Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cong. Charlie Rangel attacked demonstraters who "are paid" and therefore NOT REALLY INTERESTED IN THE ISSUES.
Contrast that with busloads of inner city Acorn people,all wearing red shirts ( in our history we have had black shirts, and brown shirts) with well prepared signs with orders to shout down the seniors.
Every single person interviewed at these rallies opposing the plan,was not bussed in, and was worried about their health plans and the defecit.
Even the liberal press is admitting that the Obama stalwarts from the election don 't have the oomph or desire to get out for another campaign.The same holds true for Union people.
Who pays them?
Where are the seniors and "normal" people who support Obamacare?
It is not an accident that the polls are shifting.Most politicians can smell sujrvival in a contentious issue,and now it appears that the public options, and the "death panels" will not make the cut.