Thursday, December 30, 2010

Municipal slowdown /interim appointments

The failure to clean the streets of the Boros is apparently more than too much snow.Firstly, the entire cleanup effort should be investigated by the criminal justice system.
If as the charges seem to indicate that this was an organized union response that was orchestrated as punishment for budget cuts,then serious criminal charges should be brought against any and all of those involved.This should include firing, loss of pension and prosecution.
The death of people on specific streets because ambulances could not get through, represents manslaughter if proven.
Once the investigation really gets underway, the first reaction will be to deny everything.However, as in every criminal investigation there will be some who will come forward to tell the truth.When those who deny knowledge of the plot are brought before the grand jury,and threatened with perjury indictments,the facts will become clear.
The power of Municipal Unions has outlived their usefulness.They are bankrupting our society, and now if proven,the question is raised= have they placed our health and economic welfare in jeopardy?

The recess appointments of President Obama once again indicate his lack of understanding of the nature of the war on terror,as well as the futility of trying to appease Islamic terrorists, and supporters of Iran.
By appointing James Cole, who compared 9/11 to drug dealers,and bypassing the Senate on resuming relations with Syria, tell us that Obama is still the same-a Pintele Muslim.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Filibuster

There is talk of the Democratic majority in the Senate playing games with the 60 vote minimum to avoid a filibuster.
It is true that each session of Congress can set the rules for the next 2 years.Theoretically they could make such changes.They must be careful, because in 2 years if the Republicans gain control of the Senate, they will not only make new rules but punish the Dems if they restrict the filibuster in this session.
There is an even more relevant reason not to worry.What with such a large majority in the House, it is more likely that the Dems will make more use of the filibuster especially on Obamacare.There will not be a continuous flow of left wing bills from the House as we saw in the last 2 years.
While some are saying that the Rep will not be able to stop Obamacare,the continuous whittling away of funding and mandates will make the law ineffective.
Of course we are waiting for the Fla Federal Court to rule,and then either to the next level or on to the Supreme Court.

Monday, December 27, 2010


A lot of American blood has been spilled in Iraq and Afghanistan.Yet I feel that if we look 5 or 10 years down the line,we will not find either country as a friendly ally.
Today the Pres of Iraq said US troops must be out by the end of 2011. The role of Iran which borders Iraq is not totally clear,however their influence will increase if and when we leave.
In addition the Kurds will always want to break away and create an independent oil-rich country-setting up a possible civil war.This is in addition to the Shiite-Sunni divide.
Afghanistan reminds me of Vietnam.The Administration does not have its heart set on victory (if that is possible) and with conflicting withdrawal dates,is simply allowing the Taliban and the Pakistani Al Quada time to wait us out.In addition the American people do not support the war,because Obama and his team have not established what is really at stake.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Incompetence ? Foreign policy failures

As an interested citizen who is concerned about terrorism and its possible growing role in the US,I was shocked to watch the reruns of the Head of Ntl Intelligence looking bewildered when asked about the London terrorist arrests.
This was not some page 20 story.Cable news broke into their programs,and subsequently had the usual talking heads analyzing who?,what?, why?, why now? and the significance and possible relationships with other recent terror attacks.
Even if Director Clapper was not briefed by his staff,shouldn't he know the simple headlines of the day in his domain?
One has the impression that we are still no closer to a streamlined,seamless intelligence community.Rather still too many agencies,overlap and fat.

As the President head off to Hawaii,we should review his foreign policy achievements in the last 2 years.
He promised to diplomatically deal with Iran, N. Korea,the ME,and make us more respected overseas.
The Iranian situation goes from bad to worse.If not for the worms in the computers,Israel probably would have undertaken a military strike.We have had some success with economic pressure,but not enough to turn the tide.
As in N. Korea, we make UN statements, and make demands-all for naught.
The PA has backed out of talks because President Obama had no idea how to approach the Israelis except with threats.That backfired,strengthening Bibbi.
Yes he passed the Start Treaty,however the S. Korean and Columbia Trade agreements lie without passage.
The President totally was wrong on Honduras,when he backed a Chavez clone-and lost.
Finally,yes Obama is still popular in Europe,for attacking American exceptionalism,however we are weaker diplomatically in Turkey,Pakistan AND THE Arab WORLD.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lame Duck / S Korea

Goodbye and good riddance.!
The whole concept of a lame duck session especially when so many members are not coming back due to defeat or retirement is absurd.This is especially so when he issue are so important,and the people spoke, that these remaining Dems, have lost the confidence of the electorate.
What with rapid transportation today, there is no reason,that Thanksgiving Day should inaugurate the new Congress.
As of now, the continuing funding resolution has omitted the $ 205 million for the Israeli Iron Dome missile protection system, previously promised.
Of interest is the interview by the former Iranian diplomat in Europe, admitting that he helped N. Korean and other nuclear scientists to get into Iran to help build a nuclear bomb.Mohammed Hetydari has been in hiding since seeking asylum.

It looks like S Korea is finally standing up to the North and proclaiming--ENOUGH!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The comeback kid ?

He gets a shellacking in the elections ,is forced to accept to accept a lower estate tax and no tax hike for upper income folks.He loses on the Dream Act ,and is forced to accept temporary govt. funding until March,sans any Obamacare funding.
Yes he kept the govt funded,and won on DADT, and probably will get his Start Treaty.
However,as he prepares for the next Congress, with its inherent battle of the budget in a GOP House,and 6 additional Rep. mainly conservative Senators,I don't know how he can be happy!
The Census figures today, no matter how you fudge the numbers cannot be good news for him.
In addition the returning Dem. members of the House,are more lefties who will be insignificant as negotiations between the GOP and the WH ensues.
Yes some people will think this is now a turn to the center,however it will be short-changed as the battle begins.
My surgery professor always said, "one prune does not make a tzimis"
One partial forced victory is neither a "comeback" nor a turn to the center-let's wait and see .(he was referring to one case proving a point).

Monday, December 20, 2010


The next to last sentence in this past weeks Haftorah(after the Torah reading) says clearly-King David served as King for 40 years.Seven years he ruled from Hebron,and thirty three years he reigned over Jerusalem.
Every believing Christian knows these facts, as does the world.However,it is easy to keep repeating a lie toward the goal of dejudiazing the State of Israel.
That is why it is so important for both Jews and lovers of Israel to visit Hebron and the City of David.
It was wonderful that the Congressional resolution regarding support of Israel passed unanimously this week.
Speaking of Congressional resolutions,there is a pending one on the Turkish genocide of Armenians.
A few weeks ago I suggested a renewal of this resolution,which was shelved because of Turkish pressure on Israel.That relationship is down the tube,and it is time to say the truth.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The passage of Don't ask Don't Tell of course is a major victory for the Left and Homosexual community.
In essence it is part of the efforts of the left to create an invincibility of the concept of "alternate Life Styles".as an acceptable way of life.
Despite the fact that Sen.Lieberman is an "orthodox" Jew, his decision to lead this battle,is purely his own and not representative of Jewish law.As to the issue itself,I believe that the Pentagon study was flawed.
Of course no one could object to having homosexuals as part of the Armed Forces,when they are in office jobs or in non-combat situations.There is no reason to discriminate against any human being ,provided their personal sexual preferences do not interfere with the mission.
Thus for example in the medical field as an example it would be unconscionable to discriminate against homosexuals.
However,if I own a 4 family home,and I have small children as well as renting out apartments,this is an entirely different matter.I don't want to expose my children or orthodox community to a way of life that the Torah considers an "abomination".
Similarly teaching children in grade school that "Johnie has 2 mommies or 2 daddies" is wrong and immoral.
The problem in the military is the combat scene.Men and women living in close quarters ,taking showers in open areas,using latrines that are open, to me is a practical problem.This view was shared by the poll when front line soldiers were asked their opinions.
This vote is a victory for the "driveby press" as Rush calls them,as well as a certain weariness by good people to stand up for their beliefs.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More on silly season

I am of course as you know a Fox News junkie.However during commercial breaks in the evening,I switch to MSNBC.
Why? -for the laughs of course.
Mr Ed,(I assume no relationship to the talking horse) Olberman and Maddow are always yelling preaching and insulting.
I realized tonite that rich people must have some disease, as in a few minutes interlude,(on 2 occasions) the "rich" were attacked a dozen times by Mr Ed. It seems that they are polluting the world,because they are selfish and successful.
I am preparing for my weekly Torah class that I give in Delray tomorrow and in Boynton on Shabbat.
A major theme starting from Abraham to Isaac and Jacob is the passing not only of spiritual strength from generation to generation, but materialistic wealth.Thus this week, the blessings of Jacob to his sons, and future generations.
Yes you must give charity,and help an individual to get an honest job.Of course we help the widow and the orphan.
However, nowhere in our tradition is there wealth redistribution.
We all pray for wealth alongside of health and family success.
The Democrats in an act of anger over having lost the election, are lashing out with this last fling.
The voters will remember those who have forgotten the lessons on Nov.3rd

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Two interesting and somewhat favorable reports from the ME today make for some conjecture about the future.
The Jerusalem Post reports that the Stutnex Virus has set back the Iranian nuclear program by 2 years.They may have to throw out centrifuges etc.
The deaths of 2 recent and other nuclear scientists in Iran,has caused the Govt. to threaten the US and Israel ,including the murdering of American Generals.If true, then it is as good as a military strike on the nuclear plants without collateral damage or casualties.
The reports from Lebanon suggest that as a result of the worsening economic situation in Iran, they have cut back their aid to Hizbollah by 40%.Last year they gave them billion dollars.This cutback has led to serious disagreements in Lebanon between the 2 parties.Perhaps the embargo is atarting to work-will it be enough?
The other day was a report that Syria told Iran they were too weak to join a military campaign Israel.
Tomorrow the Congress brings up a bipartisan resolution expressing the will of Congress against the PA declaring a State unilaterally.
There are reports that they are refusing even indirect talks without a settlement freeze.
I come back to my idea that Congress sponsor a Jerusalem Day,based on the principle that Jerusalem is the undivided ETERNAL CAPITOL-this should take the form of exhibits in the lobbies of the various Congressional office buildings, accompanied by floor speeches-perhaps Jerusalem Unification Day would be an appropriate week

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Washington-nothing has changed

I thought the election was over-wrong
I thought the politicos-especially the Dems learned a lesson re deficits-spending -,etc-wrong
I thought Americans said no more 1500 page documents drawn up in a side room-to be voted on without the members reading and discussing it-Wrong.
I thought the concept of earmarks was to be-abandoned-really wrong.
I thought a deal is a deal-No!,not if you can bribe and cajole more votes by adding goodies.

