Monday, August 31, 2009

New York politics

Elli Ganchrow writes:

Today's Rasmussen Reports poll has Obama's job approval at a new low of 46%. With Republicans gaining momentum nationwide, it is disheartening to follow the Republican Party here in New York. 2010 will present a historic opportunity for Republicans, as Governor Patterson and Senator Gillibrand will each be on the ballot. Rarely has New York been represented by more inept politicians than at the present time- our Governor and the state legislature are national laughingstocks and Senator Gillibrand is not much better.Yet Republicans have yet to unify around a candidate for either race. It seems that Republicans are waiting for Rudy Guiliani and George Pataki to decide and throw their hats into the ring. Republicans should tell them that these campaigns need to be started now- either get in or move aside. These races are too important for Republicans to wait any longer.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Main Stream Media

Elli Ganchrow writes:

I was a big fan of Tim Russert and regularly watched "Meet the Press" on Sunday mornings to catch his tough interviews of both Republicans and Democrats. Since his death, I hadn't watched any of the Sunday morning news shows- until this morning. I caught a few minutes of John King and Howard Kurtz on CNN and David Gregory on NBC. Each show was to focus on Ted Kennedy's life and accomplishments (neither show really touched on any of his accomplishments- being that his sole accomplishments was being born with a famous last name and having two successful brothers). The guests consisted of Kennedy's relatives, supporters and Democratic Senators Kerry and Dodd, each of whom testified to what a swell guy the late Senator was. Neither show resembled a news program but rather a documentary sponsored by the Democratic party. My favorite moment came when Howard Kurtz, the "media critic" who works for CNN (how a media critic is supposed to be even-handed when he works for CNN is beyond my understanding) asked a local Boston reporter about the reaction to Kennedy's death to which the reporter replied that she couldn't imagine any Republican politician deserving the same type of send-off that Kennedy received. Really? How about the first President Bush? I will take his resume of Congressman, CIA Director, Republican party chief, UN Ambassador, Vice President, President and father of a President. Sort of beats a resume of Senator and unsuccessful presidential candaidate. Yet this idiotic remark went unchallenged by Kurtz nor by the other participating reporters. The fact is that the main stream media has become part and parcel of the Democratic party machine. Reading the New York Times or watching CNN or MSNBC has become the equivalent of watching an Obama infomercial. It is no surprise that the top 10 cable news shows all appear on Fox News. People are regularly turning to Fox (and the Drudge Report on the internet) to get unfiltered news without the left wing bias. The media should pick up on this trend and make the necessary adjustments to put the "main stream" back in main stream news.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama and Israel/Ted Kennedy/More good Poll news/Dad's take

Elli Ganchrow writes:

All you need to know about Obama's Middle East policy is summed up by a poll quoted in today's Jerusalem Post which found that 4% of Jewish Israelis feel that Obama's policies are pro-Israel. Personally I am surprised that the number was that high. Obama's obsession with settlements borders on the absurd- he is in for rude wakeup call if he thinks a partial freeze on settlements is the key to progress in the peace talks.

I was at the denist's office today for 2 hours and watched Fox News during the entire visit. The only thing discussed was the death of Senataor Kennedy. The coverage of his death has been truly over the top. The discussion does not center on his alcoholism, his expulsion from Harvard, his car accident which killed a woman (in which he neglected to call the police until the next day), etc. Rather it centers on his being the "Lion of the Senate". As Rush Limbaugh pointed out today, if he was the Lion, then we were his prey.

