Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Of course my prediction was wrong!
15 million dollars,thousands of radio and TV ads saturated Florida.
Newt had close to 6 million,most of it in the last week.
The Romney team has been functioning for 5-years plus.
Florida is such a vast state ,population wise,as well as geographically.
Is this the end? We don't know for sure.However, it will be tough for Newt to recoup.
I await the final figures on the number of voters, to see the increase ( if any ) over 4 years ago.

Monday, January 30, 2012


I could not believe it!
The robo-call this afternoon identified himself as George Soros.Most of his presentation was not understandable,until the very end.I was not sure I heard right,until an hour later I heard the charges on cable.Soros evidently said that we should vote either for Obama or Romney.To me that is the kiss of anti-Israel left wing theology.
I do not know if Romney solicited that call,or who paid for it,however it sure left a sour tast in my mouth.
This morning I was in the car about 25 minutes coming from the dentist.It was clear that Romney had spent 17 million dollars wisely from the point of view of hard hitting even vicious ads one after another.The mail brought many mailers,mostly for Mitt.In addition robo-calls and TV commercials were in Mitts favor 3or 4-1.Newt has spent 6 million dollars.If Santorum does poorly, he should get out of the race.
I was saddened to hear that Mitt vetoed kosher food for indigent patients in Mass.Considering he is a "religious" person,that gardly seems very "Christian "of him .
I have very little faith in Obama's declaration that we will not tolerate a nuclear Iran.How long Israel can safely hold back is not clear,However, the rhetoric from Israel seems to be saying "we told you so-now is the time for action".

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fratricide / synagogue informality

It is sad to see the fratricide within the Republican primary.The only saving grace is the fact that 3 years ago Hillary and Obama were at each others throats,and yet the Dems won.
In addition the enthusiasm of Republican voters in Fla was shown by a marked increase in early voting.Despite a shorter period for early voting,here in Palm Beach County there was about a 30% increase over 4 years ago.

During my career as an activist, I have been priviledged to vist with 3 Presidents,PM's, Kings and other leaders of governments.During each and every one of these meetings,I never witnessed a member of our delegations who did not come with a suit,regular shirt,tie,socks and regular shoes.
When we enter a Synagogue to pray to G-d,,especially on the Sabbath,we are coming to appeal to the maker of the universe.If we dress for a human leader and for the 'kavod'(honor) of a high office how much more so should we appear in synagogue dressed to represent our sense of awe and respect for the dignity of the Bet KNESSET(SYNAGOGUE)
When I was a young man,going out on a date,it was the custom to wear a suit or sport jacket.Today in the age of informality jeans, sneakers, no socks are not unusual.
Sadly this motif has been transferred to our synagogues .I have not taken a poll of synagogues in the South,however the warm climate seems to present to worshippers a greater sense of informality.The shul near us has more than a few coming for services in shorts.
To have leaders in the synagouge lead services,read the torah ,stand by the bimah,make announcements in a country-club attire,sans jacket and ties is not in the formal spirit that I would like to sorround myself with as I converse with my maker.We see polo shirts,sweaters, no socks,beach shoes -sandals for men and women.These perhaps represent a minority,however few are disturbed by this sartorial ( or lack of it) approach.
I am not advocating tuxedos or black suits etc,rather business attire as though one had been invited to the White House to speak to the President. and perhaps appeal to him on behalf of the Jewish People.Isn't that what we do in synagogue-for ourselves and our people.?
Perhaps I AM AN OLD FUDDY-DUDDY, however the KAVOD due the synagogue is absent, and to me is not only important in halacha(Jewish law) but how we train our children and grandchildren.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


There are some anti-semites that throw molotov cocktails at synagogues,as we saw this week in Bergen County.Others talk about the "Israel Lobby".and we have commented on them.
Most of the time these are non-Jews with deep hatred in their heqrts for our land,people and way of life.
But what term do you apply to self-hating Jews such as Roni Brizon,a former Knesset member from Shinui.Mr Brizon writing in Ynet news,entitles his op-ed
"Country being hijacked".
Who is he refering to?
The country being hijacked is Israel.
By Whom?
Why the "ortho-fascist camp of course.
The enemies are a "radical-religious worldview" and a "religious fascist worldview".
Among their crimes."They see Israel itself as an apparatus of special holiness".
If it was not such a serious attack in an internet paper,I would think this man has flipped.
The lack of civility by the ultra-right snd ultra-left is sickening.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Russia--China / sham sanctions / Brezinski

How can you expect cooperation on a global,level for peace,when Russia sends fighter planes to Syria and joins with China in preventing tough sanctionsa against Iran?
The EU sanctions won't begin on NEW contracts in July.The sanctions by Obama are NOT on the Central Iranian Bank, but on a smaller branch.