I was out all day today,and did not follow the news and the political blogs.
In one day, it seems that Washington is more topsy turvy than last nite.We are both in the silly season for lame duck Congressmen,and jockeying positions for potential Presidential candidates.
It is hi-drama, and how it will end ,what with Reid threatening post holiday sessions for his left wing agenda is a crap shoot.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The PA / The Tax package

The new demands by the PA include not only the usual-settlements-Jerusalem etc, but now the admission of 7 million refugees.!
Of course it is laughable, however the big lie ,repeated over and over again as Goebbels taught, will have an effect.
The statement by Ehud Barack that Jerusalem should be shared, shows that if he were a man of principle, he would resign from the Cabinet.
We are fortunate that the new Chair of the Foreign Affairs Comm. of the House, Illana Ros Lehntinan, is a true staunch friend of Israel, and she is quite outspoken.

While in principle I support the Estate Tax changes and the tax agreement, I believe adding on all the sweeteners such as Ethanol protection is the wrong message.
In addition the unemployment extension, should have been accompanied by spending cuts.Likewise individuals who have a spouse making 6 figures, should not receive an additional year of unemployment.
Individuals on unemployment should after a period, perform public service in schools, hospitals etc.


I was visiting my brother in Hollywood today and he showed me a book on the Yom Kippur war that stated that Kissinger was rebuffed by Nixon re. the sending of arms to Israel.(Kissinger a Jew, whose family lived through the Holocaust)
In fact the new tapes show a disgusting part of Kissinger's thinking-anti-Semitic and totally evil.He is Machiavellian as he plots to let Israel bleed a little,so they will be more pliable to US diplomacy.
If the Russians gas the Jews he states it is none of the US's problem.
Jewish emigration from the USSR again is not our concern.
It is interesting that the Torah portion of last week,shows Joseph with all the power of the State,yet he protects his fellow Jews.
Similarly Mordecai attains power,but his only goal is to protect his people.
Daniel the prophet,is put in the lions den and survives.He rises to the highest echelon of the crown-all directed to saving Jews.Henry Kissinger is no Joseph, Mordechai or Daniel. I have no kind words to describe him

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The weather in Fla stinks

It was a long trip down to Florida,as we had to stop in 3 cities for minyanim ( as I have to say kaddish).
Today I helped support the economy by purchasing a new computer (therefore couldn't blog last nite) and a new battery for Sheila's car.
What a fascinating few days this has been with the Dem. caucus rejecting for now the tax compromise.
They bet that the GOP would cave in before the end of the year,but they were wrong.Now they have 2 options.
1-accept the package ,after a lot of screaming.
2-reject it,wait for the new Congress,when the terms will be a lot different.Perhaps permanent tax changes.Perhaps an estate tax of 20%.And, no unemployment extension without some sort of reduction in spending.
With all the screaming by WEINER,SCHUMER etc. they forget that this class warfare was rejected by the voters on Nov 2nd.
Hopefully once I catch my breath, I will try tro catch uo on the other stories of the day.

Tax Deal/Settlements

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

As if more evidence is needed of the White House's incompetance, Obama failed to get the Democratic caucus behind his deal before he announced it. After two years of policy failures, gaffes and mistakes, you would think Obama would try to get his act together. Apparently not.
On a related note, it was disappointing that Senator DeMint announced that he would not support the deal since it would add to the deficit. While his point is correct, this is a good deal for the Republicans which should be supported by the full caucus. For DeMint to hold out for a perfect deal is shortsighted and could backfire on the Republicans.

Speaking of policy failures, Obama finally gave up on his unhealthy obession with a settlement construction freeze. Why he decided to focus on this issue is anyone's guess but it did not add much to the search for an agreement between the parties. The focus needs to be on stopping Iran, disarming Hizballah and removing Hamas from Gaza. Those steps would bring peace to the region faster than any settlement construction freeze.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Mother/Foreclosure\Taxes

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

Yesterday my family had the opportunity to celebrate my mother's 70th birthday which will actually occur later this month. It was a fitting tribute to an incredible person. The party included a poem recitation by her 10 grandchildren and a video presentation which depicted her life in pictures. A special thank you goes to my sister Malkie for putting together the party and to my wife, Brina, who put together the video. Happy birthday Mom!

Yesterday's New York Times featured an article about a woman in Florida who has been fighting foreclosure on her house for the last 25 years. Articles about this topic miss an important point which cannot be stressed enough. The homeowner in this case admits that she hasn't paid her mortgage payments in 25 years. Therefore there is no question that she should lose her home. The fact that she (and her lawyers) have been able to string along the banks is a disgrace. In the vast majority of the cases where homeowners are fighting foreclosure by alleging technicalities, the fact is that the homeowner has stopped making payments on their mortgage. States which make it difficult for banks to exercise their remedies (like New York where it can take two or three years to foreclose) need to immediately reform their laws to cut down on the time needed to foreclose. The harder it is for banks to foreclose on defaulted loans the less willing they will be to lend money in the first place.


It appears as though the Republicans are about to win on their signature issue and gain a full extension of the Bush tax cuts for all Americans. If so, this would be a phenomenal victory for Conservatives and a sure sign that Republicans have the back to their winds in their quest to reshape America after a disasterous two years.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

We pray for the fire victims / Shanty-towns

Starting with Thursday,i have attended 3 different synagogues in our area.Each one had a prayer for the injured and burnt in the Haifa area fires.Though we do not know the names of the people who perished or injured it is a tragedy that affects the whole Jewish people.That is the beauty of our people,though we live all over the world,and have different political and even theological points of view,when Jews are endangered we unite.
We open our hears for prayer,and our wallets.I am sure the JNF will have emergency appeals for new forestation,and more modern fire fighting equiptment.

I have been to S Africa twice,once in the late 1980's and a few years ago with Sheila.The one image that remains with me from both trips is the extreme povery in the "shanty-towns".It is hard to describe the living conditions of these units.
In recent years blacks in America have adopted the name"African-American". I don't exactly know what this means ,since many or most were not born there.In addition we don't call people Irish A..or Italian A..or Jewish or European A...
Be that as it may,today tens perhaps many hundreds of of thousand of blacks are in the middle or upper middle class.Many are in the rich category.
My question-why don't we see "African-Americans" have public fund-raising in their churches and in the community to tear down these disgraceful edifices?

We drive Mon-Tues to Florida-if Elli has time, he will blog

Thursday, December 02, 2010


TWO EXAMPLES OF HYPOCRICY -TODAY ==to explain why people are disgusted with the political class
Cong Charlie Rangel doen't pay taxes for 17 years,wtites our nations tax code,and after 2 years of investigation,found guilty of 11 (of 13 ) charges.
The punishment-- CENSURE.( embarressment)
Now if you or I would have been guiulty of these crimes,we certainly would lose our jobs,and be tried and convicted of a felony and so on..

The Senate was informed that all 42 Republicans will prevent any business, until the body is given a chance to pass maintaining the tax cuts for all.Even as the Pres. talks bipartisanship, Pelosi had a sham vote,that not only has no chance of passage,but she will not allow amendments.
People are not dumb,and though she will be gone shortly as Speaker,she will remain as campaign fodder into 2012.
In essence we paid Congressmen a days wages to do nothing but pontificate.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The tough GOP

Happy Chanukah !

The unity and toughness of the Senate GOP is refreshing.By promising o fdilibuster all bills in the lame duck session until taxes and the budget are solved ,really puts the pressure on Reid and the Dems.It is obvious that the Administration will coppromise and support some sort of tax extension -perhaps for 2 years.The question is what will be in the package.
As far as unemployment benefits,I believe that
1- funds should be found to reduce the budget ,so that the extension is budget netral
2-Those individuals at the 99 week level, especially those with a working spouswe,should have some diminution of their govt. payouts, after a period.We cannot have the govt. pay workers indefinately while not working.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The response of the Administration toward Wikileaks is late,and tepid.Months ago they knew that the leaks were coming when they arrested the accused leaker.As long as they thought it woulds only embarress Bush,they sat quietly.Now that our foreign policy and diplomacy is being emasculated, they will start a criminal investigation.
The CIA should have long ago destroyed the files, and assasinated its founder as one would do with Osama.
The NYT which did not publish "climategate" because it was stolen,has no problem with publishing these stolen files.
It is interesting that Sen. John Kerry told Arab leaders that Israel should give back the Golan and half of Jerusalem.Thank G-d he was not elected Pres.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The economy / Mohammed /Turkey

Right on for Pres. Obama who wants to freeze government employees salaries for 2 years.
Each state that faces fiscal danger,has to look at their public employees,and especially their benefits and pensions-ONLY AS A BEGINNING.

Let us adopt the Israeli system-pre-flight intelligence,questioning each and every passsenger,search of passports,and special searches for those who act suspiciously, have a history of suspicious affiliations, and GOOD COOMON SENSE.Let us adopt technology without radiation-already available.

Turkey has taken another rascist step-prohibitibg the sale of land to Israelis and Greeks. They are aiming to become King of the Muslim world when Iran falters.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The View / N Korea / Wilkileaks / The Senate schedule

At a time when N. Korea is on the brink of preciptating war in Asia, and we are fighting 2 wars in the Middle East,and Iran snubs its nose at the US,how demeaning is it to have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs appear on the View ?
Of course President Obama was a guest recently ,and we commented on the diminution of the KAVOD of the Office of the President.
In fact the response or lack of it by Sec. of State Clinton is deafening.Each and every time a major or minor violation is committed by N.Korea,intead of a tough response,we give in to their threats,either send more relief,or call meetings at which time,whatever they promise is worthless.
Of course no one wants a real war,however China must be made to realize that this is the end-the regime must fall or else we will be increasing our presence off the China -Korea region,which they do not want.We must crack down on their ability to get hard currency to support their intransigence.