My father called from his trip to ask if I thought Mitt Romney would run for the open Senate seat. Its an interesting thought- but it appears that numerous people on both sides of the political spectrum will think about running for this seat. Its been a long time since there has been an open seat in Massachusetts and its likely that more than one candidate on each side will announce. Of course, nothing will happen until after the funeral.
RealClearPolitics has a poll showing Senator Lincoln trailing two unknowns for her Arkansas Senate seat. Yet more evidence that Democrats are in for a tough time this coming political cycle.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kennedy's death

Elli Ganchrow writes:

To be clear, last night's post was written prior to the announcement of Ted Kennedy's death. His death, and the law which prevents the governor from making an interim appointment, is a major blow to the Democratic agenda. The Democrats are back to 59 votes in the Senate, one short of the 60 necessary to stop Republican filibusters. Democrats thought they were sticking it to the Republicans in 2004 by passing this bad law but in reality the only people that got stuck were themselves- thats pretty ironic.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ted Kennedy/Harry Reid/Health Care and the Post Office

Elli Ganchrow writes:

During Ted Kennedy's first campaign, his opponent said of him "if his opponent's name was Edward Moore rather than Edward Moore Kennedy, his candidacy 'would be a joke'." Rarely in America has a more unworthy person been accorded such deep respect as is regularly heaped upon Kennedy. But last week, Kennedy outdid himself. First a little background: in 2004, as John Kerry, the other idiot masquerading as a United States Senator from the People's Republic of Massachusetts, chased the Presidency, the Democrats changed state law so that the governor could not appoint a senator upon a vacancy. The purpose of the law was to prevent then Governor Mitt Romney from appointing Kerry's successor if Kerry were to win the Presidency. Thus the purpose of the law was blantantly political but Democrats at the time pretended that they had the interests of good governance in mind. Fastforward 6 years and, with Kennedy dying of cancer, Democrats now regret the law. Instead of the now Democratic governor immediately appointing a Democratic successor upon Kennedy's death, the state will have to wait about 6 months until a special election is held. Thus a bad law is backfiring on the Democrats. Enter Kennedy who is urging that the law be changed back (and allow the Governor to temporarily appoint a successor until a special election) so that the interests of the people be advanced. How outrageous for a senator to try and blatantly rig the system for pure political gain. You would think the media would have jumped all over him for this hypocrisy. You would have been wrong. Lets hope that Massachusetts pols keep the law as is.

I have not had this much fun following politics since 1993-94. Watching Obama's White House implode along with his poll numbers cannot help but remind people of the disastrous first two years of the Clinton years. Investigating the CIA? No plan in Afghanistan? Transferring the Gitmo prisoners to the mainland? What Obama is thinking is anybody's guess but it appears he is going to bring a hurting to the Democratic party in 15 months. Each day brings good news in various races all across this country. No other race will be as satisfactory to win as the Senate race in Nevada which pits Majority Leader Reid against a few unknown Republican challengers. Reid currently trails the no-namers big time. Whether Reid turns into the next Tom Daschle or Tom Foley (the Speaker of the House who was defeated in 1994) will turn on whether he can stand up to the Pelosi leftists and pass more moderate legislation.

My wife and I recently went on vacation for a week and put our mail on hold during that time. When we returned the mail was not delivered as was promised by the Postal Service website. When I called to complain and find out when I could expect to receive my stopped mail, I was asked by a postal employee for my confirmation number. When I responded that I did not have one, she responded that she could not help me. Couldn't she just look up my address in her computer and easily get the information I was seeking. No, she responded, they can't do searched based on addresses for security purposes.When I pressed as to whose security they were concerned for, the response was that she didn't know (and didn't much care). Such incompetance is a hallmark of our government, whether you are dealing with the Post Office, the DMV or the Social Security Administration (as my wife tried doing today much to her chagrin). Thus, it was shocking to hear Obama compare the new health care initiative to the competion between fed ex and the Post Office. Obama admitted that the Post Office was the one with the problems. No kidding. And they want to take care over the health care system in this country? Republicans should be putting Obama's line in their commercials all over the country. Democrats are going to have a real problem getting a big overhaul of health care passed this year.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ras Al Amoud / Obamacare?