The EU accused Israel of crimes against the Palestinians regarding water distribution.In fact,Israel has more than fully complied with the terms of Oslo II and the interim agreement.It supplies the Palestinians 30% more water than they need.

Zbigniev Brezinski the former NSC advisor to Pres. Carter,is known as a foe of the US-Israel relationship.In his new book "Strategic Vision", he says "Israel has a lot of influence with Congress,and in some cases they are able to buy influence."
In the Jan-feb isssue of Foreign Affairs he writes about a new US Grand Strategy".It ius primarily about Asia and Russia.
No discussion of Iran.He calls for a withdrawal of the US fleet from waters near China and certainly less of a committment to Taiwan.
His advice to Carter led to a foreign policy weakness, not seen until Obama.

Monday, January 23, 2012


A friend of mine berated Newt for his adulterous relations,saying how do we know it will not occur again?
I in no way excuse his personal life and misbehavior.
I have heard a number of time recently that what the country needs is for Bill Clinton to run again,for he would be elected by a landslide,
Wait a minute-from Jennifer Flowers to Monica Lewinsky, his personal life was of a serial womanizer.
JFK, another hero of the liberal media made the WH bedroom a rotating suite for his personal relationships.Of course the media who loved him,and knew very well of his sexcapades said nothing.
Martin Luther King for whom we have a national holiday falls into the same category.( Google-MLK and adultery). In 1989 the Rev. Ralph Abernathy wrote about MLK's "adulterous relationships".
The media place all 3 on a pedestal.In describing them as national heroes they overlook their personal baggage.
For Newt howevever, the main street media are shocked that even married women in S.C. went for Newt.("MUST BE A S.C. ABBERATION"!)

The story today is again "the establishment"-well they will have to get used to the fact that Mitt looks too much like Sen. Kerry-rich,WASP-like(even though a Mormon,) and stiff.Above all conservatives are looking for a street fighter that can deliver a knockout punch.
America is a right-center country and the NYT-Washington Post do not represent this constituency.Nor does ,ABC,CNN, MSNBC or CBS.
The early polls in Florida today show Newt ahead by 8 points.
I think that the 2 debates will prove the superiority of Newt as a conservative who can take punches,but give it back with double strength.

Tomorrow I will discuss Zbigniev Brezinski's article in Foreign Affairs Magazine and his new book "Strategic Vision".

By the way I think the next 3 days the media will be focusing on Mitt's tax returns and not on his battle with Newt.A seasoned campaigner shoud have realized this would be an issue and released them months ago.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Andrew Adler publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times obviously has a few screws loose.His suggestion that the Mossad put out a contract on Pres. Obama is neither funny or responsible.
Not every thought in a persons mind should be written down and certainly published.
An apology is not enough-he should resign-for the harm he has done the Jewish people and the US-ISRAEL relationship.

On the other hand a video by the Dems showing Israeli leaders saying nice things about Obama is a crock of ----.What do you want them to say publicly ?
"G-d should bless Israel with a Republican President'?

I guess I underestimated Newt's vicory in S.C.My next prediction is Newt in Fla. -too early to tell by how much.
The media talks about the "establishment GOP" being upset.Is this the same group that wanted Charlie Crist to be the Senate nominee? ( He lost to Rubio)-or those in Fl who wanted Bill McCullum to be the Gubernatorial nominee? (He lost to Gov. Scott.)
The media keeps talking about Newt being "unelectable".Yet yesterdays exit polls show that S.C. voters found it was Newt who has a better chance of beating Obama than Mitt.
The fact that Newt jumped 20 points in 5 days,shows the voters are looking for who can beat Obama, and who can stand tough against the left-wing media as well as Obama in debates.
Every registered Republican I spoke to except one in our small community is rooting for Newt-that includes me.

