Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ted Kennedy/Harry Reid/Health Care and the Post Office

Elli Ganchrow writes:

During Ted Kennedy's first campaign, his opponent said of him "if his opponent's name was Edward Moore rather than Edward Moore Kennedy, his candidacy 'would be a joke'." Rarely in America has a more unworthy person been accorded such deep respect as is regularly heaped upon Kennedy. But last week, Kennedy outdid himself. First a little background: in 2004, as John Kerry, the other idiot masquerading as a United States Senator from the People's Republic of Massachusetts, chased the Presidency, the Democrats changed state law so that the governor could not appoint a senator upon a vacancy. The purpose of the law was to prevent then Governor Mitt Romney from appointing Kerry's successor if Kerry were to win the Presidency. Thus the purpose of the law was blantantly political but Democrats at the time pretended that they had the interests of good governance in mind. Fastforward 6 years and, with Kennedy dying of cancer, Democrats now regret the law. Instead of the now Democratic governor immediately appointing a Democratic successor upon Kennedy's death, the state will have to wait about 6 months until a special election is held. Thus a bad law is backfiring on the Democrats. Enter Kennedy who is urging that the law be changed back (and allow the Governor to temporarily appoint a successor until a special election) so that the interests of the people be advanced. How outrageous for a senator to try and blatantly rig the system for pure political gain. You would think the media would have jumped all over him for this hypocrisy. You would have been wrong. Lets hope that Massachusetts pols keep the law as is.

I have not had this much fun following politics since 1993-94. Watching Obama's White House implode along with his poll numbers cannot help but remind people of the disastrous first two years of the Clinton years. Investigating the CIA? No plan in Afghanistan? Transferring the Gitmo prisoners to the mainland? What Obama is thinking is anybody's guess but it appears he is going to bring a hurting to the Democratic party in 15 months. Each day brings good news in various races all across this country. No other race will be as satisfactory to win as the Senate race in Nevada which pits Majority Leader Reid against a few unknown Republican challengers. Reid currently trails the no-namers big time. Whether Reid turns into the next Tom Daschle or Tom Foley (the Speaker of the House who was defeated in 1994) will turn on whether he can stand up to the Pelosi leftists and pass more moderate legislation.

My wife and I recently went on vacation for a week and put our mail on hold during that time. When we returned the mail was not delivered as was promised by the Postal Service website. When I called to complain and find out when I could expect to receive my stopped mail, I was asked by a postal employee for my confirmation number. When I responded that I did not have one, she responded that she could not help me. Couldn't she just look up my address in her computer and easily get the information I was seeking. No, she responded, they can't do searched based on addresses for security purposes.When I pressed as to whose security they were concerned for, the response was that she didn't know (and didn't much care). Such incompetance is a hallmark of our government, whether you are dealing with the Post Office, the DMV or the Social Security Administration (as my wife tried doing today much to her chagrin). Thus, it was shocking to hear Obama compare the new health care initiative to the competion between fed ex and the Post Office. Obama admitted that the Post Office was the one with the problems. No kidding. And they want to take care over the health care system in this country? Republicans should be putting Obama's line in their commercials all over the country. Democrats are going to have a real problem getting a big overhaul of health care passed this year.