented on the urgent need to increase the standing army by a few hundred thousand.Of course, this confirms that need.
Even though I believe Iraq is key to the battle against terrorism, I am concerned that with the type of suicide bombing attack that took place within the Parliament today,even the supporters of the President will lose heart.


It is hard to believe that now all the major Dems running for Prez ,have backed out of the candidate debate sponsored by the Black Caucus, because Fox was the broadcaster.Edwards,Hillary and the others have made multiple appearances on Fox.
It is almost juvenile that they have stooped to this level of political correctness.
Edwards, of course is preaching class warfare.How this move helps to unite Americans is beyond me.Obama talks about bringing us together-I assume he means on Air America!


All I can say about Pelosi and her trip to Assad.
1.consult a fashion stylist to get a better kerchief
2.stick to domestic politics-it was a pure embarrassment to her and our country.She is not ready for prime time foreign assignments.
It is ludicrous to say that the Israeli correction of her misstatements were inspired by the White House.Why not admit it-she was over her head.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Passover / The neighborhood gets more dangerous.

Allow me to wish all my friends and readers a happy,sweet and kosher Pesach.
I will resume the blog after the holidays.


Readers of the Israeli papers and web sites, found nothing new in todays NY Times description
of a rearmed and extremely dangerous Hamas.The Arab groups, are turning to ultimatums toward Israel.
Saudia Arabia-"accept our plan -or its up to the warlords"
King Abdullah of Jordan-Accept the Saudi plan,or its the end of the line for peace.
PM Haniyah of the PA-Hamas government-If the international boycott of the unity govt. is not broken in three months,we (the govt) will arm Hamas for war"
The UN Sec General,The EU and others are joining in the pressure.
Pelosi and her group are pushing Syrian talks,even as Syria is actively involved in Lebanon and Iraq against our interests.
Now, more than ever is the time for Olmert and Israel to be resolute and not flustered by the pressure.
The Arab world will have to come to the conclusion,that they must sit down face to face with Israel and negotiate.Ultimatums and threats have not worked, and will not work to bring peace.