The Wilkileaks should have been stopped long ago.This treasonous activity shoud hav been met with a covert plan to assasinate and destroy those who harm our security.

It is almost a joke to observe the Harry Reid schedule of issues for the 3 week period.If he accomplishes even 75%, he deserves a medal.Thankfully cap and tax is off the menu,and it loks like Start,Dream and other such issues that should have been discussed months ago, will be put off until the next Congress.Taxes and a limited continuing budget reslution perhaps may survive
Similarly the food safety act might make it..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving / Turkey and the Armenian Genocide

This and the fourth of July give me a special feeling of pride to be an American-the greatest country in the world.These holidays ,without any religious significance, nevertheless allows for a pause to consider how we as Jews have been welcomed,and succeeded beyond any expectation.
When I sat Wed morning in my talmud shiur,I thought that each person in the room were physicians (except for 1 accountant), were very successful in their careers,and felt free to sit and learn of our religion and heritage without fear.This has not been the history of the Jewish Diaspora.

Now that PM Erdegan of Turkey is on an anti-Israel rampage again,it is time for Congress to once again revisit the Turkish Armenian genocide when in 1915, 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered.
The last time when Congress wanted to have a resolution on this event,Turkey placed pressure on Israel to help kill it.Sadly some in the pro-Israel community in Washington joined in that effort. Now is the time to correct that wrong

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


How any pro-Israeli citizen of our country can subscribe to the NYT is beyond me.Their slanted news stories, editorials and op-ed are beyond the pale.
Sunday in an op-ed by Nicholas Kristof on charities, he wrote "Meanwhile American likely to make peace posible... the Hebron.settlement is notorious for extremism and violence against Palestinians" (talking about the NY Hebron dinner last week)
Without going into the history of Hebron,where our forefathers lived and were buried,and where King David lived prior to going to Jerusalem,it is important to clarify who supports the Hebron Fund.
Sheila and I with our grandson were in Hebron less than 2 weeks ago, as was our grandson and son-in-law just before that.While we could not attend the dinner,I left a check to show our support.
I dare say not even one person who came or contributed ( and probably came in previous years) had any doubts that they were supporting our basic rights as Jews to develop the land and protect our heritage.

On the other side of the op-ed page, the very bitter Maureen Dowd,in another attack on the anti-Obama forces makes fun of Boehner, because he flew commercial ,did so with guards and did not have a pat-down.
Ms Dowd conveniently forgot Pelosi going by military jet,or that any Washington official with protection is granted such a waiver.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SHEKER / we have to be thorough and fair in reducing our debt

That I think the peace process is sham is of course well known.The only time that for a mini-moment when I saw Rabin and Arafat shake hands on the WH lawn,I stood,had tears in my eyes and prayed that maybe "this is the moment of peace".
It was not too long after that that I began writing op-eds,and testifying in Congress against the lies of the PLO.
Today after Gaza and Lebanon , it is clear that there can never be peace until the Arabs start accepting the reality of Israel as a Jewish State.
Thus when this week the PA attacks the ownership of the Kotel as Arab property ,on the one hand it is disgusting,and on the other it is part of the Delegitimatization and dejudiazation campaign of the Arabs.
The whole back and forth with the freeze, including all the deals with planes and veto promises is all SHEKER -ONE big lie.
it is now being pointed out, Congress would have to APPROVE THE PLANE SALE.
Israel should say- NO THANKS

Nobody likes to pay more taxes,or to lose deductions and so I have a guarded reasponse to the bipartisan Commission on reducing our debt.
If everyone has to suffer equally fine-however,I do not see getting rid of Obamacare-1 trillion dollars, or revising all the union contracts and pensions for govt. employees.
Public hearings that include all of the potential areas such as farm subsidies,the crazy subsidies for ethanol,and the creation of a govt-subsidized "green-energy" industry are worthy areas of investigation.

By the way Congress shoulod look at the lobbying efforts for these new x-ray scanners!

Monday, November 22, 2010


The vote today by the knesset to force any withdrawal from the Golan or E. Jerusalem be subject to a super-knesset majority of 80 votes, or a vote of the Israeli people,is long overdue.
The pressure Israel is under daily from the US, UN, and the EU, in addition to the left might if the circumstances were correct,potentially allow for members of the knesset to bribed.Giving a new Volvo is an old trick( to a swing voter).
Once Israel withdraws it is irreversible short of the next war.

The announcement that N. Korea has 2000 centrifuges,and is involved in enriching uranium, is another failure for our most incompetent and ill-prepared President.
In truth Bush shares the blame in Korea, and in Iran.
Our policy is weak, impotent and based on talking and not on might.The world and the US may unfortunately have to deal with the results of both of these failures.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Read the top story in todays Jerusalem Post.
The State Dept. says everything Bibi is tellin Shas about Jerusalem and the freeze is not true.
I rest my case.
Comment has been made about Obama's new children book that extols 'Sitting Bull' who in 1876 killed General Custer.
Another anti-American hero for kids.

You have to laugh or cry at the left wing of the Dem. party who keep yelling that Obama was not and is not liberal enough.!
All I can say is that it is good news for Republicans, but bad news for America.

From time to time,when arriving,if there is a passport problem, you see someone being asked to go to a private room for followup.

I don't know enough about the proposed treaty with Russia to have an informed opinion.However Sen. Kyl seems to be on point that more discussion on its shortcoming is warranted.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Sitting here in the US ,and following ( A few times a day) the comings and goings of Bibi ( and Obama -Hillary ) can make you sick and disgusted.

Not in any particular order-
Jerusalem is exempt from any freeze/or not so.
There will-or won't be a written agreement.
The promise to veto is for 1 year,possibly more or only if an agreement is reached.
There will not be any additional requests for freezes/ or that's not clear
The plane sale is guaranteed /OR IMPLIED
There will be unlimited building (tenders )in Jerusalem after 90 days-or there will be limited -or none


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The A irport patdown

I recently wrote about security and check-in in Tel Aviv.Of course 1 national airport is not comparable to our multiple airports.Yet even to the untrained eye you can determine that a sophisicated mult-layer approach is in place.
As your taxi or car enters the airport,you must stop and at times be questioned as to where you have been coming from etc.
As you get off the bus or car in front of the building, besides cameras there are many youmg people sitting and oberving the behavior of the people for signs of nervousness.
Then every person lines up, and security agents do a brief interview.True to someone like me wearing a skullcap,carrying my talit, with so many stamps of Israel in my passport,it appears over the top.Yet,one cannot deny their effectiveness.However they are trained to try to trick you-ie relatives in Israel,places visited etc.
Then each checked bag will either go through a machine in front of you,or if they are satified, will allow you tro proceed to the check-in, or if you answer that the bags were not with you from the time of packing-will be sent over to a desk to visually go through the contents with you standing there.In essence you confirm that the bag was packed in the manner now before the agent.
Then the check-in,and security again with your carry-on.You do not have to take off your shoes as you go through the line.No big deal wityh small medicine bottles.
The security is not based on ethnic factors alone,but how you act,when did you buy your ticket? is it one way? etc. Then if needed, you are taken to a private room for more questions and searching.
There is no public patting down,or putting your hands on the groin of a 90 year old nun or invalid who does not otherwise fall into a high risk category.
Our system is broken,because
1-the beauracrats who make policy are former politicians,and not involved in security
2-we are worried about political correctness.
Not one person has been dicovered carrying explosives bour techniques!

Monday, November 15, 2010


In principle I would be against a settlement freeze.The only positive argument I heard was from Ehud Barak.He said that Israel should accept because Israel has to beat the PA,in acceptance,and avoid being isolated in the UN.
The problem is that I neither trust Obama or Clinton.
The issue of a UN veto should not be a source of pressure on Israel.It should be a given.HOWEVER WITH OBAMA THE MOST ANTI-ISRAEL PRESIDENT SINCE CARTER,EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE.
Then why should that promise be for 1 year only.Especially when today the State Dept. said negotiations could last into 2012.
Although the stealth planes are important,it will not be delivered for years.
What kind of promises will Obama make to Abbas to get him back to the table?divide Jerusalem ? ownership of Rachels Tomb? Chevron?
This is a slippery slope.Bibi has to rely on the power of G-d, the Republican leadership,and the pro-Israel Christian community.
Does Shas really believe that Obama will give them a letter for unlimited
Jerusalem building now or after 90 days? or on the West Bank?
Does anyone believe that the US will not ask and insist on an extension if the talks go beyond 90 days?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progressive delusion / Obama /Clinton reward PA for ?

"Unto thyself always be true"-or something like that.The worst thing that a supposedly mature person can do is to delude themselves and not face facts.
There are reports that the WH is prepared to compromise over the Bush tax cuts-namely avoiding a TAX INCREASE FOR ALL BRACKETS.
Now come some "progressives" who are angry and believe Obama should fight because 98% of the nation would support him.The problem is that as Rasmussen and others have shown well over 50% of America supports a continuation of the Bush tax cuts for everyone.
The liberal idea that the Dems lost because Obama was not liberal enough,is pure nonsense,and is not borne out by the numbers.

Why did Clinton give $ 150 million to the PA?
Was it because they are prepared to stop their nonsense re."settlements" and an insistence on the" right of return" etc?
Why is the Obama/Clinton team picking a fight with Bibi?
Don't they realize they are only strenghthening the hand of FM Lieberman,who could be the next PM if Bibi compromises.Yesterday Lieberman correctly said "no more freezes ,not even for a day.If there is pressure,apply it to the PA"
Finally-where is the pressure on the Arab League to support the PA,the refugees and the moribund peace process?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ob ama and Jerusalem / Palin is not the answer,and may be the problem

It is obvious that the "honeymoon" between Obama and Bibi is over.Todays editorial in the WSJ ,although short is right on target.
To choose to criticize Israel in a Moslem country that won't let Jews in, is the height of arrogance.One does not hear any criticism from his fellow Dems.Jerry Nadler for example is more interested in Bush waterboarding 9/11 terrorists than Jerusalem.(sadly he is a fellow Crown Heights Yeshiva alumnus).

