Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Russia--China / sham sanctions / Brezinski

How can you expect cooperation on a global,level for peace,when Russia sends fighter planes to Syria and joins with China in preventing tough sanctionsa against Iran?
The EU sanctions won't begin on NEW contracts in July.The sanctions by Obama are NOT on the Central Iranian Bank, but on a smaller branch.

The EU accused Israel of crimes against the Palestinians regarding water distribution.In fact,Israel has more than fully complied with the terms of Oslo II and the interim agreement.It supplies the Palestinians 30% more water than they need.

Zbigniev Brezinski the former NSC advisor to Pres. Carter,is known as a foe of the US-Israel relationship.In his new book "Strategic Vision", he says "Israel has a lot of influence with Congress,and in some cases they are able to buy influence."
In the Jan-feb isssue of Foreign Affairs he writes about a new US Grand Strategy".It ius primarily about Asia and Russia.
No discussion of Iran.He calls for a withdrawal of the US fleet from waters near China and certainly less of a committment to Taiwan.
His advice to Carter led to a foreign policy weakness, not seen until Obama.