Thursday, December 30, 2010

Municipal slowdown /interim appointments

The failure to clean the streets of the Boros is apparently more than too much snow.Firstly, the entire cleanup effort should be investigated by the criminal justice system.
If as the charges seem to indicate that this was an organized union response that was orchestrated as punishment for budget cuts,then serious criminal charges should be brought against any and all of those involved.This should include firing, loss of pension and prosecution.
The death of people on specific streets because ambulances could not get through, represents manslaughter if proven.
Once the investigation really gets underway, the first reaction will be to deny everything.However, as in every criminal investigation there will be some who will come forward to tell the truth.When those who deny knowledge of the plot are brought before the grand jury,and threatened with perjury indictments,the facts will become clear.
The power of Municipal Unions has outlived their usefulness.They are bankrupting our society, and now if proven,the question is raised= have they placed our health and economic welfare in jeopardy?

The recess appointments of President Obama once again indicate his lack of understanding of the nature of the war on terror,as well as the futility of trying to appease Islamic terrorists, and supporters of Iran.
By appointing James Cole, who compared 9/11 to drug dealers,and bypassing the Senate on resuming relations with Syria, tell us that Obama is still the same-a Pintele Muslim.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Filibuster

There is talk of the Democratic majority in the Senate playing games with the 60 vote minimum to avoid a filibuster.
It is true that each session of Congress can set the rules for the next 2 years.Theoretically they could make such changes.They must be careful, because in 2 years if the Republicans gain control of the Senate, they will not only make new rules but punish the Dems if they restrict the filibuster in this session.
There is an even more relevant reason not to worry.What with such a large majority in the House, it is more likely that the Dems will make more use of the filibuster especially on Obamacare.There will not be a continuous flow of left wing bills from the House as we saw in the last 2 years.
While some are saying that the Rep will not be able to stop Obamacare,the continuous whittling away of funding and mandates will make the law ineffective.
Of course we are waiting for the Fla Federal Court to rule,and then either to the next level or on to the Supreme Court.

Monday, December 27, 2010


A lot of American blood has been spilled in Iraq and Afghanistan.Yet I feel that if we look 5 or 10 years down the line,we will not find either country as a friendly ally.
Today the Pres of Iraq said US troops must be out by the end of 2011. The role of Iran which borders Iraq is not totally clear,however their influence will increase if and when we leave.
In addition the Kurds will always want to break away and create an independent oil-rich country-setting up a possible civil war.This is in addition to the Shiite-Sunni divide.
Afghanistan reminds me of Vietnam.The Administration does not have its heart set on victory (if that is possible) and with conflicting withdrawal dates,is simply allowing the Taliban and the Pakistani Al Quada time to wait us out.In addition the American people do not support the war,because Obama and his team have not established what is really at stake.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Incompetence ? Foreign policy failures

As an interested citizen who is concerned about terrorism and its possible growing role in the US,I was shocked to watch the reruns of the Head of Ntl Intelligence looking bewildered when asked about the London terrorist arrests.
This was not some page 20 story.Cable news broke into their programs,and subsequently had the usual talking heads analyzing who?,what?, why?, why now? and the significance and possible relationships with other recent terror attacks.
Even if Director Clapper was not briefed by his staff,shouldn't he know the simple headlines of the day in his domain?
One has the impression that we are still no closer to a streamlined,seamless intelligence community.Rather still too many agencies,overlap and fat.

As the President head off to Hawaii,we should review his foreign policy achievements in the last 2 years.
He promised to diplomatically deal with Iran, N. Korea,the ME,and make us more respected overseas.
The Iranian situation goes from bad to worse.If not for the worms in the computers,Israel probably would have undertaken a military strike.We have had some success with economic pressure,but not enough to turn the tide.
As in N. Korea, we make UN statements, and make demands-all for naught.
The PA has backed out of talks because President Obama had no idea how to approach the Israelis except with threats.That backfired,strengthening Bibbi.
Yes he passed the Start Treaty,however the S. Korean and Columbia Trade agreements lie without passage.
The President totally was wrong on Honduras,when he backed a Chavez clone-and lost.
Finally,yes Obama is still popular in Europe,for attacking American exceptionalism,however we are weaker diplomatically in Turkey,Pakistan AND THE Arab WORLD.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lame Duck / S Korea

Goodbye and good riddance.!
The whole concept of a lame duck session especially when so many members are not coming back due to defeat or retirement is absurd.This is especially so when he issue are so important,and the people spoke, that these remaining Dems, have lost the confidence of the electorate.
What with rapid transportation today, there is no reason,that Thanksgiving Day should inaugurate the new Congress.
As of now, the continuing funding resolution has omitted the $ 205 million for the Israeli Iron Dome missile protection system, previously promised.
Of interest is the interview by the former Iranian diplomat in Europe, admitting that he helped N. Korean and other nuclear scientists to get into Iran to help build a nuclear bomb.Mohammed Hetydari has been in hiding since seeking asylum.