Although some magazines are touting the power of Palin,I believe she has one major drawback-She can get to 40-45% but not 50%.
It was the Tea party that caused the Republicans to lose the Senate.By supporting kookie candidates, they forced voters to hold their noses and vote Democratic.Nevada,Colorado,Delaware are 3 examples.The influence of money, can help in a primary but if the candidate for example never voted in previous election,(as in Calif) or whose claim to fame is wrestling (vs Cong Simmons -0a former CIA operative and Cong.) or refusal to meet the press (Angle) this is bad.Even Joe Miller in her Alaska homestate, was not ready for prime time.
Populism has its place, and Rubio is so far placing into perspective his conservatism but also his ability to communicate.Remember,he was Speaker of the Fl legislature,and has the scars to show for it.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Last Wed as we drove down to Chevron our bus passed the beautiful community of Har Homa.
I was privileged to be at the ground breaking ceremony for this project when Bibi was last PM. I recall a small counter-demonstration against the project,however despite world and especially US pressure, the building continued.
What is important is that this area is within the municipality of Jerusalem and IS NOT A SETTLEMENT.
The announced plan for 1000 new units, brought about an Obama renuciation from Indonesia. He and everyone knows that there never was a freeze on Jerusalem building,and every single proposal for "PEACE" has this area remaining as part of Israel.
This is Obama the Muslim boy, back in his roots, where he prayed in the Mosque on Fridays,simply once again showing his didain for Bibi and Israel.

The majority of conservative or middle of the road Dems in the House are gone. 40% of the members of the next Congress(Dems) belong to the Progressive Caucus.
Howevever as Lawrence O'Donnell said on MSNBC he is proud to be not a liberal, but a socialist.Indeed that should be the real name of the old Democratic Party-SOCIALIST PARTY.

The security person finally came to us,and took my passport,thumbed through it,and asked me "have you ever been to Israel before?"
I answered about 80 times,and then asked her wasn't my passport proof of my frequent visits?-no answer
It is not an old passport, and when she handed it back to me,I counted 38 Israeli entries.(probably 20 recent visits-(coming and going)

Monday, November 08, 2010


I thank Elli for his blogging.
It is amazing that Pelosi et al, are still in a state of denial.If they basically re-elect the same leadership with Pelosi as Minority leader,and the same liberal senior age team ,it would appear to me that they will be spending 2 years fighting the negative ads about her .
The Weekly Standard has a tongue in cheek article suggesting that Dems. do just that-keep Pelosi as a WAY OF INSURING A 2012 VICTORY-FOR THE REPS.

I am sure El-Al has the best security,although it appears to me that the disregard fot the passengers is worse than ever.The lines were longer,and often a line did not have a security person available, while many of them just walked back and forth talking to one another.
While the staff goes through the motions on the plane,they lack the warmth and cordiality of Singapore Air or Cathay Pacific.
We had one carry-on for Sheila and myself.The woman behind the check-in asked to weigh the carry-on.Even though we only had 1 large piece of baggage,and were well under the wt. limits.She said the carry-on was too heavy, and that we should remove some items.(not to place them in the checked luggage,but to make the carry-on lighter).I took out my Talis and Tfillin,and Sheila took out another bag.
The young lady was satified,as she put a blue sticker on the carry-on.Thus we walked away,with a rolling carry-on,and the 2 items loose in our hand until we turned the corner,whereupon we re-inserted them into the carry-on.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Elliot Ganchrow writes:

It is hard to understand how a Democratic member of Congress could support Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader. After being in denial for weeks that her caucus was going to get slaughtered, she has taken no blame for the election debacle. Instead of doing the honorable thing and resigning her seat, she wants to stay and fight. If the Democrats want to believe that their problem was communication rather than the legislation they passed, then they should be surprised to be in the minority for the next few years.

My brother in law, Paul and my nephew Zack, were in Hebron last week along with 25,000 other Jews for Parshat Chaye Sarah. My parents, who are in Israel with my nephew Jonah, visited Hebron and Kever Rachel last week. I therefore found it ironic that last week UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) declared that they would list Maarat Hamechpala and Kever Rachel as mosques. The decision is absurd and serves as further proof (as if any further proof is necessary) that the UN is an arm of the Palestinian propaganda machine. The Republicans in the House need to ensure that American funds do not go to UNESCO until this decision is reversed.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election Observations

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

Last night's wipeout of the Democratic Party was an unmistakable message from the American people that they are fed up with the Obama agenda. Whether Obama and the Democrats hear the message remains to be seen. President Clinton understood the message in 1994 and changed course in time to win re-election. Here are some of my observations from last night:

1. The numbers from the House are simply stunning- While 60 plus Democrats were losing their seats only two Republicans lost theirs. This was not a vote against the incumbents- this was a vote against the Democrats.

2. The Republicans struck the right tone by not overdoing their celebrations last night. Americans were not necessarily voting for the Repubicans but were rather repudiating Obama and Pelosi. Republicans now must prove their mettle by passing meaningful legislation in the House. This could force the Democrats in the Senate to play ball since the 2012 Senate map heavily favors the Republicans- Senate Democrats who don't want to meet the same fate as their defeated colleagues may decide that working with the Republicans is the better route.

3. It was disappointing to see Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer win re-election. The wins by the Democrats in Colorado, Nevada and Delaware shows that even in the best Republican year, you still must nominate good candidates to win. The screwballs who were nominated to challenge Reid and Coons should never have won their primaries.

4. The victorious Democrat in the West Virginia race, Governor Manchin, only won a two year term since it was an election to fill Robert Byrd's term. Since he promised to govern as a conservative, look for Republicans to hold his feet to the fire for the next two years.

5. Nancy Pelosi has done as much damage to this country as any politician has over the last 25 years. I can hardly wait to see her hand the gavel over to John Boehner.

6. The shift from a Pelosi/Hoyer leadership to a Boehner/Cantor leadership means that we will see a shift from a leadership that was ambivilent towards Netanyahu to a leadership that will stand strongly behind him and Israel. The Republicans in the House will be a strong counterforce against Obama, Clinton and the other anti-settler/pro palestinian Democrats. Soon to be Majority Leader Eric Cantor will be the highest ranking Jew in the House and is especially strong on Israel. The other important shift is that the Foreign Relations Committee will be taken over by Florida Republican Ileana Ros Lehtinen who is great on our issues.

7. Of the Republicans elected to the Senate, it is hard not to be impressed by Marco Rubio, the new Senator from Florida. He will be one of the faces of the party in the coming years. Incidentally he is headed to Israel on Sunday.

8. Republicans also did exceptionally well in the Governors races and state legislatures contests. Republicans now control the Governorships of at least 29 states including key states like Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

9. While the rest of the country was repudiating the Democrats, the two biggest states on the coasts remain stuck in a 1970's time warp. New York was busy electing a Cuomo while California was returning Jerry Brown to the state house. You could have opened a newspaper in the 70's and saw the same names in power (although it was Cuomo's father who was governor back then- they share the same far left ideology). Each of these states are completely dysfunctional and yet they elected two candidates with no fresh ideas. Don't expect much to improve in either state.

10. After endorsing Joe Miller and Christine O' Donnell, I hope Sarah Palin goes away for a while. She has the potential to distract from the Republican message which could be more effectively communicated by Republican leaders like Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, Haley Barbour and Bobby Jindal. These are all potential 2012 national candidates and they need to get national air time.

11. I had a chance to watch some of MSNBC's coverage last night. Hard to believe that a network that once had Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert, now features Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews. Their coverage was mean-spirited, condescending, amateurish and childish. They were in denial and blamed the losses on the stupidity of the American people (as if in two years the American went from smart to stupid). In comparison, Fox News had sharp analysis from well prepared and professional commentators. Its no wonder that Fox News has four times the amount of viewers that MSNBC has.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Election Eve

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

This is my third consecutive election in which I have written for this blog on the night before Election Day. The night before the 2008 Election Day was gloomy as it was evident that Obama was going to be elected President, that 60 Democrats would be elected to the Senate and the House would become more liberal. Last year, we began to see the light as Republicans won in NJ and Virginia. This year, we are seeing a tidal wave toward the GOP the likes of which we haven't seen since 1994 and possibly even prior to that. The American people are poised to send an unmistakable message to the Democrats that they are fed up with their brand of liberalism, with Obamacare, with tax and spend, with the Stimulus package and with the financial reform bill. How loud will the message be? Here are my predictions:

House- The Republicans will pick up 57 seats and take control of the House. I hope that one of those 57 is Fran Becker, who is running in my Long Island district against Carolyn McCarthy. McCarthy expressed sympathy for the terrorists who were killed by Israeli forces aboard the Gaza flotilla. Lets hope her political career ends tomorrow.

Senate- The Republicans will pick up nine seats but fail to take control of the Senate.

Governors- Republican wins in Ohio, Texas and Florida will almost offset losses in California and NY.

Please go out and vote tomorrow.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


WITH G-D'S HELP, we leave Sat nite with our grandson Jonah for a pre Bar Mitzvah tour of Israel.This will be his first trip there,and of course we are excited.
We have already voted by absentee ballot in Fla.
The mess with Clinton asking Meeks to drop out to help Crist to me sounds like a poorly thought out plan.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Anyone who is not a Liberal with a capital L knows that the mainstream media and the major networks are anti- Republican, anti-conservative and anti-Fox.Now comes an objective study from the Media Research Center that documents their bias.
From Sept 1 to Oct 25, the 3 networks had 35 stories that labeled Tea Party and Republican candidates as extremists, but 0 Dems were so described.
Reporters called 48 candidates conservative , but only 14 liberal.No candidate was called "ultra-liberal", but Miller and O'Donnell were called "ultra-conservative".
What happens next Tues and Wed when as predicted there is a blow-out for the Reps,is hard to predict.If Raese (W. Va)) and Kirk (Ill) win, they will be seated immediately.
Right now, it looks like Harry Reid will be out of a job.I try to follow all the polls, and all the political blogs I have time for,and it appears that 55-65 House seats and 8 or 9 Senate seats-(could there be a 10th) will change hands.What a wave!

