Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alternate lifestyle-the Dem approach / Abbas and 92%/Conservative Jewry in Trouble

I was not able to view the Dem candidates debate Wed nite,due to the Sukkot holiday.However, last nites WSJ weekly Fox (11 P.M) discussion,pointed out that in response to a question as to whether it is proper to force young children ( I believe it was second or third grade) to read a story with two same sex parents ( with no ability for parents to withdraw their kids from the assignment) not one candidate objected.
The Democrats are falling over themselve to appear the most liberal and friendly to alternate life -styles. Hopefully,they will realize in the real campaign,that main street America,is not interested in exposing their young children to a lifestyle that goes against all religious and moral teachings.
I have written many time ,that we must show tolerance to every human being.However,teaching my children or grandchildren, that its equally ok to have a mommy-daddy or two daddies or mommies is unacceptable.
There is time enough in adult life,for young people to realize that there are those outside the male-female relationship ,without our teaching them at a young and impressionable age.
I have no statistics to prove that such forced exposure to homosexual ideas at a young age will lead to increased certainly is a step in that direction.


It is not suprising that Abbas said he would turn down even 92% of the West Bank-Gaza in a deal.It is 100% or nothing.
Unfortunaly, Olmert/Ramon are trying for 110%!
Remember, it was Abbas as prime advisor to Arafat, that turned down the Clinton deal!

We spent the first three days of the holiday in Teaneck, NJ.Unlike Monsey,which is dying from a demographically inspired fatal illness,Teaneck is bubbling with modern orthodox growth.
What inspired me,was the young boys and girls, all day-school students, dressed in their holiday best,carrying a lulav/essrog(the boys),and praying with real seriousness (kavanah).
They are so different from children of public or non-religious private schools in demeanor,appearance and of course education,and devotion to our way of life and the State of Israel.
As they scurry to their junior minyanim (services) or groups you realize that they are our future. There can be no Jewish future without Jewish education which inculcates our traditions to the next generation.

The headlines in the Rosh Hashonah ad in the Jewish Week said
Right away I know that they are in trouble.Jack Wertheim of the JTS in a recent Commentary article outlined their problems.
The best and the brightest of their youth groups and camps, are looking for authenticity.and thus many wind up in the Orthodox camp.
Others,are more Liberal and feel more comfortable with Reform Judiasm.
The constant changing of standards within the movement,both at the academic level and in the "Rabbinic" conventions on such issues as female clergy,gay Rabbis,the socio-political issues of the day are confusing to the laity. As standards seem to keep shifting,there is rhetoric from the leadership that while preaching greater observance and "Halachah"is not matched by events on the ground.And so,many congregants shift to to other Congregations.
Thus we see ,even in Rockland County, a merging of Conservative Congregations.One of the casualties of such moves,are the older congregants, who had for years walked to services(having been brought up in more orthodox settings).
If I had to predict.I would say that in 25 years or so, the Conservative movement will be a fraction of what it is today.Reform,of course will always be large.However,they have yet to come up with a solution to assimilation and intermarriage,that will preserve their way of life,not for five or ten years,but for three generations.

Monday, September 24, 2007


President Lee Bollinger of Columbia Univ.,deserves a great deal of credit for his leadership in battling the proposed academic boycott of Israeli institutions by English Colleges and Universities.
However in his invitation to the Iranian President, he showed not only naivitee' , but poor political judgement and immaturity.To use the cover of intellectual freedom is almost laughable.Could he have imagined that by introducing the Iranian President in a sharp and pointed manner,this would have any effect on him?
Ahmadinejad is a seasoned politician and demagogue.Any question,charge or accusation you throw at him he will throw it back at you with professional calm and doubletalk."Answer a question with a question or a charge",is his style.
Goebbels helped to perfect the message of Hitler.Ahmadinejad is using the Goebbel technique to repeat and repeat the Great Lies,hoping a few will listen with sympathy,if they hear the message over and over.
Today we have not only mass communication, but the willingness of a Columbia University to be a pawn in the message of a murderer.American soldiers in Iraq,Coalition sodiers in Afghanistan,Israeli citizens bombed by Iranian Hezbollah rockets can attest to his evil. European countries,the very places that housed the Holocaust ,have made it a crime to deny it.Yet this individual is welcomed,and as the op-ed in todays Haaretz pointed out, if he convinced one individual or 50 to his cause,it is a great loss for the forces of freedom.
We hear all day that the Iranian did not give direct answers either to the questions raised,or to the 60 minute interview.My question is,why can't we get a straight answer as to why under this same principle of intellectual freedom Columbia chased off of its campus the ROTC program ,or the Minutemen spokesman?
Is Iran's program for homosexuals(death) worse than the US military Don't ask Don't tell?
Why in recent years have conservatives been prevented from addressing American Universities (without liberals screaming-freedom of speech)but an evil tyrant who seeks our destruction is given the bully pulpit?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Moveon condemned by Senate/Jewish Agency /Rudy