It looks like S Korea is finally standing up to the North and proclaiming--ENOUGH!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The comeback kid ?

He gets a shellacking in the elections ,is forced to accept to accept a lower estate tax and no tax hike for upper income folks.He loses on the Dream Act ,and is forced to accept temporary govt. funding until March,sans any Obamacare funding.
Yes he kept the govt funded,and won on DADT, and probably will get his Start Treaty.
However,as he prepares for the next Congress, with its inherent battle of the budget in a GOP House,and 6 additional Rep. mainly conservative Senators,I don't know how he can be happy!
The Census figures today, no matter how you fudge the numbers cannot be good news for him.
In addition the returning Dem. members of the House,are more lefties who will be insignificant as negotiations between the GOP and the WH ensues.
Yes some people will think this is now a turn to the center,however it will be short-changed as the battle begins.
My surgery professor always said, "one prune does not make a tzimis"
One partial forced victory is neither a "comeback" nor a turn to the center-let's wait and see .(he was referring to one case proving a point).

Monday, December 20, 2010


The next to last sentence in this past weeks Haftorah(after the Torah reading) says clearly-King David served as King for 40 years.Seven years he ruled from Hebron,and thirty three years he reigned over Jerusalem.
Every believing Christian knows these facts, as does the world.However,it is easy to keep repeating a lie toward the goal of dejudiazing the State of Israel.
That is why it is so important for both Jews and lovers of Israel to visit Hebron and the City of David.
It was wonderful that the Congressional resolution regarding support of Israel passed unanimously this week.
Speaking of Congressional resolutions,there is a pending one on the Turkish genocide of Armenians.
A few weeks ago I suggested a renewal of this resolution,which was shelved because of Turkish pressure on Israel.That relationship is down the tube,and it is time to say the truth.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The passage of Don't ask Don't Tell of course is a major victory for the Left and Homosexual community.
In essence it is part of the efforts of the left to create an invincibility of the concept of "alternate Life Styles".as an acceptable way of life.
Despite the fact that Sen.Lieberman is an "orthodox" Jew, his decision to lead this battle,is purely his own and not representative of Jewish law.As to the issue itself,I believe that the Pentagon study was flawed.
Of course no one could object to having homosexuals as part of the Armed Forces,when they are in office jobs or in non-combat situations.There is no reason to discriminate against any human being ,provided their personal sexual preferences do not interfere with the mission.
Thus for example in the medical field as an example it would be unconscionable to discriminate against homosexuals.
However,if I own a 4 family home,and I have small children as well as renting out apartments,this is an entirely different matter.I don't want to expose my children or orthodox community to a way of life that the Torah considers an "abomination".
Similarly teaching children in grade school that "Johnie has 2 mommies or 2 daddies" is wrong and immoral.
The problem in the military is the combat scene.Men and women living in close quarters ,taking showers in open areas,using latrines that are open, to me is a practical problem.This view was shared by the poll when front line soldiers were asked their opinions.
This vote is a victory for the "driveby press" as Rush calls them,as well as a certain weariness by good people to stand up for their beliefs.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More on silly season

I am of course as you know a Fox News junkie.However during commercial breaks in the evening,I switch to MSNBC.
Why? -for the laughs of course.
Mr Ed,(I assume no relationship to the talking horse) Olberman and Maddow are always yelling preaching and insulting.
I realized tonite that rich people must have some disease, as in a few minutes interlude,(on 2 occasions) the "rich" were attacked a dozen times by Mr Ed. It seems that they are polluting the world,because they are selfish and successful.
I am preparing for my weekly Torah class that I give in Delray tomorrow and in Boynton on Shabbat.
A major theme starting from Abraham to Isaac and Jacob is the passing not only of spiritual strength from generation to generation, but materialistic wealth.Thus this week, the blessings of Jacob to his sons, and future generations.
Yes you must give charity,and help an individual to get an honest job.Of course we help the widow and the orphan.
However, nowhere in our tradition is there wealth redistribution.
We all pray for wealth alongside of health and family success.
The Democrats in an act of anger over having lost the election, are lashing out with this last fling.
The voters will remember those who have forgotten the lessons on Nov.3rd

