Thursday, December 02, 2010


TWO EXAMPLES OF HYPOCRICY -TODAY ==to explain why people are disgusted with the political class
Cong Charlie Rangel doen't pay taxes for 17 years,wtites our nations tax code,and after 2 years of investigation,found guilty of 11 (of 13 ) charges.
The punishment-- CENSURE.( embarressment)
Now if you or I would have been guiulty of these crimes,we certainly would lose our jobs,and be tried and convicted of a felony and so on..

The Senate was informed that all 42 Republicans will prevent any business, until the body is given a chance to pass maintaining the tax cuts for all.Even as the Pres. talks bipartisanship, Pelosi had a sham vote,that not only has no chance of passage,but she will not allow amendments.
People are not dumb,and though she will be gone shortly as Speaker,she will remain as campaign fodder into 2012.
In essence we paid Congressmen a days wages to do nothing but pontificate.