I am so proud to read that 104 Jewish housing units will be built in Ras Al Amoud.As Ou Pres., I went to the PM to lobby him in this regard.In time through the effoerts of many people and the determin ation of the pioneers who are rebuilding the old city and all of Jerusalem -Ateret Kohanim and Mutti Dan,this is a reality.

Tomorrow we leave for 8 days in Ireland,and hopefully my son will blog.

I saw a comment that one way to reduce costs is to pay physicians by the DIAGNOSIS (A TOTAL BILL FOR ALL CARE) This implied one check for all physicians involvedin a case.
This potential brought to mind a scenario, where a dozen generalist,specialist and super- specialists all treating an ill patient .
Now in a teaching hospital, with doctors on salary , or where a portion of their earned money goes into a pool,there would be little problem.However in a communty hospial with fee for service,who would get the check? who would divide the check? who would rerpresent unhappy doctors who felt they were underpaid?How would you get doctors out in the middle of the night,when they remember that the last time this physician called for a consult,after 3 visits and much aggravation he netted 50 dollars?Would doctors be paid for cecretarial help to divide the chec k?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Republican conspiracy ( deep within the Dem. Party) and G-d loves Obamacare!

1-There is a Republican conspiracy that is out to kill heathcare.
Let's say that's right-so what!
60 votes in the Senate
Huge majority in the House!
Republican WH!
NOT REPUBLICANS ,BUT DEMOCRATIC INFIGHTING .one side screaming liberal ideology, the other trying to listen to the American people.
If the Republicans stayed home would they pass anything?

SECONDLY I totally am turned off by the attempt to make support of Obama a "moral and religious imperative"
In other words this slippery slope indicates that G-d will love you if you support Obama.for his is the only moral path.
If you attack Obama or his plan, you are evil,immoral etc.The Church should stay out of politics and controversal legislation.It may backfire on them!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


David Weinberg of the Begin-Sadat Center in Israel has a nice informative piece on the Mubarek visit to Washington in todays JP.This may be his last visit, before he tries to have his son succeed him.
He notes that Congress is out of town, so no pressure will be placed on the visiting Pres.,regarding the lack of civil rights in Egypt, or for an explanation of why he is rearming.
Right now despite his two-faced approach to Israel and the peace process,he is important in keeping the Obama people concentrated on Iran.
He even said nice things about Bibi to Obama.
Weinberg points out that other than the Rabin funeral, he has never visited Israel.
I recall meeting with Mubarek in the White House ( Blair House) as part of a small Pres. Conference delegation,and asking him why he had not visited Jerusalem?
He smiled and answered "What is so important about Jerusalem?"A canny diplomat knows how to avoid the tough questions.
I guess he is better than the Islamic fundamentalists.

Sadly it seems Bibi is giving in to US pressure on settlements.I agree with Gen. Yaalon.There ias no need to be frightened by US threats!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

listening to the voters.

I once had a classmate in H.S. and College who often did not READ THE GEMORRAH (TALMUD) correctly. The students would yell out,and the rebbi wouild try to correct him.
No no! said the indignant student "azu hob ich gement" (that is exactly what I meant).
The class laughed,because this was not a one time occurrence.
Politicians want to know why the public does not trust them-well just watch them as they twist and turn as a story unfolds.
'Public option" is indispensable"
"I never said PO is endespensaBLE"
and so it goes on.
Politicians think the public are fools.But, it was quite intersting to see how well informed citizen are, as they were interviewed at malls and county fairs.
The ruling class mistrusts the voters moe than the voters mistrust them.
It is clear that most of the Congressmen came without any intent on listening to what their contituents want.
Will there be a PRICE TO PAY IN 2210-WE SHALL SEE.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Good news from Calif. It appears Carlie Fiorina former CEO of Hewlett Packard may challenge Barbara Boxer in '10.She is an outstanding choice to face the ' "chutzpadik" Boxer.

