Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dishonor in politics /Sen Warner / MK Yishai speaks

The Move-on.org ad in yesterdays NYT is unacceptable ,by any standard of decency.Democrats should stand up and state that even if they don't agree with the Petraeus report,he is a man who serves his country with dignity and honor.
He would never "BETRAY-US"

Talking about Hagel and Craig, I neglected to mention the retirement of Sen Warner.He has been a supporter of foreign aid to Israel, but I don't recall him as a leader on our issues.

It is only proper that for the first time I hear Elli Yishai of Shas,proclaim that giving away the Temple Mount is a red -line for his party.Haim Ramon with Olmert's permission is trying to give away the store.Unfortunately for them ,Hamas is continuing its attacks.
It was only a matter of time until a Kassam hit a power plant,school or Army base.
What kind of reaction will we see from Israel?
One thing we know,is that in the old days Israel would have wiped out the Kassam sites,and
created a zone whereby no Kassam could hit Israel.
Again and again we see the fruits of disengagement.To withdraw from the West Bank will only lead to Kassams on Netanya,Ben-Gurion airport,etc.