Allow me to wish everyone a good fast and a healthy and sweet New Year

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The Jewish Agency is lobbying the Knesset,to remain the only organization to represent Israel on Aliyah matters.Specifically, they seek to to keep Nefesh Bnefesh and another successful French group from being recognized with government contracts.
The problem is, that both groups are successful and threaten the Agency monopoly.Remember it is the the Agency that gave Israel 300,000 non-Jews,including
Nazis as part of the aliyah package.They are a huge inefficient government within a government.It is time for the Agency to bow out!

Once again Rudy shines as he calls for Israel to be part of NATO.Should he be elected, he will be the greatest friend (since George Bush minus Condi)of the US-Israel partnership.

If Haim Ramon were the final voice,Israel would give back every last vestige of our history and tradition.However, he is a sounding board for Olmert,allowing the opposition to attack him and not the PM.But Olmert's intentions are no different from Ramon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Judge Mukasey / Sen Pryor

Michael Mukasey,the new nominee for Attorney General, not only attended Ramaz School-the Orthodox Day School in Manhattan,but attended Camp Massad ,the religious Zionist Camp in Pa. His wife was also headmistress in Ramaz.
As a conservative,I was rooting for the appointment of Ted Olsen.I felt that even if it required an interim appointment,the President should not allow the Dems to push him around.The WSJ enumerated all the modern A-G's who were party stalwarts, including Bobby K.
Nevertheless, Judge Mukasey,looks like a great choice!


The appearance of Senator Mark Pryor at our home Sun evening was a pleasant suprise.I had never met him before,and was moved by his warm personality and outgoing mannerisms.More importantly he was the opposite of the totally partisan politician, that we see so often rushing to the TV in Washington,to denounce and attack the opposition.
I was impressed that immediately after Joe Lieberman's primary defeat,Pryor rushed to help him financially. He is a moderate, middle of the roader on the Iraq war,but a great friend of Israel

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rudy vs Hillary / Political Action

The full page NYT ad by Rudy against Hillary was significant.Firstly it brilliantly positioned Hillary as anti-Petraeus, while Rudy was in effect a bystander who is merely informing the public as to the lack of proper response by the Dems and Hillary to
Secondly, it is surely the forerunner of a "swift-boat " campaign, painting the Dems as anti-security and anti-military.
I knew was big,however until the NYT story I did not appreciate their size,power and ARROGANCE.
At this rate, they will bring the Dems down from victory.The efforts of all Dem candidates to veer so far to the left in the primary season,could be their downfall in the elections.

Tonight ,My wife and I will be hosting a HUVPAC meeting in our home featuring Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas.It was in that very room in our basement ,that 25 years ago we started HUVPAC.For much of that time,together with great supporters we have raised millions for candidates who appreciate the US-Israel relationship.
Now our efforts are under attack once again.
On Jan. 12, 1989 pro-Arabists served us, 10 other Pac's and AIPAC with papers,charging us with violations of the Federal election laws.Their real purpose was to destroy us,and put us out of business.They failed!
Today, Mearsheimer,Walt, Jimmy Carter and others, try to place us in a position where our loyalty is questioned.We are all-powerful,control American foreign policy, stifle debate and dissent,and were responsible for the Iraq invasion.
Many fine articles,and the Foxman book have debunked these lies,so that I need not repeat their arguments.
I am very proud, that as citizen activists,we appreciate "participatory democracy" as fundamental to our rights as Americans.We vote,we petition our leaders,we open our pocketbooks for causes we believe in, and we have no cause for shame.
Every interest group in our country is encouraged to do the same.Unions,farmers,doctors,senior citizens, Cubans who fight Castro etc etc are all in the same boat.
That is the beauty of America.
But we are blessed, because the American people, Christian and Jew ,black and white
support Israel, as a friend, ally ,fellow democracy and strategic partner.
I just heard a warm radio commercial on the "beauty of Islam".It claims 9 million American Muslims.What a fantatic growth rate-1 million each year.The truth is closer to 3 million.But regardless! With all their millions they have but one freshmen Congressman and no Senators.
But our strength is not based upon the Jewish population in any State.Rather, the morality and Justice of our mission appeals to our fellow countrymen,and G-d willing
it will remain so.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Years Thoughts

