Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Last Wed as we drove down to Chevron our bus passed the beautiful community of Har Homa.
I was privileged to be at the ground breaking ceremony for this project when Bibi was last PM. I recall a small counter-demonstration against the project,however despite world and especially US pressure, the building continued.
What is important is that this area is within the municipality of Jerusalem and IS NOT A SETTLEMENT.
The announced plan for 1000 new units, brought about an Obama renuciation from Indonesia. He and everyone knows that there never was a freeze on Jerusalem building,and every single proposal for "PEACE" has this area remaining as part of Israel.
This is Obama the Muslim boy, back in his roots, where he prayed in the Mosque on Fridays,simply once again showing his didain for Bibi and Israel.

The majority of conservative or middle of the road Dems in the House are gone. 40% of the members of the next Congress(Dems) belong to the Progressive Caucus.
Howevever as Lawrence O'Donnell said on MSNBC he is proud to be not a liberal, but a socialist.Indeed that should be the real name of the old Democratic Party-SOCIALIST PARTY.

The security person finally came to us,and took my passport,thumbed through it,and asked me "have you ever been to Israel before?"
I answered about 80 times,and then asked her wasn't my passport proof of my frequent visits?-no answer
It is not an old passport, and when she handed it back to me,I counted 38 Israeli entries.(probably 20 recent visits-(coming and going)