Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Years Thoughts

In a few hours we usher in a New Year.More than ever, we acknowledge our needs from a benevolent creator to save mankind from our ills,political,social,and medical.
The world is as dangerous ,as never before.Perhaps the only bright spot is N Korea showing signs of doing TSHUVA -repenetance.
The war on terror will be with us for decades.But we must be thankful that since 9/11,there have been no attacks against our homeland.Yet ,the enemy keeps trying .I can't say why they haven't succeeded,but the matter speaks for itself.Of course we could do better in Homeland Security-it will never be perfect.For terrorists only need one error on our part ,while we must be perfect.
Sadly ,the American political system has lost any sense of bipartisanship or fairness.Thus when Gen. Petraeus comes to testify, he is abused even before he enters the building.At the same time candidate Edwards calls the war a "bumper sticker slogan'.
Russia has turned aggressive,and Putin is using his oil revenues to threaten the West.
Iran is reaching a point of no-return in challenging us in Iraq,Afghanistan, Lebanon and in the nuclear proliferation arena.
We do not yet know the true extent of Israels foray into Syria,but the US knows,as do the Iranians.Firstly we can assume that the IDF,was able to neutralize the Russian made radar-to wit cellphones in Lebanon were not operative for five days after the attack.
However,the dangers of a Syrian retaliation or miscalculation are real.
This "noise" up North, is preventing Israeli forces from responding in Gaza.The real reason however,is the fear by Olmert of upsetting the Nov. "peace Conf".
If he presents a plan to divide Jerusalem,then world Jewry must stand up and yell from the rafters.
Jerusalem and the Har Habayit ( Temple Mnt) belongs not to Olmert or Kadimah, but to the partnership between G-d and the Jewish people.
At the end of the day,his talks and meetings will fail because Abbas is weak and there is no partner for peace.Olmert's days hopefully will be numbered as PM.
We are in the midst of a long Presidential campaign. Even though I came out for Rudy, I still feel that Newt will throw his hat into the ring and would make for great political theatre.He is a true idea-man.
Would the Pres. have the courage to bomb Iran, absent a threatening gesture from them other than continued nuclear production? In any case, we are getting close to an answer,and it will make our world even more dangerous.
Finally on a personal note to end up these thoughts,I wish to extend my best wishes for a Ktivah Vachatimah Tovah to all.
The last few days,as I have touched base with old friends and classmates,I have been saddened that more than a few have suffered serious illnesses.I pray for their full recovery=and a year of peace ,good health and prosperity.