Monday, January 02, 2012


As we are now in January, the Florida primary is coming up in a few weeks
The question is how does one vote? with your heart or with your analytical senses-based upon who has the best chance of beating Obama?
In the first category, there is no question that Newt is the brightest candidate.He has the most experience and has performed on the national scene where as Speaker, he convince Clinton to balance the budget,and cut taxes.
His analysis of the Palestinian claims to a distinct culture and nation are right onn target.
Yes sometimes he goes astray because his mind is always working.
Yes he does have baggage, but who doesn't?
Present polls show that he would not be the strongest against Obama.However that is only right now.I believe that hed would cream Obama in the debates.
At the end of the day the American people will have to look at Obama, his promises, his record, his inabilty to work with non-iberals,and realize a second term would be disasterous.
Thus, at the present I will stick with Newt, and watch as the campaign heats up.