Thursday, January 19, 2012


The new that Bibi will be attending the AIPAC policy Conference in March instead of goIng to Africa is interesting.
On the surface since AIPAC is honoring Shimon Peres for a lifetime of service, it is a touching moment.To my recollection a PM and Israeli Pres. have not made appearances in the same year.
On a deeper level, it will present an opportunity to meet with old not only in Congress but in the vast community of pro-Israel friends,especially in the Christian community.
If as some have suggested an Israeli attack on Iran occurs, it will be in the Spring-or summer.The weather is perfect over Iran, and if he chooses to,a snap Israeli election could be held to fortify the Netanyahu team.
There is an op-ed in this morning's Israel Hayom paper (available via daily internet mail) pointing out that Obama may rue the day that he didn't apply tough Central Bank sanctions earlier,because in the end the Iranian timetable (Hormuz etc) and the Israeli timetable ( an attack) may not coincide with Obama's election timetable.
We should recall (to my best recollection)that it was last year around AIPAC's meeting that the famous Oval Office encounter took place,followed by the Joint session of Congress.

The news from S.C. and the interview with Mrs Gingrich,may or may not change votes.Similarly the news of Romney having off-shore deposits will not help him.
I say may not hurt-because Republicans like me .only have one agenda-BEAT OBAMA.