Monday, December 13, 2010

The PA / The Tax package

The new demands by the PA include not only the usual-settlements-Jerusalem etc, but now the admission of 7 million refugees.!
Of course it is laughable, however the big lie ,repeated over and over again as Goebbels taught, will have an effect.
The statement by Ehud Barack that Jerusalem should be shared, shows that if he were a man of principle, he would resign from the Cabinet.
We are fortunate that the new Chair of the Foreign Affairs Comm. of the House, Illana Ros Lehntinan, is a true staunch friend of Israel, and she is quite outspoken.

While in principle I support the Estate Tax changes and the tax agreement, I believe adding on all the sweeteners such as Ethanol protection is the wrong message.
In addition the unemployment extension, should have been accompanied by spending cuts.Likewise individuals who have a spouse making 6 figures, should not receive an additional year of unemployment.
Individuals on unemployment should after a period, perform public service in schools, hospitals etc.