Sunday, November 28, 2010

The View / N Korea / Wilkileaks / The Senate schedule

At a time when N. Korea is on the brink of preciptating war in Asia, and we are fighting 2 wars in the Middle East,and Iran snubs its nose at the US,how demeaning is it to have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs appear on the View ?
Of course President Obama was a guest recently ,and we commented on the diminution of the KAVOD of the Office of the President.
In fact the response or lack of it by Sec. of State Clinton is deafening.Each and every time a major or minor violation is committed by N.Korea,intead of a tough response,we give in to their threats,either send more relief,or call meetings at which time,whatever they promise is worthless.
Of course no one wants a real war,however China must be made to realize that this is the end-the regime must fall or else we will be increasing our presence off the China -Korea region,which they do not want.We must crack down on their ability to get hard currency to support their intransigence.

The Wilkileaks should have been stopped long ago.This treasonous activity shoud hav been met with a covert plan to assasinate and destroy those who harm our security.

It is almost a joke to observe the Harry Reid schedule of issues for the 3 week period.If he accomplishes even 75%, he deserves a medal.Thankfully cap and tax is off the menu,and it loks like Start,Dream and other such issues that should have been discussed months ago, will be put off until the next Congress.Taxes and a limited continuing budget reslution perhaps may survive
Similarly the food safety act might make it..