Friday, January 20, 2012







Thursday, January 19, 2012


The new that Bibi will be attending the AIPAC policy Conference in March instead of goIng to Africa is interesting.
On the surface since AIPAC is honoring Shimon Peres for a lifetime of service, it is a touching moment.To my recollection a PM and Israeli Pres. have not made appearances in the same year.
On a deeper level, it will present an opportunity to meet with old not only in Congress but in the vast community of pro-Israel friends,especially in the Christian community.
If as some have suggested an Israeli attack on Iran occurs, it will be in the Spring-or summer.The weather is perfect over Iran, and if he chooses to,a snap Israeli election could be held to fortify the Netanyahu team.
There is an op-ed in this morning's Israel Hayom paper (available via daily internet mail) pointing out that Obama may rue the day that he didn't apply tough Central Bank sanctions earlier,because in the end the Iranian timetable (Hormuz etc) and the Israeli timetable ( an attack) may not coincide with Obama's election timetable.
We should recall (to my best recollection)that it was last year around AIPAC's meeting that the famous Oval Office encounter took place,followed by the Joint session of Congress.

The news from S.C. and the interview with Mrs Gingrich,may or may not change votes.Similarly the news of Romney having off-shore deposits will not help him.
I say may not hurt-because Republicans like me .only have one agenda-BEAT OBAMA.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

keystone pipeline / NEVILLE Obama and Iran / Jerusalem

The announcement that the State Dept. will reject the Keysone Pipeline
is a shot across the bow of American workers and our energy needs.It shows that the Pres. as a hostage to the far left and environmental groups.

After aiding in the murder of GI's in Iraq, after being caught trying to murder diplomats in the US (a causis belli) after threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz,and after disregarding many UN resolutions , Neville Obama wants to sue for peace-WHAT AN ACT OF WEAKNESS!

The NY Times travel section on Sunday had an article by a secular non-feeling Jew,who tried all his life to avoid visiting Israel."I had zero interest in visiting Israel".
After a week of "volging"( wasting time) around to bars, restaurants and a few Jewish sites,he concludes "For nearly a week I'd been struggling to feel what visitors to Jerusalem-Jews,Christians and Muslims -have felt for millenia,and I'd just about given up.It was an experience for other people ,not for me."
What a rachmonis (pity) upon a lost Jewish soul.
What a great article for the spirit of the NYT.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I assume that one of the lessons of the Costa cruise ship disaster, is that lifeboat drills which up to now were mandated to be done within 24 hours of sailing will be done before the boat leaves the dock.
Most of the time passengers don't take these drills too seriously, and often fail to put on their life jackets properly.
This will surely change .
It is too early to know the cause,or to define the actions of the Captain and crew.However what we hear up to now is not a pretty picture.

Six years ago a small group of orthodox jews started a minyan in a home here in Boynton Beach.Subsequently 5 years ago they made the services in a home that was converted to a synagogue on the ground floor.Now as we work on our new building,we are having elections of officers.Under our constitution 6 years is the maximum limit for an officer in one position.
At present we have about 80 families, and more are moving into the area each week.
What is interesting is that the majority are in their 60's and still working.Their visits down to Boynton are for short periods.However with the prices of homes so depressed,it is a great time to buy.
Demographicxally in 10 years or so as these people retire and spend more time-or full-time here,the Boynton area,and our synagogue will be vibrant like the Boca Raton synagogue,which started out in a similar manner.
Thus for us this election is a milestone.

Monday, January 16, 2012


I was turning the channels last nite and saw a report on CNN from Tehran.It was a pro-Iranian discussssion as to why there should not be an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities. Even in Israel the people and the experts are divided as to the proper approach.
However when he stated that Iran poses no threat to Israel,it was obviously an Iranian propaganda piece ,and CNN should have had at least a rebuttal or a foreign policy expert to present the facts as seen by Americans and Israelis.

We approach the S.C. primary, and we are looking at a Mitt sweep-at least at this moment.As I have listened over and over again to Mitt,I have become more relaxed and supportive of his candidacy.
Yes he was a moderate as Gov. of Mass.however being that it is a left-left -center population with a Democratic legislature during his govornership, all that us not suprising.
However on national security, defense, Israel, jobs the economy and so on he is right on target.While I will not vote early in the Fla primary,that is the direction I am heading.
Incidentally the editorial in the Boston paper on Ms Elizebeth Warren's wealth, her huge salaries, membership on boards and expensive home shows she is not among the 99%.She is running for the Dem Senatorial nomination against Sen. Brown.

