Saturday, September 01, 2007

Londonistan / Dear Molly

An addendum to my Londonistan blog;
The tv channels in our hotel room contained CNN (no Fox) ,Bloomberg (no CNBC ) plus one Arabic station, and two Iranian networks.
According to the London Times,one in four children born in Britain has a foreign parent.This is compared to 20% in 2001.This immigration has caused a 26 year high in new births from 663,000 in 2002, to 734.000 in 2006.
It will be interesting ( and scary) to look at population figures in 10 and 20 years.

The Jewish Week is not a religious paper, but it does enter thousands of Jewish homes.One would expect that its contributors would rise above the level of the street,and confront moral issues in a mature and Jewish point of view.
Jewish survival has been predicated on our Torah, and upon the sanctity of our homes as a "mikdash Me-at"a minor spiritual sanctuary.We bless a bride and groom that they establish their homes in such a manner.
Thus this week (p-48) in a Dear Molly column,when asked whether her daughter could sleep together with her boyfriend while returning home prior to returning to college ,the answer was in the affirmative.This despite the fact that there is a younger brother at home.
Who is Molly? Does she have any feeling for Jewish tradition or law?Is she 18 or 75?Has she had a normal married life or divorced?If she has children, have they maintained their Jewish connection.?
Before someone gives such advice,it would be important to know their level of expertise in the
subject matter.
The Jewish Week does us a great disservice,by publishing such an outrageous rersponse in a cavalier manner,without having a real discussion by named individuals on the theology and morality of the issues raised.
Despite the sexual activity of the couple while on campus,for me,Molly has turned the home into a house without morals.Shame on Molly and the JW