I really don't have enough information abou the medical-co-ops to speak intelligently.
We should ask
Will politicians get high paying jobs to run this?
Where is the oversight?
Is this a side-door entrance to single payer system?
Why can't they allow Insurance Companies to cross State lines

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cong. Charlie Rangel attacked demonstraters who "are paid" and therefore NOT REALLY INTERESTED IN THE ISSUES.
Contrast that with busloads of inner city Acorn people,all wearing red shirts ( in our history we have had black shirts, and brown shirts) with well prepared signs with orders to shout down the seniors.
Every single person interviewed at these rallies opposing the plan,was not bussed in, and was worried about their health plans and the defecit.
Even the liberal press is admitting that the Obama stalwarts from the election don 't have the oomph or desire to get out for another campaign.The same holds true for Union people.
Who pays them?
Where are the seniors and "normal" people who support Obamacare?
It is not an accident that the polls are shifting.Most politicians can smell sujrvival in a contentious issue,and now it appears that the public options, and the "death panels" will not make the cut.

J Street / Sen. Kennedy

Congratulations to the Muslim groups,indididuals and fellow travelers , who were able to find a political action committee-lobby that represented their point of view, without having to go to form one.In addition it is calles"pro-Israel", and the laft loves it.A terrific way to undermine Israel from within.
I refer to the report in the Jerusalem Post that outline the contributors to J Street.They are pro-Israel,like I am pro_Hamas.
I know it is dificult to do,but the Conf. of Pres. should introduce a resolution,that they will not participate in White House meetings with J Street in attendance.It's bad enough to have the Israel Policy Forum and Peace Now,which are not representative bodies, but at least there is a smell of Zionism, even if tainted by the left-wing ,but J St. is beyond the pale.
Don't misunderstand me if I could prevent the latter 2 from being included (when you have a left -wing Administratioin) I would.

Notice that when charges are made within the health debate, the administration doensn't answer the charges,but attack the motives of the questioners.
I have not heard how you can add 45 million new individuals,and yet have no corresponding rise in the number of doctors etc, not add additional funding and yet wind up without rationing.
Nor have I heard a rational answer( or even irrational one) to the fact that Sen. Kennedy who is obviously in the terminal stage of his disease,is aged and yet insists on being treated with expensive modalities.He should lead by example,go into Hospice, take an Asparin and say his daily prayers.Isn't that on tap for mere mortals under Obamacare?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


One additional thought-I just heard Press Sec. Gibbs say that 1 criteria for Obama,was to have competition in areas or states where there is minimal or no competitiom-therefore the need for a public option.

Lockerbie bomber / VA medicine / Iranian nonsense

I am happy to read this morning that Scottish authorities will not consider a humanitarian release for the terminally ill Lockerbie bomber.
We lost a great Jewish leader on Pam Am 103 .The treasurer of the OU Joseph Miller A'H was a victim,and of course his family and the community grieve to this day.
The terrorists had no compassion for these innocent civilians and it it is not improbable that one of the victims might have had a terminal disease,and they were returning to live the remaining days with family.
I assume if the bomber is returned to Libya, he will rercieve a heroes welcome,reigniting all the hurt and pain of the victims families.
He deserves zero in consideration.

One of the eventual byproducts of Obamacare,is that all physicians will be govt. employees.I recall as a medical student I rotated through the Chicago VA Hospital.I was able to contrast the work ethic and medical care with Cook County, Michael Reese,Mount Sinai-Chicago and a fourth that slips my mind.
It is not a question of pure patient care.A VA is a typical govt. workplace.You have your later arrival ,early end of day set time for lunch,coffee break and a totally different atmosphere than the others where the tension and pace forced the doctors to work to their full capacity.
Then having close to 3 decades of private practice,and seeing my colleagues make rounds before 7AM, work nites and weekends you question will this be the work ethic under Obamacare.?
When you realize that in addition govt. panels, made up of HS graduates reading from a set of guidelines will determine who gets which expensive test,the end results are clear.AN 8 MONTH WAIT FOR A COLONOSCOPY, A 1 YEAR WAIT FOR A HERNIA REPAIR AND SO ON.
I do not mean to imply that VA doctors are inferior,to the contrary they have time for meetings and conferences.However they chose that medical atmosphere for a purpose- no competition,minimal pressure and a steady salary.That is fine for some.
Of course the physicians at institutions lile Mayo etc. are from the brightest,who are eager to shine by writing papers,doing research excelling in teaching and moving up the academic ladder.They often are appointed to head Departments in hospitals across the land.