There is a news item from England, that someone wants to publish Mein Kampf in English.Res Ipsi loquitor-the matter speaks for itself.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Iran and Obama

The political battle between Israel and the Obama administration is heating up.
The fears in Israel over the Iranian nuclear program,have placed the govt. and commentators on the record warning that the time is getting close to a decision.
The closing of Dimona nuclear plant to ostensibly move nuclear material to a safer place sent warning signals to Washington,that Israel is serious.
This morning Deputy P.M. Moshe Yaalon who is a former Chief of Staff of the IDF,clearly stated that Israel is concerned with the pace of American pressure on Iran.The Obama team, would like to wait until after 2012 to see if sanctions on the Central Bank will work.Israel says that by end of this year,Iran will have a bomb.Yaalon attributed the Obama moves to election politics.(Remember the failure of Washington to react to the Iranian plot to kill diplomats in Washington)
This accusation may have been the straw that broke the camels back,because early this morning,Washington abruptly cancelled the largest joint operation-"austere Challenge 12" between the US and Israel.The reason..."budgetary".Yet the 9000 American troops have already landed in Israel.The early morning cancellation,and stupid excuse speaks to the refusal of Israel to commit itself not to attack Iran.
Israel is upset that the US condemned the killing of the nuclear scientist (as is Santorum).
Obama wants Israel to agree that if there is fighting,the Israelis should stay on the sidelines.Israel refuses to make any committments on this point,or a promise not to attack without US approval.
The Obama administration is also upset that Yaalon commended the Congress for a 100-0 vote,while Obama drags his feet.
Obama has to realize that no PM of Israel can preside over a second Holocaust.Israel is concerned that to wait to act until after the Nov. US elections might mean "suicide" for Israel.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Supreme Court / EU / Romney

The Supreme Court decision on Religious Freedom was a milestone for the Court.Basically the 9-0 verdict reverses an anti-religion bend of the Obama WH and the Holder Justice Dept.The court said that organized religions can set their own hiring practices free of Govt. interference.
Over the last few days a number of cases have been heard that could be decided against the Administrations desire to control our lives with rule after rule.These include the EPA case.Obamacare is on the docket,and these decisions will be exciting and controversial.

The Europeans have put forward another anti-Israel paper for discussion,without even asking Israel for a comment.They may feel better anong themselves,however it will not move the goal posts toward peace one iota.
Abbas has given the "talks" 2 more weeks before he does something radical-LIKE WHAT?

I have not been a Romney fan, because I question his conservatism.However the facts on the ground require some insight as to electability.
ABO-anyone but Obama- is a real goal.
However the attacks on Bain Capital represent a scorched earth policy.Yes we can talk about Mitt's role as Gov,his legislation and appointments.However his role in saving the Olympics and distressed companies with private funding is all in the best traditions of America.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012




Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romney / Supreme Court

Hopefully by the end of the week, I will try to put my thoughts together on the Romney campaign.For the time being, it is sad what the Republican challengers are doing to Romney on his Bain record.
It is obvious that anyone in public/business life for many years has a long public record to examine.Why should anyone want to run for public office, when every move you made is torn apart,especially by a left wing press,such as the likes of Geoge Stepanapoulis, (who forgot he no longer works in he WH) .

The Supreme Court decision preventing foreign nationals from contributing to US elections is correct.It is similar to the proposed foreign NGO prohibtion in Israel.Yet we do not yet hear "liberal Jews" who attacked the knesset, comment on this decision.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Jack Lew / Bizarre! / Bibi

The resignation of WH Chief of Staff Bill Daley at this point in the election cycle is certainly a suprise.Evidently the results that the WH hoped for in the economy mdid not really occur.
New COS Jack Lew who was at the OMB is a warm and competent figure.He is a shomer shabbat, and a member of at least 2 OU shuls.While I am not a friend of his,I did have opportunity to meet him a number of times, during my OU Washington service.To my knowledge Nathan Diament OU rep. in Wash. has a close relationship with him.

The news that the WH had a bizzare ALICE IN WONDERLAND party in the WH run by Johny Depps( whoever he is ) ia not suprising.The party in 2009, was kept secret,since the country was crying from unemployment.Guests drank from blood vials.
Isn't this classical Obama hypocricy?

