Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Town hall meetings / settlement freeze

I have no idea who is coming out to these town meetings,nor do I kinow if there is an organized effort to drown out the speakers.
In our society every citizen has a right to protest.This healthcare issue is so contentious, that it is not suprising that seniors and other citizens want to tell their representatives to vote no.To condemn every noisy meeting,and to claim that well dressed people are the enemy,or are carrying swastikas into meetings undermines our democracy.
Why can Obama bus in supporters to rallies,and have Acorn while on the govt. payroll be publicly demonstrative,while his opponents are undemocratic.
In truth the President cannot take criticism, and he cannot accept that his plan may not fly.
If I had a meeting near me,I would attend, and not fear being labelled as anything other than a retired physician who sees waste,and govt cotrol,as our relationships between patient and physician are taken over by the govt.

Sen. Mitchell wants a 1 year settlement freeze.
What happens then?Will all pressure be off Israel?
What are the parameters to measure Saudi and PA concessions?
How can Bibi admit in any shape or form, that Jerusalem is negotiable?
It's bettter to just say "NO"