Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Two interesting and somewhat favorable reports from the ME today make for some conjecture about the future.
The Jerusalem Post reports that the Stutnex Virus has set back the Iranian nuclear program by 2 years.They may have to throw out centrifuges etc.
The deaths of 2 recent and other nuclear scientists in Iran,has caused the Govt. to threaten the US and Israel ,including the murdering of American Generals.If true, then it is as good as a military strike on the nuclear plants without collateral damage or casualties.
The reports from Lebanon suggest that as a result of the worsening economic situation in Iran, they have cut back their aid to Hizbollah by 40%.Last year they gave them billion dollars.This cutback has led to serious disagreements in Lebanon between the 2 parties.Perhaps the embargo is atarting to work-will it be enough?
The other day was a report that Syria told Iran they were too weak to join a military campaign Israel.
Tomorrow the Congress brings up a bipartisan resolution expressing the will of Congress against the PA declaring a State unilaterally.
There are reports that they are refusing even indirect talks without a settlement freeze.
I come back to my idea that Congress sponsor a Jerusalem Day,based on the principle that Jerusalem is the undivided ETERNAL CAPITOL-this should take the form of exhibits in the lobbies of the various Congressional office buildings, accompanied by floor speeches-perhaps Jerusalem Unification Day would be an appropriate week