The new Frank Luntz poll of Union members showing that the majority are not happy with the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by unions on the Democratic party.Remember,these funds are union dues,and 1 or 2 unions even went out to borrow money to send to the campaigns.Will there be a price to pay by the union leadership-especially if their candidates lose?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


A UN envoy equated a few settlers allegedly destroying olive trees with Hamas terrorism.Suicide bombers,rocket throwers kidnappers,armed thugs who care nothing fOr human life or dignity vs. unproven charges of olive tree destruction.
The other day,after the NPR incident,on one of the internet sites, a well known Arabist in defending NPR, wrote what would have happened if I said every time I get on a plane and see someone wih a yarmulka I get frightened.
I have tried to recall the last othodox Jew who blew up a plane,hijacked a plane,went on a suicide mission and threatened to destroy any non-judaic part of the world.
Anti-semites need no logic to spit out their distorted words.
Sadly we give too much credence to such statements,which allow the world to comment..

Monday, October 25, 2010

Foreclosure solution / A different yeshiva life

I totally understand that the foreclosure mess is compounded by the messy and perhaps illegal paperworks that banks and law firms undertook to close the books on poor loans.
Up to now the spotlight has been on these banks and mortgage foreclosure mills.If they have done things wrong-of course that should be straightened out and if illegal, then criminal prosecution.
However,we are neglecting the role of the homeowner who has not paid their monthly mortgages for many, many months and even years.And they, they are still in their homes.
I propose that the Judges who oversee these cases document non-payment TO ANY BANK OR ENTITY AND a)have the people make payments to the court or b) absent that,the people should be removed from their homes,the Court should take over the possession of the home,and allow its sale and then the money going into escrow,and when the paperwork straightened the true owner(BANK) WILL GET ITS FUNDS,WHILE THE HOUSE CAN NOW BE LEGALLY SOLD.

We did some babysitting in Teaneck this past week for our grandchildren.I recall that when I was in elementary school Yeshiva,there were no school organized sports activities.In high school,there was a school baskeball team but ,that was it.
Today, hockey, wrestling, little league baseball are standard for almost all of the modern yeshiva Day Schools.Everyone one desires can participate ,or try out for the school teams.What a wonderful advancement, to help these young
people become all around and healthy members of our community.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bibi /The elections

If reports that Bibi is about to restart the settlement freeze are true it would be sad.
Thomas Friedman, who is no friend of the nationalist-zionist camp, is seen as begging "why can't you give Obama 2 months", as though Israel has not made concession after concession.
It is a shame that after 62 years of statehood,Israel has to insist that the PA recognize ISRAEL AS A jEWISH sTATE.
There can never be peace,if the price is to divide Jerusalem, or the "right of return"
The recent attempt to stir up the waters be calling for the abolishment of the Chief Rabbinate will not help unite the country or solve the conversion issue.The
only ones who would gain are the American Reform and Conservative clergy who have no constituency in Israel.
I do agree that pressure must be placed by Bibi on the Chief Rabbinate to once and for all accept the Conversion process within the IDF.

I will be in Israel on election day,therefore will not participate in what should be a festive moment.However, some of the races are so close, and there will be contested write-ins, so that the final decision could be weeks and months away.
Illinois,W. Va and I believe a third state will seat their winners the day after election day.Thus the results could hinder (or help) Harry Reid if he wants to sneak in some post-election nonsense.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Much has been written and said in the last 24 hours on the NPR decision to fire Williams.
We always knew that NPR was a left leaning org.Liberalism in America today does not respect different points of view,nor do they care about protecting free speech-if the words come from a conservative.
Women liberals not only attack viciously female conservatives, not for their political views, but for their humanity and lack of intelligence.
Liberals today refuse for the most part to admit that radical Islam is a wotldwide criminal-fascist movement that seeks to destroy our way of life.Islam claims it is a religion of peace,but all we see are terrorists,suicide bombers,and hate propoganda.
If there are moderate Islamic leaders,where are they? what have they done to counteract the radicals?
By accepting money from Soros,and inferring that Williams fears need to be addressed by a psychiatrist NPR has shown they are not objective, and should lose their tax-exempt status.If there are federal funds -they should be rescinded.
In fact the fears of Williams about getting on a plane,probably are the fears of 90% of Americans.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The mortgage mess

Having been involved with refinancing my mortgage earlier in the year,and then trying to ascertain whether I should do it again has made me very aware of conditions on the ground.
Years ago,when I went in to practice in Monsey,I went into the bank,applied for a morgage,and dealt with the Bank President.It was a longstanding relationship, until he left the bank, when the bank changed its name and it all became impersonal.
Today,when you are finally able to get a mortgage, the bank sells it to a third and then multiple parties.At the end Fannie or Freddie wind up with the document
People like our family, and 90% of American homeowners work hard to meet their monthly mortgage payments.They did not lie on their applications,nor did they deliberately get in over their heads.Of course in life,some people suffer setbacks,lose their job, illness etc and find they cannot meet their obligations.For these people bankruptcy or foreclosure are part of our system.
However, when people accepted mortgages with fraud, or by accepting an obligatioin they knew well in advance they could not meet,then the call to stop all foreclosures, or to reduce the principal is unfair and unjust to all those who pay on time.
The real criminals are the politicians of both parties,Freddy and Fannie and the mortgage brokers who took part in a great charade, that hurts all of us.
Howevever, if a person has not paid their mortgage for 18 months ,and so on, the foreclosure should be expedited.This not only fair,but will allow new owners to come in and take these homes off the market-thereby saving neighborhoods.(where vacant foreclosed homes become an eye-sore)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The end is near / A Taliban victory

Each hour brings conflicting polls.For exmple a Dem. polling group says Sestak is now ahead by 1 point in Pa., while Rasmussen has Toomey up by 10.I guess that is all part of our silly season.
What is not ok is the avalanche of attacks by the Dems without substantiation.When the WH keeps saying that foreign money is fueling the GOP, and despite many attempts to get to the bottom of it,no proof is forthcoming , that is dishonest.
Their answer is "prove to me we are wrong"!
In fact independent fact checkers have indeed proven them wrong,but that won't stop them.
Their goal,as documented by the WSJ,get the names of contributors,so Unions and can harrass them.
They attack Reps.,for wanting to add a VAT, but neglect to say that this would be in lieu of a federal income tax.
They attack Reps who want to discuss privatizing a portion of social security.However, they neglect to say, that this even if passed would not affect any current ss recipients,and that it would be optional,and would if chosen only involve a portion of a persons funds.
At one time in my life I entertained a possibility of running for Congress.Of course I am now too old,but more importantly the need to raise such huge sums of money, and the personal attacks from both parties that distort your life and your every statement has taken the desire from me.

Todays op-ed in the WSJ on talking to the Taliban is a must read. As a veteran of Vietnam I then watched closely the pseudo-negotiations in Paris (I believe) with the Viet Cong and the North, which led to our defeat.By agreeing to sit with them, rather than defeating them,we guarantee a Taliban victory

Monday, October 18, 2010

A 50-50 tie

It now appears that the House will switch to the Rep side.Rasmussen says +55.others say that as much as 100 ALL-DEMOCRATIC seats are in play.
However the Senate still has at least 5 States that could determine
control.The Reps need a 10 seat pickup to gain control.If it should occur that they gain 9, then the count will be 50-50 and VP Biden will cast the tie-breaking vote to organize the Senate.Obviously he will choose the Dem candidate.
Let us look ahead to 2012 at the State of Conn. Joe Lieberman is up for re-election.Remember 4 years ago he lost in the Dem. primary to the left wing Lamont,and ran as an In dependent.
In 2 years he has a problem, he cannot run again as a Democrat-he already lost that battle.Even if he played makeup with some party leaders,he would again face a left wing challenge.
The people of Conn. already look upn him as a Republican.If he switched parties and cast the 51st vote for the Rep.,he would be the party nominee.Of course he would have to get some guarantees from Sen. Demint and other right wingers, that they will not support another candidate against him in the Rep. primary.There are no guarantees in life or politics, but for him and the country it would be the best thing .
The only other possibility for a party switch is Sen. Ben Nelson who already has said he will not switch.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Palestinian State / The Elections

The threat of the PA to have the UN declare a Palestinian State-is just that -a political threat.
Israel holds all the cards-the money that is transferred to the PA-the borders and freedom of movement for PA police, and their arms.
A State on a piece of paper without an airport-seaport or border crossing and having hundreds of thousands of Jews living in their "State"is just a joke.
The US could not politically recognize such a farce-except after 2012 if G-d forbid Obama is re-elected.
There is now beginning to hear rumblings in Israel,of new elections.Will Labor leave the coalition?That would still leave Bibi with a WORKING MAJORITY.HOWEVER THE BATTLE BETWEEN BIBI AND lIEBERMAN MAY INCREASE OVER WHO IS THE KING OF THE RIGHT WING.This could puish Bibi toward elections.

The peace process is over and another wakeup call for the Obama who walks on water and who promised a new era in Iran,Israel,N.Korea and Central America.The interests of countries are not determined by lofty speeches, but by political and military-economic strength in addition to their own self interests.

