Thursday, December 09, 2010

The weather in Fla stinks

It was a long trip down to Florida,as we had to stop in 3 cities for minyanim ( as I have to say kaddish).
Today I helped support the economy by purchasing a new computer (therefore couldn't blog last nite) and a new battery for Sheila's car.
What a fascinating few days this has been with the Dem. caucus rejecting for now the tax compromise.
They bet that the GOP would cave in before the end of the year,but they were wrong.Now they have 2 options.
1-accept the package ,after a lot of screaming.
2-reject it,wait for the new Congress,when the terms will be a lot different.Perhaps permanent tax changes.Perhaps an estate tax of 20%.And, no unemployment extension without some sort of reduction in spending.
With all the screaming by WEINER,SCHUMER etc. they forget that this class warfare was rejected by the voters on Nov 2nd.
Hopefully once I catch my breath, I will try tro catch uo on the other stories of the day.