The suggestion that Bibi will make a move toward the PA, to spur talks, is another example of Israeli incompetence!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Obama and arrogance

It is very difficult to listen to Obama and Panetta tell the nation that as Iran gets more aggressive and threatening, we will plan major defense drawdowns.In essence it means that we can no longer plan on a 2 front war,such as N. Korea or China and Iran.
The President thinks that 2 assasinations make a foreign or national security policy.They don't!
His contempt of Congress and AMERICAN TRADITION-with his"non-recess" recess
appointments makes ones blood boil.

There is a great cartoon in this weeks "Weekly Standard" of the new Korean leader saying "generations from now we will be able to tell our children that this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal....wait a minute!I can't say that,even my father wasn't that arrogant

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


It will keep the attacks on Obama current and frequent,and will prepare the nominee for the big-time

Not suprising the Chevy volt only sold 7,671 electric cars last year below their predictions.The govt is subsidizing each owner with a $ 7500 tax credit.Still they sell for $39,145,the Nissan $35,000 and the Ford for $ 40,000.
What with the fire safety issues,a 10 hour re-charging on some models,a 100 mile (or less ) limit to electric power and the fact that you can buy a small car for $20,000 or less,I don't see a future for a mass market-unless they can reach a longer mileage period before recharging,and come down to a reasonable price.

Debka reports an Israeli drone for 4 hours over the Turkish-Syrian border.There is also fighting in the area of the Syrian south near Jordan between deserter troops and regulars-both have tanks.The firing can be heard in Israel.
In the meantime Abbas has fired Gen.Diab El Ali as the head of the coordinating PA forces between Israel-US and PA.He was respected by all. The Abbas threats on the current talks in Jordan are a prelude for the PA to increase pressure on Israel at the UN etc.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


So far at 10 pm it is a 3 way tie. I AM NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS

We went out to eat at Golda's and of course you see people from all periods opf your life..
One lady who I did not really know, pulled up a chair and announced she is very worried about Iran-could I give her the scoop.
After a few minutes,she had many more questions,and I had friends at the table.I asked her -"are you really worried? " Oh yes!
Did you enjoy your dinner? Oh Yes!
I suggested that if she could enoy her main dish etc, Iran was not spoiling her appetite.!

Of course the new threats from Iran and Abbas signify their weaknesses.With Abbas.Bibi should hang tough.With Iran Obama should follow the letter of the new law on Central Bank sanctions

Monday, January 02, 2012


As we are now in January, the Florida primary is coming up in a few weeks
The question is how does one vote? with your heart or with your analytical senses-based upon who has the best chance of beating Obama?
In the first category, there is no question that Newt is the brightest candidate.He has the most experience and has performed on the national scene where as Speaker, he convince Clinton to balance the budget,and cut taxes.
His analysis of the Palestinian claims to a distinct culture and nation are right onn target.
Yes sometimes he goes astray because his mind is always working.
Yes he does have baggage, but who doesn't?
Present polls show that he would not be the strongest against Obama.However that is only right now.I believe that hed would cream Obama in the debates.
At the end of the day the American people will have to look at Obama, his promises, his record, his inabilty to work with non-iberals,and realize a second term would be disasterous.
Thus, at the present I will stick with Newt, and watch as the campaign heats up.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Mattisyahu / Syria / OBAMA VS. CONGRESS

My grandson Jonah in discussing the Mattisyahu concert, noted that one of his friends visiting Florida, went onstage during thge performance. He iumplied his friend enjoyed the concert.
I guess that is the difference between a 14 year old and an alte kocker!

The performance of the monitors-or whatever they were supposed to be in Syria is laughable.The people wanted support, but they only recieved a blind-eye.It will take time for the deserters to get strong enough to engage Assad on many fronts,however that seems to be the road we are heading toward.

Obama plans on running against Congress.Please refresh my memory-didn't he have a Democratic Senate-House foR THE FIRST 2 years.Didn't they pass Obamacare,and the big spending bills? Oh yes didn't they fail to pass a budget?
If my mind serves me correctly, it was in response to this that voters sent the Tea Party to Washington at the midterm.
How will he do better,with a divided or even a Republican Senate and House?