Rasmussen predicts a 55 vote gain for the Republicans in the House,enough to take over-perhaps Nancy will retire.
The Senate control will depend on the last 2 weeks in about 5 races.In any case, the Administration is through with left wing policies that can pass Congress,as well as left wing Supreme Court nominees that will have to face a more conservative Senate.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time for the election season to end

Honestly I am getting tired of this election season.The constant polling, the constant repitition of the Tea Party influence, and Greta every nite bringing on Palin ,O'Donnell getting under my skin.
Of course Sheila and I voted already by absentee ballot in Florida-we will be in Israel on election day.
In truth although I pray for a big Republican win,a number of their candidates are kooks.Angle, O'Donnell, Rand Paul are at the top of the list.
Glenn Beck is scary.Palin does not have the qualifications and stability to be President.If they lose the Senate because of Del or Nev that is her fault.
So far,Gov. Christie of NJ ,though not a handsome man, is tough and seems to have the right formula.
Why Arnold endorsed Crist in Fl is a mystery to me.Rubio is over the 50% point level.
In truth Obama ,Biden and Company have lied and distorted the issues and they deserve not only to lose,but to be run out of town.Some of them will be!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

our educational system / Enlarging the coalition

My wife Sheila came home today with an unbelievable insight into the LOW level of education that we see in the marketplace.
She was at a local major supermarket and had a voucher for yahrzeit lamps (memorial candles) that the store had run out of previously.The voucher said "3 for one dollar,limit 4".She took 4 to the checkout counter.The woman said she could not figure out how much to charge.
Sheila responded " $1.33 0r $1.34".The woman behind the counter suspicious that Sheila was cheating asked her to prove her math-however she could not follow,and called a manager.
He likewise could not figure it out,and therefore told the clerk to charge her ond dollar for the four.
The sales slip said "4 items at 25 cents each"
G-d bless America!

The call to change the makeup of the Netanyahu coalition is really an attempt by the left wing in Israel to give away Jerusalem and half of Israel.They lost the elections,and the right wing wing and the public support a hard approach to Obama and blackmail.In fact if elections were held today Ehud Barack would be out of a job(perhaps 8 seats).
In Washington the cry is that after the elections the WH will return to the hard line of 2 years ago.
THE PROBABLE LOSS OF AT LEAST ONE AND POSSIBLY BOTH hOUSES OF CONGRESS, thus a more conservative pro-Israel voice in the Congress.
The '12 elections will be underway, and Obama has enough problems with Jews in the fund-raising dept.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bibi's offer / Paladino gets it right

Out of desperation to keep the talks going (to nowhere )Bibi offered the PA that if they would accept the fact that Israel is a Jewish State,of the Jewish people, he would extend the settlement freeze.
The quick rejection,with cries of racism, prove again that there is no partner now or ever.They want a Palestinian State with no Jews,and an Israeli State, where with the "right of return", can in one or 2 generations become an Islamic State.
It is time to go full-speed with the 20,000 plus housing units awaiting approval.
The knesset is acting wisely by approving the loyalty oath, and the mechanism for a plebescite for any agreement ( never) with Syria.
After all,we pledge allegiance to the US constitution and flag when one becomes a citizen-why should Israel be different?

When I was a kid, homosexuality was a private matter.Then people CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET-OK!
Next step -legislation to prevent discrimination-OK
Then comes an attempt to show our kids that this alternate lifestyle is ok-NOT OK
In this age of political correctness, even a statement that we should tell and teach our kids that marriage is between a man and a woman,and the Bible calls homosexuality an immoral abberation cannot be washed under the table.
Nor,can religious groups, or candidates be attacked with the crime of "homophobia" because the left has so decided.
I have written extensively about this going back to when I was OU President,adding my experience with all types of people as a colo-rectal surgeon.
Humanity, and love for a fellow human-YES

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back to blogging Dr George Landa a'h

I once again thank Elli for blogging while I sat shiva.
It was a tiring period especially since we had the yom tov interlude.Today I found out that our eldest grandaughter Carly ,who celebrated her bat mitzvah today, was born on the first day chol Hamoed Succoth which was the day my mother passed away on.
On the last full day of my shiva a former neighbor, friend and colleague Dr George Landa passed away.He was in his early 60's and was a fine and distinguished cardiologist and ben torah. He left a wonderful family.The Monsey and medical community will miss him.
It is not clear if Shas will support a 60 day freeze,or will not stand in the way of a constuction freeze,or will oppose it.

Today RCP ( real clear politicss) puts the Senate battle at 50 -50. Thus as Elli wrote, Wash and Conn among a few others could be no 51 for the GOP.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

NY GOP/Taxes

Elli Ganchrow writes:

In this, a year that is shaping up as a Republican wave election, the New York Republican has reached a new low in irrelevancy. To review there are three important races this year in New York, a Governor and two Senate seats. The Democrats have Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand running for these seats. And who do the Republicans have running against them? Carl Paladino, Jay Townsend and Joe DioGuardi. If you had heard of any of these individuals before this past September then you are bigger a political junkie then I am. In fact, these three Republicans have virtually no chance of winning their elections (although Paladino was close in one poll before he went crazy on Fred Dicker on the Post). The Republicans in New York are virtually irrelevant. It is time for new leadership to take over the party and build it up from the bottom up.

Of all the crazy policies that Obama has advocated over the past two years (cap and trade, government takeover of medicine, the stimulus, closing Gitmo, trying terrorists in civilian court, cash for clunkers, the reform of the financial system etc.), the nuttiest is his obsession with raising taxes on all Americans making over $250,000. Making $250,000 in this country does not make you "rich" and the tax will affect thousands of small businesses. You don't have to be an economist to know that raising taxes during a recession is a terrible idea. Hopefully Congress pushes the President into accepting a two year extension of the current rates.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

2010 Senate Outlook

Elli Ganchrow writes:

It us now becoming quite clear that 2010 is going to be a big year for Republicans across the country. Based on the latest polls that have been released it appears likely that the House will switch to Republican control. Normally when the House switches parties, then the Senate switches parties as well. Will this trend hold this year? According to RealClearPolitics, based on the latest polls, as of today the Republicans would pick up 9 seats (Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arkansas and North Dakota). A 9 seat pick up would put the Senate in a 50-50 tie and would allow the VP to break ties. It is possible that any of these five races could break for the Republicans and give then a majority: 1. Washington 2. New York 3. California 4. Delaware 5. Connecticut. Of these 5 races, I would put Connecticut at the top of the list of possible upsets. Linda McMahon, the Republican candidate, is running an excellent campaign with hard hitting ads. My guess is that the Republicand take both houses of Congress.

One final point: if the Senate ends up in a 50-50 tie, Sarah Palin will have some explaining with respect to her endorsement of Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. The Delaware primary (which turned after Palin endorsed O'Donnell over Castle) went from a slam dunk Republican win to a probable loss. If this prevents a Republican majority we will know who to blame.

Faisal Shahzad

Elli Ganchrow writes:

In 1995 my father took me to my first AIPAC convention during which he took me to a side room where a then largely unknown expert on terrorism, Steve Emerson, was trying to raise money for his anti-terrorism endeavors. He presented a documentary based on undercover filming of Islamic fundamentalists operating in the United States. The fundamentalists were caught on film discussing various plots against the West. An elderly man sitting in front of me got up and said "This is baloney." The man accused Emerson of being a fear-mongerer and promptly walked out. Such was the typical 9/10 mindset- a failure to imagine what Islamic terrorists were capable of. Unfortunately, the Obama administration has attempted to return the country to that same 9/10 mindset- they refuse to say that we are at war with Islamic facsists. The conviction of the Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, reminds all of us that we still need a 9/11 perspective- a willingness to identify and wipe out the enemy. Shahzad said at his sentencing "If I'm given 1,000 lives I will sacrifice them all for the life of Allah". We need to wake up to the danger lurking in our country.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Elli Ganchrow writes:

As my father wrote last week, my grandmother, Kate Ganchrow, passed away on the first day of Chol Hamoed at the age of 99. She was an incredible person who had a positive outlook each day of her life. Her life is an inspiration to all who knew her and she will be dearly missed.

It is no secret that most of the media is biased toward the Democrats. This is especially true with respect to the three major networks, ABC, CBS and NBC. But as bad as the bias has been, ABC's selection of Christine Amanpour as the host of "This Week" on Sunday mornings is truly a new low. Before joining ABC, Amanpour was a wildly biased correspondent for CNN, whose claim to fame was a special she hosted which equated Jewish and Christian terrorism with Muslim terrorism. This past week The Jewish Press contrasted Amanpour easy questioning of an Obama aide with her harsh questioning of Mitch McConnell. It is hard to take ABC's coverage seriously with Amanpour serving as one of its stars.

Lets hope Netanyahu resists the pressure and does not extend the construction moratorium. Obama's focus on this issue is lunacy- Israelis have had talks with the Palestinians for the last 17 years without suspending construction. Why Obama has focused on this issue is anyone's guess but it certainly has not helped the process. Short of the release of Pollard, there is not much of lasting value which would make the moratorium worth while. As my brother in law, Jason (who lives in Neve Daniel) explained to me a few weeks ago, the moratorium is preventing his settlement from expanding. It is time to get the construction going again.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The world and Israel | Geoge Soros and J streeet

If G-d forbid, Israel were to be destroyed . then our Pres. B. Hussein Obama, the EU, the UN ,the Quartet etc., would be
making the most elegant eulogies.
Howevever, as long as Jews are aive and have a free country sorrounded by passionate enemiesthey will do everything in their power to isolate and delegitimize them.
The UN is so tainted, that whether it is Iran,the flotilla,the Goldstone Report and so on,you realize that there is no way for Israel to survive while keeping to their ( UN) guidelines.( and fight terrorism).
There is no reason to renew the building ban.There is no possibility that Israel can move 100,000 or more people without bringing society down.
The goal should be to destroy Hamas, so that any negotiating partner truly represents all of their people and all of their territory.-in the meantime build up Jerusalen which is our capital, and Judea and Samaria.

The story in the Washington Times revealing how the J Street people lied about their financial supporters is a must read, as is a followup article ( op-ed) by Lenny Ben David in todays JP.This small group of left-wingers ,including a mystery lady from Hong Kong are the sole reason this group like Move-On .Org can spew out anti-Israel propaganda, including a recent full page ad in the NYT.

This will be my last blog until I get up from Shiva on Thurs.Perhaps one of my sons will blog after yom tov.

