Monday, August 10, 2009


All America is focusing on the town hall meetings,and the associated outcry.The Democrats especially Pelosi and the WH talk about mobs and organized actions by right wingers,so much so that a protester=un-American.
Go back to the Vietnam war,and the streets of Chicago,look at protests against the Iraq invasion,how come no one said they were un -American? Recall the student outbursts on campus to drown out pro-Israeli speakers ie. Dan Pipes etc no great protest.Why?
Of course these were left-wingers, and they can do as they please.
However when a local physician tries to make an appointment with his Congressman and is refused and thus shows up to ask a perfect question,he is publicly berated as an agitator.
Similarly when Cong. Dingell attacks a father who brings his polio stricken child to worry about the disabled,not only does Dingell answer with a non-existent amendment that he says will answer the father,he too berates him on TV
Yet look at the signs the union squads are carrying-all professionally made,with the same message.(DO THEY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE BILL?)
Who are the agents of the White House,and who are as we say "amcha" the people?
The Dems are playing with fire.Years ago when you heard about a "defecit",you paid little attention,since the govt can print money and is so huge.Today every citizen is concerned about the defecit, and soon it will be know as OD -Obama's defecit.
I assume that the Blue Dogs have enough sechel (smarts) to realize their return to Congress will not be on the Pelosi-Waxman trail.Both the public option and the co-op idea should be defeated.The latter is only a waystation for the former.
Instead of attacking the people,why not the Dems say 2 things
1-I have read the bill(assuming they will)
2-I am prepared to answer every question 1 at a time.Perhaps have people take numbers for an opportunity to ask a question.
In the end attacking the protesters may make the left wing happy,but it itelf is an assault on political activism.