Wednesday, January 18, 2012

keystone pipeline / NEVILLE Obama and Iran / Jerusalem

The announcement that the State Dept. will reject the Keysone Pipeline
is a shot across the bow of American workers and our energy needs.It shows that the Pres. as a hostage to the far left and environmental groups.

After aiding in the murder of GI's in Iraq, after being caught trying to murder diplomats in the US (a causis belli) after threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz,and after disregarding many UN resolutions , Neville Obama wants to sue for peace-WHAT AN ACT OF WEAKNESS!

The NY Times travel section on Sunday had an article by a secular non-feeling Jew,who tried all his life to avoid visiting Israel."I had zero interest in visiting Israel".
After a week of "volging"( wasting time) around to bars, restaurants and a few Jewish sites,he concludes "For nearly a week I'd been struggling to feel what visitors to Jerusalem-Jews,Christians and Muslims -have felt for millenia,and I'd just about given up.It was an experience for other people ,not for me."
What a rachmonis (pity) upon a lost Jewish soul.
What a great article for the spirit of the NYT.