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Two interesting and somewhat favorable reports from the ME today make for some conjecture about the future.
The Jerusalem Post reports that the Stutnex Virus has set back the Iranian nuclear program by 2 years.They may have to throw out centrifuges etc.
The deaths of 2 recent and other nuclear scientists in Iran,has caused the Govt. to threaten the US and Israel ,including the murdering of American Generals.If true, then it is as good as a military strike on the nuclear plants without collateral damage or casualties.
The reports from Lebanon suggest that as a result of the worsening economic situation in Iran, they have cut back their aid to Hizbollah by 40%.Last year they gave them billion dollars.This cutback has led to serious disagreements in Lebanon between the 2 parties.Perhaps the embargo is atarting to work-will it be enough?
The other day was a report that Syria told Iran they were too weak to join a military campaign Israel.
Tomorrow the Congress brings up a bipartisan resolution expressing the will of Congress against the PA declaring a State unilaterally.
There are reports that they are refusing even indirect talks without a settlement freeze.
I come back to my idea that Congress sponsor a Jerusalem Day,based on the principle that Jerusalem is the undivided ETERNAL CAPITOL-this should take the form of exhibits in the lobbies of the various Congressional office buildings, accompanied by floor speeches-perhaps Jerusalem Unification Day would be an appropriate week

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Washington-nothing has changed

I thought the election was over-wrong
I thought the politicos-especially the Dems learned a lesson re deficits-spending -,etc-wrong
I thought Americans said no more 1500 page documents drawn up in a side room-to be voted on without the members reading and discussing it-Wrong.
I thought the concept of earmarks was to be-abandoned-really wrong.
I thought a deal is a deal-No!,not if you can bribe and cajole more votes by adding goodies.

I was out all day today,and did not follow the news and the political blogs.
In one day, it seems that Washington is more topsy turvy than last nite.We are both in the silly season for lame duck Congressmen,and jockeying positions for potential Presidential candidates.
It is hi-drama, and how it will end ,what with Reid threatening post holiday sessions for his left wing agenda is a crap shoot.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The PA / The Tax package

The new demands by the PA include not only the usual-settlements-Jerusalem etc, but now the admission of 7 million refugees.!
Of course it is laughable, however the big lie ,repeated over and over again as Goebbels taught, will have an effect.
The statement by Ehud Barack that Jerusalem should be shared, shows that if he were a man of principle, he would resign from the Cabinet.
We are fortunate that the new Chair of the Foreign Affairs Comm. of the House, Illana Ros Lehntinan, is a true staunch friend of Israel, and she is quite outspoken.

While in principle I support the Estate Tax changes and the tax agreement, I believe adding on all the sweeteners such as Ethanol protection is the wrong message.
In addition the unemployment extension, should have been accompanied by spending cuts.Likewise individuals who have a spouse making 6 figures, should not receive an additional year of unemployment.
Individuals on unemployment should after a period, perform public service in schools, hospitals etc.


I was visiting my brother in Hollywood today and he showed me a book on the Yom Kippur war that stated that Kissinger was rebuffed by Nixon re. the sending of arms to Israel.(Kissinger a Jew, whose family lived through the Holocaust)
In fact the new tapes show a disgusting part of Kissinger's thinking-anti-Semitic and totally evil.He is Machiavellian as he plots to let Israel bleed a little,so they will be more pliable to US diplomacy.
If the Russians gas the Jews he states it is none of the US's problem.
Jewish emigration from the USSR again is not our concern.
It is interesting that the Torah portion of last week,shows Joseph with all the power of the State,yet he protects his fellow Jews.
Similarly Mordecai attains power,but his only goal is to protect his people.
Daniel the prophet,is put in the lions den and survives.He rises to the highest echelon of the crown-all directed to saving Jews.Henry Kissinger is no Joseph, Mordechai or Daniel. I have no kind words to describe him

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The weather in Fla stinks

It was a long trip down to Florida,as we had to stop in 3 cities for minyanim ( as I have to say kaddish).
Today I helped support the economy by purchasing a new computer (therefore couldn't blog last nite) and a new battery for Sheila's car.
What a fascinating few days this has been with the Dem. caucus rejecting for now the tax compromise.
They bet that the GOP would cave in before the end of the year,but they were wrong.Now they have 2 options.
1-accept the package ,after a lot of screaming.
2-reject it,wait for the new Congress,when the terms will be a lot different.Perhaps permanent tax changes.Perhaps an estate tax of 20%.And, no unemployment extension without some sort of reduction in spending.
With all the screaming by WEINER,SCHUMER etc. they forget that this class warfare was rejected by the voters on Nov 2nd.
Hopefully once I catch my breath, I will try tro catch uo on the other stories of the day.