In a few hours we usher in a New Year.More than ever, we acknowledge our needs from a benevolent creator to save mankind from our ills,political,social,and medical.
The world is as dangerous ,as never before.Perhaps the only bright spot is N Korea showing signs of doing TSHUVA -repenetance.
The war on terror will be with us for decades.But we must be thankful that since 9/11,there have been no attacks against our homeland.Yet ,the enemy keeps trying .I can't say why they haven't succeeded,but the matter speaks for itself.Of course we could do better in Homeland Security-it will never be perfect.For terrorists only need one error on our part ,while we must be perfect.
Sadly ,the American political system has lost any sense of bipartisanship or fairness.Thus when Gen. Petraeus comes to testify, he is abused even before he enters the building.At the same time candidate Edwards calls the war a "bumper sticker slogan'.
Russia has turned aggressive,and Putin is using his oil revenues to threaten the West.
Iran is reaching a point of no-return in challenging us in Iraq,Afghanistan, Lebanon and in the nuclear proliferation arena.
We do not yet know the true extent of Israels foray into Syria,but the US knows,as do the Iranians.Firstly we can assume that the IDF,was able to neutralize the Russian made radar-to wit cellphones in Lebanon were not operative for five days after the attack.
However,the dangers of a Syrian retaliation or miscalculation are real.
This "noise" up North, is preventing Israeli forces from responding in Gaza.The real reason however,is the fear by Olmert of upsetting the Nov. "peace Conf".
If he presents a plan to divide Jerusalem,then world Jewry must stand up and yell from the rafters.
Jerusalem and the Har Habayit ( Temple Mnt) belongs not to Olmert or Kadimah, but to the partnership between G-d and the Jewish people.
At the end of the day,his talks and meetings will fail because Abbas is weak and there is no partner for peace.Olmert's days hopefully will be numbered as PM.
We are in the midst of a long Presidential campaign. Even though I came out for Rudy, I still feel that Newt will throw his hat into the ring and would make for great political theatre.He is a true idea-man.
Would the Pres. have the courage to bomb Iran, absent a threatening gesture from them other than continued nuclear production? In any case, we are getting close to an answer,and it will make our world even more dangerous.
Finally on a personal note to end up these thoughts,I wish to extend my best wishes for a Ktivah Vachatimah Tovah to all.
The last few days,as I have touched base with old friends and classmates,I have been saddened that more than a few have suffered serious illnesses.I pray for their full recovery=and a year of peace ,good health and prosperity.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dishonor in politics /Sen Warner / MK Yishai speaks

The ad in yesterdays NYT is unacceptable ,by any standard of decency.Democrats should stand up and state that even if they don't agree with the Petraeus report,he is a man who serves his country with dignity and honor.
He would never "BETRAY-US"

Talking about Hagel and Craig, I neglected to mention the retirement of Sen Warner.He has been a supporter of foreign aid to Israel, but I don't recall him as a leader on our issues.

It is only proper that for the first time I hear Elli Yishai of Shas,proclaim that giving away the Temple Mount is a red -line for his party.Haim Ramon with Olmert's permission is trying to give away the store.Unfortunately for them ,Hamas is continuing its attacks.
It was only a matter of time until a Kassam hit a power plant,school or Army base.
What kind of reaction will we see from Israel?
One thing we know,is that in the old days Israel would have wiped out the Kassam sites,and
created a zone whereby no Kassam could hit Israel.
Again and again we see the fruits of disengagement.To withdraw from the West Bank will only lead to Kassams on Netanya,Ben-Gurion airport,etc.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hagel /Craig

The announcement that Sen. Chuck Hagel R-Neb will not run is welcome news to the Pro-Israel community.A member of the Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees,he is surely not a friendly face on our issues.The Republican Party both nationally and locally,cannot be too upset with the retirement of this maverick.Indeed had he chosen to run again,he would have faced a primary contest,with a possibility of losing.
Nebraska is a "red"state, and thus ,it is likely that his successor will be a Republican.The Attorney General, Governor ,ex-Gov, ,and members of Congress all might have an interest in the seat.
Sen. Larry Craig,who until his arrest was a shoo-in,was more friendly to the U.S.-Israel relationship.He won the election five years ago by 65%.
Assuming (as it appears), that he will proceed with his resignation,the Lt-Gov also a Republican, will probably be appointed to take his place.Idaho, is a very "red" state,and the entire Craig bathroom fiasco will long be forgotten 14 months hence, thus the state should re-elect Craig"s successor.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Decreased Auto Sales

