Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving / Turkey and the Armenian Genocide

This and the fourth of July give me a special feeling of pride to be an American-the greatest country in the world.These holidays ,without any religious significance, nevertheless allows for a pause to consider how we as Jews have been welcomed,and succeeded beyond any expectation.
When I sat Wed morning in my talmud shiur,I thought that each person in the room were physicians (except for 1 accountant), were very successful in their careers,and felt free to sit and learn of our religion and heritage without fear.This has not been the history of the Jewish Diaspora.

Now that PM Erdegan of Turkey is on an anti-Israel rampage again,it is time for Congress to once again revisit the Turkish Armenian genocide when in 1915, 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered.
The last time when Congress wanted to have a resolution on this event,Turkey placed pressure on Israel to help kill it.Sadly some in the pro-Israel community in Washington joined in that effort. Now is the time to correct that wrong