Monday, January 30, 2012


I could not believe it!
The robo-call this afternoon identified himself as George Soros.Most of his presentation was not understandable,until the very end.I was not sure I heard right,until an hour later I heard the charges on cable.Soros evidently said that we should vote either for Obama or Romney.To me that is the kiss of anti-Israel left wing theology.
I do not know if Romney solicited that call,or who paid for it,however it sure left a sour tast in my mouth.
This morning I was in the car about 25 minutes coming from the dentist.It was clear that Romney had spent 17 million dollars wisely from the point of view of hard hitting even vicious ads one after another.The mail brought many mailers,mostly for Mitt.In addition robo-calls and TV commercials were in Mitts favor 3or 4-1.Newt has spent 6 million dollars.If Santorum does poorly, he should get out of the race.
I was saddened to hear that Mitt vetoed kosher food for indigent patients in Mass.Considering he is a "religious" person,that gardly seems very "Christian "of him .
I have very little faith in Obama's declaration that we will not tolerate a nuclear Iran.How long Israel can safely hold back is not clear,However, the rhetoric from Israel seems to be saying "we told you so-now is the time for action".