Monday, January 09, 2012

Jack Lew / Bizarre! / Bibi

The resignation of WH Chief of Staff Bill Daley at this point in the election cycle is certainly a suprise.Evidently the results that the WH hoped for in the economy mdid not really occur.
New COS Jack Lew who was at the OMB is a warm and competent figure.He is a shomer shabbat, and a member of at least 2 OU shuls.While I am not a friend of his,I did have opportunity to meet him a number of times, during my OU Washington service.To my knowledge Nathan Diament OU rep. in Wash. has a close relationship with him.

The news that the WH had a bizzare ALICE IN WONDERLAND party in the WH run by Johny Depps( whoever he is ) ia not suprising.The party in 2009, was kept secret,since the country was crying from unemployment.Guests drank from blood vials.
Isn't this classical Obama hypocricy?

The suggestion that Bibi will make a move toward the PA, to spur talks, is another example of Israeli incompetence!