As we watch and analyze the economic news relating to the credit crunch,the analysts are quick to point out that decreased auto sales are an indication of the spillover of the subprime events.They point out ,correctly, that people are hesitant to take home equity loans for auto purchases, when they fear their home values have diminished.
There is another factor not discussed.The quality of the modern auto is so much superior to those produced 10 and 20 years ago, that one can have auto for 4-6 years with 60-1000,000 miles of usage,without ever having to bring the car in for repairs ,other than an oil change.When many of the models look the same 3-4 years later,and you have a well functioning car, the thrill of a new car purchase is not as acute.
In addition when professionals retire,they suddenly have to purchase their own car,rather than having their professional corp. ,or office pick up the tab.When you combine this with autos that last longer,it is not unusual to put off that purchase or lease which used to be every 24-36 months by a year or two


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Olmert Rice and N. Korea //Checkpoints causing terror volunteers

It is quite amazing! 300 Kassams last month aimed at Sderot,six children hospitalized after having been involved in a rocket attack that caused mental trauma,and Olmert is giving away the store.
He talks about releasing 100 Palestinian prisoners as a good will gesture-How about the release of Shalit and the other soldiers as a Palestinian "gesture"?
The Winograd report is preparing to place certain officials on notice of impending charges,but Olmert talks in secret about changing the border of the Negev.
Olmert has little public support,but is prepared to re-divide JERUSALEM.
Abbas has not prepared his people for a single Palestinian concession.
In two areas, Sec Rice and the Administration are putting the cart before the horse.
In N. Korea, the hopes of a nuclear free Korean peninsula would be a blessing.However, N. Korea has promised this before.It took us eight years to find out that they were cheating.Why do we not wait for the North to carry out its promises before we remove them from the list of terror states.?Why give them all the oil and food so early in the process?
Let them prove themselves and then be rewarded.
Similarly only Guliani has understood the essence of Palestinian motives and methods.There is no reason to advocate a two-state solution,until and unless the Palestinians adopt the rule of law, disarm all terror groups, renounce violence and agree to the end of the "right of return".
Until then, the P.M. should resist American pressure,and concentrate on protecting his citizens ,including Sderot.


In an op-ed in todays Jer-Post,Seth Freeman writes that the checkpoints harden the hearts of the Palestinians,and are a cause of terror volunteers.
I would like to remind young Mr Freedman,that Arab fighters massacred Jews in Palestine long before there were checkpoints,settlements,a State,an Army or an "occupation".
The Torah tells us that Eisav hates and seeks to destroy Yaakov.Travel to the Gush and visit the museum,or to Yad Veshem ,and understand -it has always been this way=and always will be!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Londonistan / Dear Molly

An addendum to my Londonistan blog;
The tv channels in our hotel room contained CNN (no Fox) ,Bloomberg (no CNBC ) plus one Arabic station, and two Iranian networks.
According to the London Times,one in four children born in Britain has a foreign parent.This is compared to 20% in 2001.This immigration has caused a 26 year high in new births from 663,000 in 2002, to 734.000 in 2006.
It will be interesting ( and scary) to look at population figures in 10 and 20 years.

The Jewish Week is not a religious paper, but it does enter thousands of Jewish homes.One would expect that its contributors would rise above the level of the street,and confront moral issues in a mature and Jewish point of view.
Jewish survival has been predicated on our Torah, and upon the sanctity of our homes as a "mikdash Me-at"a minor spiritual sanctuary.We bless a bride and groom that they establish their homes in such a manner.
Thus this week (p-48) in a Dear Molly column,when asked whether her daughter could sleep together with her boyfriend while returning home prior to returning to college ,the answer was in the affirmative.This despite the fact that there is a younger brother at home.
Who is Molly? Does she have any feeling for Jewish tradition or law?Is she 18 or 75?Has she had a normal married life or divorced?If she has children, have they maintained their Jewish connection.?
Before someone gives such advice,it would be important to know their level of expertise in the
subject matter.
The Jewish Week does us a great disservice,by publishing such an outrageous rersponse in a cavalier manner,without having a real discussion by named individuals on the theology and morality of the issues raised.
Despite the sexual activity of the couple while on campus,for me,Molly has turned the home into a house without morals.Shame on Molly and the JW