Wednesday, August 19, 2009


David Weinberg of the Begin-Sadat Center in Israel has a nice informative piece on the Mubarek visit to Washington in todays JP.This may be his last visit, before he tries to have his son succeed him.
He notes that Congress is out of town, so no pressure will be placed on the visiting Pres.,regarding the lack of civil rights in Egypt, or for an explanation of why he is rearming.
Right now despite his two-faced approach to Israel and the peace process,he is important in keeping the Obama people concentrated on Iran.
He even said nice things about Bibi to Obama.
Weinberg points out that other than the Rabin funeral, he has never visited Israel.
I recall meeting with Mubarek in the White House ( Blair House) as part of a small Pres. Conference delegation,and asking him why he had not visited Jerusalem?
He smiled and answered "What is so important about Jerusalem?"A canny diplomat knows how to avoid the tough questions.
I guess he is better than the Islamic fundamentalists.

Sadly it seems Bibi is giving in to US pressure on settlements.I agree with Gen. Yaalon.There ias no need to be frightened by US threats!