Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Washington-nothing has changed

I thought the election was over-wrong
I thought the politicos-especially the Dems learned a lesson re deficits-spending -,etc-wrong
I thought Americans said no more 1500 page documents drawn up in a side room-to be voted on without the members reading and discussing it-Wrong.
I thought the concept of earmarks was to be-abandoned-really wrong.
I thought a deal is a deal-No!,not if you can bribe and cajole more votes by adding goodies.

I was out all day today,and did not follow the news and the political blogs.
In one day, it seems that Washington is more topsy turvy than last nite.We are both in the silly season for lame duck Congressmen,and jockeying positions for potential Presidential candidates.
It is hi-drama, and how it will end ,what with Reid threatening post holiday sessions for his left wing agenda is a crap shoot.