Tax Deal/Settlements

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

As if more evidence is needed of the White House's incompetance, Obama failed to get the Democratic caucus behind his deal before he announced it. After two years of policy failures, gaffes and mistakes, you would think Obama would try to get his act together. Apparently not.
On a related note, it was disappointing that Senator DeMint announced that he would not support the deal since it would add to the deficit. While his point is correct, this is a good deal for the Republicans which should be supported by the full caucus. For DeMint to hold out for a perfect deal is shortsighted and could backfire on the Republicans.

Speaking of policy failures, Obama finally gave up on his unhealthy obession with a settlement construction freeze. Why he decided to focus on this issue is anyone's guess but it did not add much to the search for an agreement between the parties. The focus needs to be on stopping Iran, disarming Hizballah and removing Hamas from Gaza. Those steps would bring peace to the region faster than any settlement construction freeze.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Mother/Foreclosure\Taxes

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

Yesterday my family had the opportunity to celebrate my mother's 70th birthday which will actually occur later this month. It was a fitting tribute to an incredible person. The party included a poem recitation by her 10 grandchildren and a video presentation which depicted her life in pictures. A special thank you goes to my sister Malkie for putting together the party and to my wife, Brina, who put together the video. Happy birthday Mom!

Yesterday's New York Times featured an article about a woman in Florida who has been fighting foreclosure on her house for the last 25 years. Articles about this topic miss an important point which cannot be stressed enough. The homeowner in this case admits that she hasn't paid her mortgage payments in 25 years. Therefore there is no question that she should lose her home. The fact that she (and her lawyers) have been able to string along the banks is a disgrace. In the vast majority of the cases where homeowners are fighting foreclosure by alleging technicalities, the fact is that the homeowner has stopped making payments on their mortgage. States which make it difficult for banks to exercise their remedies (like New York where it can take two or three years to foreclose) need to immediately reform their laws to cut down on the time needed to foreclose. The harder it is for banks to foreclose on defaulted loans the less willing they will be to lend money in the first place.


It appears as though the Republicans are about to win on their signature issue and gain a full extension of the Bush tax cuts for all Americans. If so, this would be a phenomenal victory for Conservatives and a sure sign that Republicans have the back to their winds in their quest to reshape America after a disasterous two years.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

We pray for the fire victims / Shanty-towns

Starting with Thursday,i have attended 3 different synagogues in our area.Each one had a prayer for the injured and burnt in the Haifa area fires.Though we do not know the names of the people who perished or injured it is a tragedy that affects the whole Jewish people.That is the beauty of our people,though we live all over the world,and have different political and even theological points of view,when Jews are endangered we unite.
We open our hears for prayer,and our wallets.I am sure the JNF will have emergency appeals for new forestation,and more modern fire fighting equiptment.

I have been to S Africa twice,once in the late 1980's and a few years ago with Sheila.The one image that remains with me from both trips is the extreme povery in the "shanty-towns".It is hard to describe the living conditions of these units.
In recent years blacks in America have adopted the name"African-American". I don't exactly know what this means ,since many or most were not born there.In addition we don't call people Irish A..or Italian A..or Jewish or European A...
Be that as it may,today tens perhaps many hundreds of of thousand of blacks are in the middle or upper middle class.Many are in the rich category.
My question-why don't we see "African-Americans" have public fund-raising in their churches and in the community to tear down these disgraceful edifices?

We drive Mon-Tues to Florida-if Elli has time, he will blog

Thursday, December 02, 2010


TWO EXAMPLES OF HYPOCRICY -TODAY ==to explain why people are disgusted with the political class
Cong Charlie Rangel doen't pay taxes for 17 years,wtites our nations tax code,and after 2 years of investigation,found guilty of 11 (of 13 ) charges.
The punishment-- CENSURE.( embarressment)
Now if you or I would have been guiulty of these crimes,we certainly would lose our jobs,and be tried and convicted of a felony and so on..

The Senate was informed that all 42 Republicans will prevent any business, until the body is given a chance to pass maintaining the tax cuts for all.Even as the Pres. talks bipartisanship, Pelosi had a sham vote,that not only has no chance of passage,but she will not allow amendments.
People are not dumb,and though she will be gone shortly as Speaker,she will remain as campaign fodder into 2012.
In essence we paid Congressmen a days wages to do nothing but pontificate.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The tough GOP

Happy Chanukah !

The unity and toughness of the Senate GOP is refreshing.By promising o fdilibuster all bills in the lame duck session until taxes and the budget are solved ,really puts the pressure on Reid and the Dems.It is obvious that the Administration will coppromise and support some sort of tax extension -perhaps for 2 years.The question is what will be in the package.
As far as unemployment benefits,I believe that
1- funds should be found to reduce the budget ,so that the extension is budget netral
2-Those individuals at the 99 week level, especially those with a working spouswe,should have some diminution of their govt. payouts, after a period.We cannot have the govt. pay workers indefinately while not working.