It is funny that Iran wants to convene a conference that will outlaw attacks on nuclear facilities.........N. Korea should be a co-sponsor!
You can fill in your own thoughts.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


When I graduated Medical School in 1962,and started my surical career,I recall telling the families of a 65 year old patient of the inherent dangers of surgery in such an elderly person.
TodaY 80 and 90 are the old 65.The world has changed and we live longer much of it due to the great advances in medical technology.
Of course the world around us has also changed.When we were kids we had no TV, computers cellphones and so on.Last nite my wife in speaking to our grandson Jack (Ganchrow) after hearing how much they charge for babysitting today,compared it to the 50 or 75 cents an hour of yeteryear.He was incredulous to find out that when we were kids THAT there was no such a thing as "kosher Pizza".How could you survive he asked?
Cat scan, MRI,colonoscpy and hundreds if not thousands of such advances have made American medicine the finest in the world.I thought about these advance this morning as I sat in the office of a retinal specialist about to have a hole in my retina lasered.
(any typos are secondary to some residual blurring)
That is why I do not belong to an HMO,as I desire to choose my own physician.Note that yesterday Sen. Dodd had a prostatectomy for cancer not in Washington or Conn., but Sloan Kettering.
I do not want the govt. to tell me where to go,or whom to see. in health care matters .
The Pres. is wrong when he says you won't wait on line with govt-care.
There has never been a govt. program of the size they propose run efficently.
The attempt by thw WH to portray protesters as outside the mainstream will not hold water.I spoke yesterday to the Dir. of customer relations at AARP,who confirmed the outrage of senior with THEIR organization.
I suggested they poll their members,instead of a multi-million dollat political campaign to obsfucate the issues.
Yesterday Rasmussen put support at 42% ,down 5 points in a few weeks.As yesterdays NYT reports Congressman-BEWARE of the wrath of seniors,who will vote you out of office next time around.
Yes, medical care is expensive.However Tort reform-20 billion-waste and corruption-10 billion-simple standardization of insurance forms so each hospital and doctor doesn't have 400 potential forms to fill out-20 billion-these are the areas of reform they should remedy.
Like 90% of Americans I like our medical system-the care and the Medicare-AARP coverage(plus part D)

Monday, August 10, 2009


All America is focusing on the town hall meetings,and the associated outcry.The Democrats especially Pelosi and the WH talk about mobs and organized actions by right wingers,so much so that a protester=un-American.
Go back to the Vietnam war,and the streets of Chicago,look at protests against the Iraq invasion,how come no one said they were un -American? Recall the student outbursts on campus to drown out pro-Israeli speakers ie. Dan Pipes etc no great protest.Why?
Of course these were left-wingers, and they can do as they please.
However when a local physician tries to make an appointment with his Congressman and is refused and thus shows up to ask a perfect question,he is publicly berated as an agitator.
Similarly when Cong. Dingell attacks a father who brings his polio stricken child to worry about the disabled,not only does Dingell answer with a non-existent amendment that he says will answer the father,he too berates him on TV
Yet look at the signs the union squads are carrying-all professionally made,with the same message.(DO THEY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE BILL?)
Who are the agents of the White House,and who are as we say "amcha" the people?
The Dems are playing with fire.Years ago when you heard about a "defecit",you paid little attention,since the govt can print money and is so huge.Today every citizen is concerned about the defecit, and soon it will be know as OD -Obama's defecit.
I assume that the Blue Dogs have enough sechel (smarts) to realize their return to Congress will not be on the Pelosi-Waxman trail.Both the public option and the co-op idea should be defeated.The latter is only a waystation for the former.
Instead of attacking the people,why not the Dems say 2 things
1-I have read the bill(assuming they will)
2-I am prepared to answer every question 1 at a time.Perhaps have people take numbers for an opportunity to ask a question.
In the end attacking the protesters may make the left wing happy,but it itelf is an assault on political activism.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Settlements and Orthodox vs.non-orthodox

