Saturday, December 04, 2010

We pray for the fire victims / Shanty-towns

Starting with Thursday,i have attended 3 different synagogues in our area.Each one had a prayer for the injured and burnt in the Haifa area fires.Though we do not know the names of the people who perished or injured it is a tragedy that affects the whole Jewish people.That is the beauty of our people,though we live all over the world,and have different political and even theological points of view,when Jews are endangered we unite.
We open our hears for prayer,and our wallets.I am sure the JNF will have emergency appeals for new forestation,and more modern fire fighting equiptment.

I have been to S Africa twice,once in the late 1980's and a few years ago with Sheila.The one image that remains with me from both trips is the extreme povery in the "shanty-towns".It is hard to describe the living conditions of these units.
In recent years blacks in America have adopted the name"African-American". I don't exactly know what this means ,since many or most were not born there.In addition we don't call people Irish A..or Italian A..or Jewish or European A...
Be that as it may,today tens perhaps many hundreds of of thousand of blacks are in the middle or upper middle class.Many are in the rich category.
My question-why don't we see "African-Americans" have public fund-raising in their churches and in the community to tear down these disgraceful edifices?

We drive Mon-Tues to Florida-if Elli has time, he will blog