Friday, April 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Favorability/Al Sharpton's Conference

The latest Gallup Poll exhibits the difficulties which lay ahead for the Clinton campaign in the coming months. The poll shows that her unfavorable rating is an astounding 52%, while her favorable rating is only 45%. This is further evidence of the type of polarization that Hillary brings out among the masses. While I don't think the polarizing nature of her candidacy will hurt her in the primaries (as she only has to worry about the percentage of the public which are Democrats), it will almost certainly hurt her in the general election where she will need to win at least one red state in order to win.

Al Sharpton's organization, the National Action Network, is currently holding its convention in New York. As usual, the big guns from the Democratic Party, including Hillary, Edwards, Obama, Gov. Spitzer and Howard Dean will all be speaking. When will the Republican Party find its voice and use these appearances against said politicians? We all remember how Bush's appearance at Bob Jones University was used by the Democrats against Bush. Republicans should do the same against politicians who appear at Sharpton's conference. In the same vain, kudos to Chris Wallace for questioning Sharpton with respect to the Tawana Brawaley sham and with respect to Sharpton's shameful comments at the outset of the Dule rape case. Sharpton had no good answers for Wallace and was exposed as the huckster that he is. It is time other found their voice as well.