Monday, September 27, 2010




Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fayyad walks 'Harry loses

After all the conferences and diplomacy, it was quite amazing to see PA PM Salam Fayyad stalk out of a meeting withy Danny Ayalon, because the PA would not agree to a statement that included " 2 states for 2 people".
It appears that the Arabs want a Palestinian State for themselves, and a bi-national State for Jews and Sarabs.The Palestinian Courts have ruled that if an Arab sells his propeerty to a Jew,he will get the death penalty.

There appears no sign of compromise on the part of the PA,and the threats to walk after the moratorium are getting monotonous.Similary the threats by Ahjmedijean in the UN today.
America should have walked out.
What kind of an organization is the UN , that allow someone to threaten war on the world?

Harry Reid lost his gamble today on the Defense bill.DADT ,and immigration reform arre serious subjects that deserv their own free-standing bills. .

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pollard release vs settlement freeze

The story in todays JP, intimates that the US has offered to release Johnathan Pollard if Israel extends the settlement freeze for 3 months.
This is both a political and halachic question.
There is no doubt that having served way beyond any similarly convicted spy in the US, J Pollard falls into the category of "PIDYON SHVUYIM".
This is a Jewish cap[tive held by gentiles.The Torah tells us that to free such a person is one of the greatest mitzvoth.The Rambam,(Maimonides) gives it a higher precedent than feeding or clothing the poor.
However in a situation such as this there is the cost-benefit ratio.
Freeing such a prisoner,WOULD CAUSE POTENTIALLY GREAT HARM TO THE BUILDING OF ERETZ YISRAEL.However , more than likely it would only be temporary.
The famous story of Rabbi Meir of Rottenberg who refused to allow the community to ransom him,because the price was too high, and becaue " tikkun olam" meaning it would encourage the gentiles to kidnap others for ransom.
Pollard deserves to be released, and there are no other prisoners in the US who can be so bartered.
I would call together settlement leaders and the Chief Rabbinate to try to have a unified response
In addition I would try to bargain for a 45 day or 60 day extension
Finally I would demand from Obama a written promise that no further extension requests will be forthcoming.
Then again, we don't know if the reports are even true.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


In addition to the problem of rockets from Gaza,is the growth of Islamic fundamentalism in the area. Today is a report that a large group destroyed and burnt to the ground a water park in Gaza. Their sin-too much fun-or males and females in the water together.
As long as these people control Gaza, all the economic improvements,all the internet access and so on will not change the basics- this group is not willing to allow anyone to live in modernity or peace.
Thus, Abbas could never agree to any agreement that involved concessions to the Jews, as long as he has Hamas looking over his shoulder.

With all the talk of a Palin Presidency, I would go back to a blog I wrote a long time ago.I like her instincts, and I am a fiscal consrvative,so that this area appeals to me.
When we come to "social" conservative, I have my own feelings.I favor stem cell research.
By Jewish law, an embryo is not a human life until 30 days of gestation,and that is my criteria for abortion.I am against abortion at will, however rape,medical condition of the mother etc should be groungs for termination.
However, my main problem is that I believe Palin needs not just instinct, but a world-experience.She should use the next few months to travel the world, meet world leaders,and perhaps the Press.
She should develop a cadre of known foreign policy experts, to analyze and think-tank the various areas of the world and prepare internal papers that will show America she is ready for the big-time..

Thursday, September 16, 2010


FOR ALMOST 10 MONTHS there was a construction freeze-yet Abbas and Co. did nothing but agitate against Israel in the UN and EU etc.
Now when Bibi has spent a great geal of political capital on holding to the freeze,suddenly they want a total freeze, or perhaps a 3 month freeze.
Sec. Clinton and the Pres. did not play right by calling for a total freeze even before the talks got underway. Why should any party to a negotiations give away a key element before the talks get started without a reciprocal concession.
I have no idea what is in Bibi's mind,however he will look like a weak leader if he gives in now.The mortar attacks from Gaza,while done to break up progress, nevertheless prove that until Hamas is destroyed there can be no peace, and Abbas is half a partner( if that! )
I have seen no polls as to what would happen if Bibi compromises,probably because most people feel this is all a stage act. Izi Liebler, in todays JP, writes there is a zero chance of success.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I watched the Hannity-Rove fireworks last nite with disbelief.We should not assume that there is no possibility of a Republican victory in Del.
Firstly there was a relatively high turnnout-close to 60,000`voters-perhaps close to double that which was expected.
Secondly all nite,even on MSNBC, I never heard one word regarding the Dem. nominee Coons.Who is he?
Thirdly we must factor in the enthusiasm of the conservative electorate.
Fourth- if there is a "wave" for Republicans, then Angle and O'Donnell might be swept in.
Fifth-today's Rasmussen shows Angle-Reid tied.A few weeks ago, Dems were jumping for joy.They said a Reid victory is assured.
The Dems should be careful of that which they hoped for.
This season is a test for Palin ( and DeMint). If the Republican gain control of the Senate ,and include Nevada and/or Del, she will be a hero,and be on the way toward the Rep. nomination.
If however they lose these states, and with them the control of the Senate her gambit will have faied.
Until yesterday I had mixed feelings about the Castle race.-a liberal vs winning the Senate.
While driving in the car in the early afternoon,I heard Rush Limbaugh who brought up that Castle had voted to support hearings on whether to impeach Bush on Iraq.That plus his vote on Cap and Trade-sealed it in my mind.Better a real Dem than a RINO(Rep. in name only).

I reccomend that you read an article in the Tues Wash Times by former CIA Director Woolsey and others on SHARIA-A SECOND OPINION IS NEEDED.-Right now you can can catch it on RCP (realclearpolitics)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The polls have not yet closed.However it is becoming clearer that the electorate is not only rejecting Obama,but the professional "elite" political class.This includes the COMMITTEE cHAIRMAN FROM SAFE DISTRICTS THAT EASILY GET RE-ELECTED LIKE RANGEL( even if he wins tonite) FOR 40 YEARS,THE PROFESSIONAL STAFFS THAT WRITE 2000 PAGE BILLS THAT NO MEMBER OF cONGRESS CAN ABSORB OR UNDERSTAND.
Most people do not believe that Washington listens or cares.Moreover the people sorrounding Obama who ran such a brilliant campaign,convinced themselves that they know what is best for America.And if you don't support it now,you will in the future.
The Dems have forgotten that in America when we see success,such as a large salary or beautiful car etc,we don't say "how come the govt "Won'tt DO THAT FOR ME?"-_no , we say this is the land of opportunity,and the grandson or son of an immigrant can go to Medical School, or open a business.I don't envy wealth I would like my children and grandchildren to succeed I only ask the govt.-keep your hand off my money!and don't play the race card or make rules that union lobbyists insert to screw the populace.
By the way the MSNBC commentators who rail against the millionaires=WHAT DO THEY MAKE PER YEAR?
My final thought -when Obama talked of opening up govt.,people believed there was change in the future. However he turned everything over to Pelosi,Rahm, and the Chicago machine-like strong arm tactics. They never were able to transform from campaign mode to governing.They now will pay the price.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bibi-Abbas talks / Pin the c

One of the interesting sidebars of the negotiations in the ME is the 1 year time limit given to the negotiators.
Two of the key issues beyond the settlement construction are jerusalem and the right of return.Since if there would ever be an agreement, it would require concessions by both sides.One could not expect Bibi to turn to the Israeli people one morning and say well tomorrow we will divide Jerusalem,or next month we will evacuate 60,000 100,000 settlers and expect that his government will stand. Nor can the govt. bring this about-if ever- without months and years of education.
In the absence of such a process it is probable that no deal is politically possible.For indeed even on the Palestinian side, there is no preperation for saying-No ,once we get a State,Arabs will not ever be able to think about living in Israel.
The big question of course is will Abbas pull out when Bibi says we will only build 2500 and not 22,000 units.He would insult Obama, but his Arab supporters would cheer.

Isn't it time for the Republican Party to publicly pin down all candidates in the upcoming election and ask them.
are you prepared to vote to overturn or defund Obamacare?
are you prepared to vote to prevent tax hikes in Jan?
If cap and trade comes back in the next congress, will you oppose?
and so on.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Repentance / Obama and Bibi

As we all know the theme of Rosh Hashonah and the 10 Days of Penitance culminating in Yom Kippur is Tshuva-Repentance.
Many people compare it(wrongly) to the secular period of New Years, when people make resolutions to lose wight, be a better person etc.
For Jews the process is more complicated involving self-examination,understanding where we went astray,begging forgiveness,and when confronted with the same set of circumstances, avoiding the sin.
Many things we do ,we quickly realize was wrong,others perhaps because of lack of training we do not possesss such a recognition.Only education will help correct that for the future.
There is one sin that throughout Jewish history has brought us great destruction, and that is idol worship.In the days of the Tanach,going back to Abraham, it was a tree or an actual idol that caught the fancy of the masses.
Since the days of monotheism,the Jewish people have lost any desire for such idol worship.We do suffer from a very different and prevalent type of Avoda Zarah-idol worship.That is we are slaves to materialism .We are slaves to the culture of our society-the MTV culture.
The Reform Movement starting in Germany and here in the US, based their theology on the dilution of Jewish law,so that it has no relationship to halacha.To be like citizens of the world,and use that as your motto of Tikkun Olam, is a form of avodah zarah.
Most American Jews fall into a category of Tinok Shenishbah-a child that was kidnapped from its parents at an early age and never taught JEWISH LAW.
The challenge for Jewish leadership, is to help prevent the assimilation and intermarriage that destroys us no less than the Holcaust.

Bibi of course disappoints once again.Abbas is not willing to ever recognize Israel as a Jewish State-why go forward with talks and concessions?
Obama doublecrossed Israel when the US signed on to the IAEA resolution targeting Israel and agreed to hold a 2012 Conference trying to force Israel to ACCEDE TO THE NUCLEAR NONPROLIFERATION TREATY.In essence Israel has never publicly agreed to the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons.Every President until now protected Israel.The only chance Israel has of keeping the pressure off is by announcing they will not attend the 2012 conference.
When it comes to these nulear issues the American Jewish community is slow to react.However, it is another attempt to isolate Israel absent any pressure on Israel's niighbors to renounce war against Israel.
Bibi should rrealize that in 2 months,Obama will be a lame duck President, who will be more dependent on Republican conservatives for support.The Republican Party is much more dedvoted to Israel than the liberal left.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The future///// HAPPY NEW Year

I would like to wish all my friends and readers a

This year promises to be full of danger and promise.The latest UN report on Iran,makes you ask yourself-"what is Israel waiting for?"

