Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alternate lifestyle-the Dem approach / Abbas and 92%/Conservative Jewry in Trouble

I was not able to view the Dem candidates debate Wed nite,due to the Sukkot holiday.However, last nites WSJ weekly Fox (11 P.M) discussion,pointed out that in response to a question as to whether it is proper to force young children ( I believe it was second or third grade) to read a story with two same sex parents ( with no ability for parents to withdraw their kids from the assignment) not one candidate objected.
The Democrats are falling over themselve to appear the most liberal and friendly to alternate life -styles. Hopefully,they will realize in the real campaign,that main street America,is not interested in exposing their young children to a lifestyle that goes against all religious and moral teachings.
I have written many time ,that we must show tolerance to every human being.However,teaching my children or grandchildren, that its equally ok to have a mommy-daddy or two daddies or mommies is unacceptable.
There is time enough in adult life,for young people to realize that there are those outside the male-female relationship ,without our teaching them at a young and impressionable age.
I have no statistics to prove that such forced exposure to homosexual ideas at a young age will lead to increased certainly is a step in that direction.


It is not suprising that Abbas said he would turn down even 92% of the West Bank-Gaza in a deal.It is 100% or nothing.
Unfortunaly, Olmert/Ramon are trying for 110%!
Remember, it was Abbas as prime advisor to Arafat, that turned down the Clinton deal!

We spent the first three days of the holiday in Teaneck, NJ.Unlike Monsey,which is dying from a demographically inspired fatal illness,Teaneck is bubbling with modern orthodox growth.
What inspired me,was the young boys and girls, all day-school students, dressed in their holiday best,carrying a lulav/essrog(the boys),and praying with real seriousness (kavanah).
They are so different from children of public or non-religious private schools in demeanor,appearance and of course education,and devotion to our way of life and the State of Israel.
As they scurry to their junior minyanim (services) or groups you realize that they are our future. There can be no Jewish future without Jewish education which inculcates our traditions to the next generation.

The headlines in the Rosh Hashonah ad in the Jewish Week said
Right away I know that they are in trouble.Jack Wertheim of the JTS in a recent Commentary article outlined their problems.
The best and the brightest of their youth groups and camps, are looking for authenticity.and thus many wind up in the Orthodox camp.
Others,are more Liberal and feel more comfortable with Reform Judiasm.
The constant changing of standards within the movement,both at the academic level and in the "Rabbinic" conventions on such issues as female clergy,gay Rabbis,the socio-political issues of the day are confusing to the laity. As standards seem to keep shifting,there is rhetoric from the leadership that while preaching greater observance and "Halachah"is not matched by events on the ground.And so,many congregants shift to to other Congregations.
Thus we see ,even in Rockland County, a merging of Conservative Congregations.One of the casualties of such moves,are the older congregants, who had for years walked to services(having been brought up in more orthodox settings).
If I had to predict.I would say that in 25 years or so, the Conservative movement will be a fraction of what it is today.Reform,of course will always be large.However,they have yet to come up with a solution to assimilation and intermarriage,that will preserve their way of life,not for five or ten years,but for three generations.