Sunday, January 22, 2012


Andrew Adler publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times obviously has a few screws loose.His suggestion that the Mossad put out a contract on Pres. Obama is neither funny or responsible.
Not every thought in a persons mind should be written down and certainly published.
An apology is not enough-he should resign-for the harm he has done the Jewish people and the US-ISRAEL relationship.

On the other hand a video by the Dems showing Israeli leaders saying nice things about Obama is a crock of ----.What do you want them to say publicly ?
"G-d should bless Israel with a Republican President'?

I guess I underestimated Newt's vicory in S.C.My next prediction is Newt in Fla. -too early to tell by how much.
The media talks about the "establishment GOP" being upset.Is this the same group that wanted Charlie Crist to be the Senate nominee? ( He lost to Rubio)-or those in Fl who wanted Bill McCullum to be the Gubernatorial nominee? (He lost to Gov. Scott.)
The media keeps talking about Newt being "unelectable".Yet yesterdays exit polls show that S.C. voters found it was Newt who has a better chance of beating Obama than Mitt.
The fact that Newt jumped 20 points in 5 days,shows the voters are looking for who can beat Obama, and who can stand tough against the left-wing media as well as Obama in debates.
Every registered Republican I spoke to except one in our small community is rooting for Newt-that includes me.