Gary Rosenblatt editor of the Jewish Week, has an op-ed in this weeks edition on the settlements.He correctly points out the huge chasm of perceptions between the American Orthodox community and the liberal-secular wings of American Jewry.Thus while the Orthodox praise the settlers as being even heroes,because they are normal hard working and dedicated Jews.the liberals look upon them as wild-eyed radicals who are upsetting the chances for peace.
True as far as it goes,but he did not delve into why these attitudes?
Firstly it is rare to walk into an orthodox synagogue and find someone who never visited Israel.Most yeshiva kids visit even before their one year of study after high school.Camps,special programs,family vacations and visit for simchas are all standard fare for our kids and adults.
Compare that with the rest of the American Jewish community,the majority of whom have never visited.
If you never visited,then obviously you could not tour settlements or the new sections of Jerusalem.Your perception has to be of the wild west and Woodstock rolled into one.
Secondly the orthodox person prays 3 times a day.The Shmoneh esreh-the main portion of the tfilla(prayer) asks for a return to Zion .It extols the the virtues of Jerusaem our holy city.An orthodox person after meals says "grace"( bircat hamazon) in which there is a special paragraph to rebuild Jerusalem.Orthodox Jews sit on the floor Tisha B'av and fast for the churban (destruction of the temple).
The love and dedication is ingrained in us.
I close my eyes and see myself on the IRT subway with a blue and white JNF pushka collecting money to buy land.
Orthodox Jews who visit Israel go immediately to the Kotel, not to take picture but to pray for the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple.
Most of all Orthodox Jews have been trained for 8 or 12 or 16 or more years in yeshiva re: the centrality of Israel in their lives.Thus while almost a majority of young non -affiliated American Jews would feel minimal loss were Israel to be destroyed,the opposite is true in our c ommunity.
The role of G-d, Torah and our Mesorah (traditions) play no role in the attitudes of the non-orthodox.To us it is our life.
Of course there are Conservative and even Reform Jews who have that feeling.However absent a formal Torah education,it is difficult to pass this along to the next generation. Thus the head of the Reform Eric Joffe,told Pres. Obama that they supported pressure to stop settlement growth.
One minimal hopeful sign is the growth of Birthright, that allows youngsters to visit Israel and see for themselves.
One final thought.It is not by pure chance that the overwhelming majority of thise making aliyah under Nefesh B'Nefesh are Orthodox.The Reform talk a good game on "human rights and social activism".That does not include an inner feeling for the destiny of Klal Yisrael.
Just prior to Menachem Begin signing the agreement with Sadat,President Carter approached him with a slip of paper,and asked for a personal favor.Would Begin sign an agreement to negotiate the future of Jerusalem at the conclusion of peace talks.Begin took the paper,crumpled it up and said "If I forget thee O Jerusalem,let my right hand forget its cunning".

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Clunkers / Nadiv Tamir /Big Brother

The clunker legislation passed today,has a few additional negatives beyond those which have been discussed.
It hurts poor people.because many of these clunkers would have been sold to people who cannot afford a new or more recent car.These cars were often in great condition.
It hurts legitimate charities, who accepted old cars for tax deductions.Some are down 75%
A number of years ago the WSJ and law enforcement uncovered a racket, where the proceeds of these SALES WERE GOING NOT TO CHARITIES,BUT FOR PRIVATE USE.I wish the NYS A-G would look at the plethora of such ADS ON RADIO TO ASSESS THEIR LEGITIMACY.

