Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lame Duck / S Korea

Goodbye and good riddance.!
The whole concept of a lame duck session especially when so many members are not coming back due to defeat or retirement is absurd.This is especially so when he issue are so important,and the people spoke, that these remaining Dems, have lost the confidence of the electorate.
What with rapid transportation today, there is no reason,that Thanksgiving Day should inaugurate the new Congress.
As of now, the continuing funding resolution has omitted the $ 205 million for the Israeli Iron Dome missile protection system, previously promised.
Of interest is the interview by the former Iranian diplomat in Europe, admitting that he helped N. Korean and other nuclear scientists to get into Iran to help build a nuclear bomb.Mohammed Hetydari has been in hiding since seeking asylum.

It looks like S Korea is finally standing up to the North and proclaiming--ENOUGH!