Every day we hear about a wave" in the coming election.Will it come about? If so can then cut off funding for Obamacare If Obama doesn't go along,will they shut the govt? who will blink first?

Will Bibi stick to his word and resume construction? or will Abbas leave the talks?

As the 2012 campaign gets Under way in Nov., will they dump Biden?who will the Rep party rally around?

Monday, September 06, 2010


How sad that the President is so thin skinned,that he interrupted a speech today to claim that his opponents talk about him like a "dog".
Every President is subject to intense criticism, especially during an unpopular war,and in Obama's case where he has tried to remake America into a Socialist entity.
His newest idea today is just another stimulus.He really looks lost
Totally out of his league -no plan B or C.
Question-will Pelosi remain as Minority Leader if she loses the House?
Every day the polls look worse and he has defections from within his own team.

Thankfully, I was able to be discharged from the Hospital on the first post-operative day.I have been walking with pain,and hopefully this will improve over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

West Bank violence / The Wave ? / Iraq

Since I will be going onto the hospital for a day or 2 for surgery-if my son Elli has the time he will blog.
The tragic death of the 4 Israelis including a pregnant woman once again shows the attitude of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations to civilian life.
The only response is to catch the murderers,but at the same start building in the settlements in their memory.

The polls keep showing a 'WAVE' in Nov. for the Republicans.This is true especially in the House.Dick Morris and others believe 11 Senate seats are not impossible.Should that become true,the Republicans must act in a deliberate manner,to carry out a "grand scheme" re. Obamacare, the economy and jobs.They cannot let Obama set the agenda.

With 50,000 troops in Iraq, no stable govt in sight,and the violence still present,today is not a victory lap.There still can be a civil war,or new elections in the near future." It is not over until the fat lady sings."

Monday, August 30, 2010


As a followup of the "Islamophobia" nonsense,Jonah Goldberg has published an interesting piece in the Aug 24th LA Times-entitled ISLAMOPHOBIA? NOT REALLY-
In every year since 9/11 he points out, many more Jews have been victims of hate crimes than Muslims.
It is the 70% of Americans who oppose the mosque who are victims of a climate of hate.An anti-Muslim backlash is a myth.

It will be intereting to see how Obama-Biden 2 opponents of the surge and Petraeus make believe George Bush was never there.

I read as many articles on the Beck rally that I could.Over and over was the issue of the color of the skin of the attendees."Almost all white" was the refrain .Yet I myself saw a few black families walking to the march.
Question.How many white faces were in the Sharpton rally?
The Beck rally was huge.I can't say whether it was 300,000 0r double that.The media tried to play it down.
Question- how many people in the Sharpton rally that he should get equal billing? 200 or a thousand?
I get nervous when I hear a mixture of religion and politics combined, even if it is kept sub-rosa.Nevertheless one cannot deny the underlying anger and frustration of the American people.
Lokking at Obama today, I think I felt an anger and frustration,that he cannot control the world or the Congress.After he spoke on the economy,the Dow fell another 50 or so points.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Radical vs Moderate Islam

One of the great fallacies in the war on Islamic terror,is that if we raise these people from poverty,and supply job opportunities,housing etc., they will not have time or a desire for terror.
The facts show otherwise.Osama Bin Laden comes from a mega-rich family with much social and economic power.His number 2 man is a physician.
Among the London bombers,were members of the medical profdession.(as were members of the Tokyo subway terrorists)
The Fort Hood shooter, was a phyusician and reached the rank of Major.One of those arrested this week in Canada in the bomb plot was a pathologist,who appeared on a " Canadian idol show".
These people are prime examples of individuals who have religious belief in radical Islam,hate our way of life and are prepared to destoy us if they can get away with it.
It is pure nonaense to believe that by protesting the mosque we help Al Quida membership applications.If we did nothing these people would still hate us and our way of life.
We talk of radical vs moderate Islam.My question is Does a moderate Muslim mean that they have not caught you yet being a radical?I hope not!We need to see moderates stand up and lead their people.
What we need to see is indivdual Muslims and groups really prove they are "moderate" by word and deed.That means Hamas,Hezbollah, Iranian radicalism, treatment of women ,terror, suicide attacks, and so on must be areas that demand their voices..

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We hear the cry of Islamophobia,and read that we Americans are a racist, bigoted people, where only 24% of people have a positive opinion of Islam.
What other group sponors suicide attacks on innocent civilians?
Who sponsored the attemped Times Square bombing,and the Ft. Hood massacre?
Which group put 40 odd nails into a wayward woman yesterday?
Who stones adulterers?
Which society will not allow women to walk alone,drive a car and be unveiled?
Which society does not allow the rule of law,freedom of religion, or the press?
Which group in the name of Jihad blew up our WTC,and has attempted to blow up planes?
Which group in America ,or its leaders fails to condemn Hamas? Hizbollah? Osama Bin Laden?
We could go on and on,however the bottom line is clear.Can you blame America for saying NOT IN MY COUNTRY!

One final thought.My Professor of Surgery alwaays taught us," one prune does not make a Tzimmis"- a prune and carrot Jewish delicacy.
One crazy person who stabs a Muslim does not paint all Americans as rabid violent racists for opposing the Mosque.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PA protest / JOE MILLER

The Jerusalem Post reports that PA police and security forces broke up a press conference of groups that are protesting the acceptance by Abbas of direct talks.If that is the way they approach "democracy" with their own people, how will they deal with Jews?
So far Bibi is playing it close to the vest re: the building freeze.I assume between Sept 2 and the 26th when no progress on security is made,he will feel free to say we must continue with building in Jerusalem.

Honestly I almost never heard of Joe Miller.His apparent upset victory in Alaska has shaken up the political world.I was quite friendly with Frank Murkowski when he was Senator.However the trick he pulled by appointing his daughter as his replacement,came back to haunt him when he lost to Palin, and now when Palin backed Miller in the Senate race.
Miller a Yale law school graduate , combat veteran and hero, and a Federal Judge.
If he can win, he will be a bright intelligent conservative voice in Washington.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tv commercials / The new school in LA

Among the most irritating and annoying daily events are the commercials on television.
First are the multidtude of plaintiff attorney's who want you to sue for every side effect of every drug,as well as syndromes I never heard of.It appears that every worker in this country is being unpatriotic if they don't pick up the phone and call 1-800-sue everyone.
Now if you have memory loss-if you can remember to take our pills-they are available for nothing except shipping and handling.
How about the speeding cars driving at unsafe speeds ,or the pig who drives in the back seat to help sell Geico.
Now what they all have in common, is that the volume automatically goes up the minute the commercial comes on.

A few months ago Sheila and I visited China.One of the highlights was a visit to the Olympic Stadium in Bejing built in the shape of a birds nest.Of course the Olympic Games were held there within the last 2 years, and the edifice rfepreesented the entire Chinese nation,and they should be proud of it.How shocked I was to learn that the new public school in bankrupt Los Angeles cost more than that Stadium.California has lost its bearings.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Peace talks / Australia elections

The demand that Israel renounce settlement activity even before the talks begin is really a smokescreen.
Arafat negotiated even while settlements were being built.Any activity whether in Jerusalem or beyond,is being undertaken in areas that will never be given back to the PA in any agreement.
What you have is Abbas reacting to his critics by saying, DON'T CRITICIZE IT WILL BE OVER BEFORE YOU KNOW IT.AS ALWAYS,THEY WILL MISS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY ,as they witness facts being created on the ground.
While,it is probable that the newest Iranian drone is just hype,the Govt of Israel cannot sit idly by, and watch the DAYS FLOW INTO MONTHS AS IRAN GETS CLOSER TO A NUCLEAR WEAPON.
Should Israel attack,that will cut negotiations off the chart for another 2 years,while the Hezbollah,Hamas and Iranian issues are cleared up.

It is interesting to read about the Australian elections.and the comments in the op-ed and editorial page of the WSJ as to the possible lessons for America-namely the end of big spending defecit government.As England seems to be straightening out their financial mess,including revamping their socialized medicine,hopefully we will be next to kick the left wing out of govt.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


As the Sept 2 date of the WH conference with Israel and the PA comes close,we should keep in mind certain facts to help us understand the probable outcome.
Firstly, while, Israelis would like peace, they understand as the late Golda Meir stated- there never was a Palestinian nation, people or State.
2-Abbas is there from a position of weakness, without full support from all factions,especially the HAMAS .On the other hand Bibi did not give in on any pre-conditions including settlements.
3-If Bibi restarts builing in Jerusalem or beyond, Abbas is out of thre.If he doesn't he is in trouble with his coalition.
4-Border Security-this is key, and how can the US lecture Israel on border security, when we caNNOT SECURE OUR OWN BORDERS-MILLIONS COMING IN,WITH MILLIONS OF POUNDS OF DRUGS.Suppose those were nuclear weapons?
In addition the UN could not secure the Lebanese border from Syrian and Iranian smugglers.
Thus only Israeli security at the border can suffice-A NON_STARTER FOR ABBAS.
5- Jerusalem can never again be divided oe serve as the capitol of any entity or State-Again a PA non-starter.
6- Right of Return- As Pres.Bush noted-if the Palestinians have a State that is where their returnees belong.A Non-Starter for Israel.
7-Any Palestinian entity must be demilitarized - a no brainer, yet a non-starter for the PA.
8-A return to 1967 borders- a total impossibility-a non-starter for Israel
9- Agreeing that Israel is a Jewish State-If the PA won't agree there is no reason to proceed.
10- Any decision Bibi makes will be presented to the Israeli electorate for approval-Do you think the Israeli public will go along after giving back Gaza?
Thus not a very hopeful scenario.