Every Israeli is entitled to criticize the govt of Israel.However when that criticism comes from the Consul-General in Boston, and the attack on Netanyahu is public,then Nedev Tamir should resign.Surely a private memo to his boss would have sufficed.This current public attack is unacceptable.(he blasted Bibi's battle with Obama)

The message from the W.H. for Americans to e-mail them if they hear or see "fishy disinformation on healthcare is most un-american.I hope their e-mails are swamped with nonsense.Nevertheless "big- brother " is not the way we handle public debate,and the President should apologize.
Will these reports be turned over to the FBI? IRS?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Town hall meetings / settlement freeze

I have no idea who is coming out to these town meetings,nor do I kinow if there is an organized effort to drown out the speakers.
In our society every citizen has a right to protest.This healthcare issue is so contentious, that it is not suprising that seniors and other citizens want to tell their representatives to vote no.To condemn every noisy meeting,and to claim that well dressed people are the enemy,or are carrying swastikas into meetings undermines our democracy.
Why can Obama bus in supporters to rallies,and have Acorn while on the govt. payroll be publicly demonstrative,while his opponents are undemocratic.
In truth the President cannot take criticism, and he cannot accept that his plan may not fly.
If I had a meeting near me,I would attend, and not fear being labelled as anything other than a retired physician who sees waste,and govt cotrol,as our relationships between patient and physician are taken over by the govt.

Sen. Mitchell wants a 1 year settlement freeze.
What happens then?Will all pressure be off Israel?
What are the parameters to measure Saudi and PA concessions?
How can Bibi admit in any shape or form, that Jerusalem is negotiable?
It's bettter to just say "NO"

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Barack on Barak / clunkers

Ehud Barack may be a great military man,but as a politician it is no wonder his party did so poorly.To paraphrase the other Barak, his statement on the upcoming Onama plan were"STUPID".
Ehud dsaid that Israel should agree to and adopt the Obama plan even before it is formulated.
If I were Obama, with that type of endorsement in my package,I would add more restrictions on Israel.
Suppose he says go back to "47, take in 300,00 refugees,divide Jerusalem AND SO ON.The only sensible approach,in light of the Saudis and Jordanians refusal to make concessions,is to be quiet, and wait until he is out of office.
There is no hope for peace in our generation-PERIOD.

SADLY THE REPUBLICANS HAVE NO BACKBONE TO FILIBUSTER CLUNKERS FOR CASH.This is just another giveaway,that is benefitting a very few people, but with lots of hype.How about giving every American $4000, or money for new light bulbs, or for "green" toilet paper ? This is a fiasco, and should have been defeated.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Changing Political Winds

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

My father is traveling so here is a quick thought- The downturn in the polls in Obama's approval rating, which was first detected by Rasmussen Reports, is now being backed up by other pollsters. The last few weeks have been a disaster for a White House that is being exposed as a bunch of incompetent neophytes. The mishandling of the Gates/Crowley fiasco is further evidence of a President and White House that lacks focus. They are trying to accomplish too much in too short an amount of time and so far have only the "stimulus" package to show for it. Democrats are starting to pay attention. As reported by the NY Times, freshman Democrats are not interested in getting voted out en massse as happened in 1994. Polls show tough races for Chris Dodd and Barbara Boxer in the bluest of blue states. RealClearPolitics qotes a National Journal survey showing that 10 of the top 16 most vulnerable House members are now Democrats. The next 6 months will bring votes on a Carbon Tax and socialized medicine, as well as talks with Iran and a closure of the Guantanamo prison. These are not parts of the agenda which will be too popular in most of the country. Democrats are expected to lose the New Jersey governor's race in November and are trailing in the Virginia governor's race as well. Don't be surprised to see more and more Democrats put up road blocks in front of the Obama agenda. Its amazing how fast things change in Washington.