Thursday, June 30, 2011

B Hussein OBama / The Flotilla

There he goes again,as Pres Reagan would say.Recognizing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt!
Anti-semitic-=anti-Israel -anti-U.S.-Is this what our foreign policy is about?
Stupidity,with an anti-Israel flavor.

The Israeli organization Shurat Hadin has been working around the clock to interfere with the Hamas flotilla.Today they noted that Gov. Perry had interceded on their behalf with the Attorney General's office.I cannot wait until he announces,and I predict many of the Rep.Governors will endorse hiom.So far only 3 of them have endorsed any candidate.The problem with Bachmann may be a thin resume in Executive office experience-while Perry would fit in perfectly,as the longest sitting Gov. in the country.

The Pres.resorted to childish attacks on the Republicans.For someone who is on the golf course a few times a week,planning a summer vacation and running all over for campaign fund raisers, his attacks are silly.HIS PRIVATE JET ATTACK LIKEWISE WILL APPEAL TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE THAT DOING AWAY WITH A TAX BENEFIT FOR THE JETS WILL SOLVE THE FISCAL PROBLEM.It is chump change.
His attacks will not stand up to scrutiny.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Press

Instead of describing the NJ bill that addresses the problems of public employee pensions as a fiscal solution,the press describes it as "anti-union".
Yes unions are not happy to have their wings clipped,howevever the goal is not to destroy them 'a priori',but rather to save the State from fiscal disaster.
Which brings me to the concerted attack on Michelle Bachmann by every channel, as though one individual is sitting in a control booth and directing the liberal onslaught.
When Barack O)bama faced the press while running for Pres.,no one asked him if the fact that he voted "present" 27 times in the Illinois State Senate was a sign thet he was "a flake".Yet the attacks on conservative ,strong and principled women in the GOP , make for ridicule, attack and an attempt to smear them.
I believe that these attacks will backfire-giving Bachmann greater exposure as she forcefully defends her positions.She is now no. 2 in New Hampshire.
Gov. Perry even without announcing is no 2 in the Tea Party.
Honestly I don 't know what the Tea Party is.Howevever their views on cutting the budget and cleaning out Washington-balanced budget amendment etc-seem reasonable to me.

How low and demeaning can you get when the Pres and V.P. sell a chance to have dinner with them for 5$., or to taste thw WH Chef's food.Please-Is there no dignity left?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a Simcha-Gay Marriage

Great comments by Pawlenty on Israel this A.M. ,and Gov Perry on his msupport for Israel m(on the Beck show).

Although I was against the new law, it really didn't affect Orthodox Jews.
1- no REAL Rabbi would seek to violates the Torah in such a manner.(Reform and Conservative-don't count on 2 regards -their authenticity as Rabbis and -their allegiance to Torah standards.
2-However, the defination through the ages of man+woman= marriage still stands.
If someone wants to fight for nudity in the street, pedophilia,bestiality,they would find that although RIGHT NOW the public is against them,in a few decades ,things can change.GIVE CHANGING MORES A CHANCE!
3-Examine how the public accepts new models in human behavior.Spitzer, who should be in Jail, is a TV host.Weiner on page 1 of the NYT, is trying to arrange his successor.-That man has no shame.
Cuomo and Bloomberg have live-in girlfriends.
The Supreme Court says that you cannot control the sale of violent movies.
The words "under G-d" are omitted by NBC from the Pledge of Allegience.

There are many examples ,however the trend is clear.As a society we have removed that "puritan" model,and ars following Hugh Hefner(who today announced his latest blond "girlfriend" )who "revolutionized the world.
Even the conduct of young people,who do not engage in normal conversation,since they are so busy texting and playing with their machines-do not realize they are being disrespectful..
Perhaps as the recent WSJ op-ed lamented -I am getting old and technologically deficient.
Well enough rambling for one blog -Have to go prepare for the ongoing festivities-the caterers should be jumping for joy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rabbi Lior / The flotilla ? Perry

The manner of arrest of Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi Dov Lior was outrageous.His car was stopped in the tunnel outside his home,like a common criminal.
The charge is that he endorsed a book entitled ,Torat Hamelech, which deals with how to treat gentiles in time of war.
I have of course not read the book,however the Rabbi and other Torah scholars who have endorsed the book,did so on what they feel is solid Torah grounds.
The anti-religious attitude of the police is not acceptable.

The latest news from the proposed flotilla, is the desire to kill and maim Israeli soldiers with chemicals such as sulpher.As news stories have pointed out,there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.Every single product they need including new and fancy autos is available.
This is but a ploy to place Israel in a negative light, and is supported by Hamas activists.

What is Palin doing in Iowa? The poll numbers for Bachmann are impressive.
There is a op-ed quotyed today in Real Clear Politics by a columnist who was the first to predict an Obama victory 4 years ago.Today he predicts that Gov. Perry (m if he runs) will be our next President. I concur.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bibi's son / Republicans on Libya

Bibi Netanayahu's 17 year old son has created a hooha by telling the truth on Facebook.He wrote " terror has a religion-and it is Islam".Everyone is up in arms with all kinds of apologia.The truth hurts!

I believe the Republican House vote on Libya had nothing to do with creeping isolationism.Rather, there are a number of factors involved.
1-Frustration over the President not consulting Congress as per the War Powers Act.
2-The conduct of the war-now over 4 months witrh no plan for victory.The US is half in and half out.NATO is withering within our eyesight.Bomnbing on Tripoli apparently has nothing to do with"humanitarian" concerns,and are killing civilians.
3-Obama is not leading, but giving Americans the mickey mouse excuse that it is not our war.yet we supply the munitions.
4-The cost is getting past a billion dollars,and with our economy, appears to be wasted.
He is a failure as a "foreign policy" leader.To wit the silly political act of releasing the oil, just as oil prices were declining.In addition opening the reserves should be reserved for true emergencies, not falling poll numbers.
In addition his lack of leadrship on Syria and Iran are 2 more examples of a failed presidency.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Commentary articles / Budget talks

There are 2 outstanding articles in the current Commentary Magazine.The first is an analysis of the Obama Doctrine, and his feeling toward American exceptionalism. Sadly this describes a President who if he did not have to answer to the public and Congress, would make us into a third rate European country.As it is, he is trying to do so anyway.
The other article deals with Israel and its ability to withstand the less than friendly attitude of the Obama W.H.Thankfully the Congress and the American peoplwill not allow Israel to be stabbed in the back m(or front).
There is another interesting article on F.M. Avigdor Lieberman,who concievably could be elected P.M. in a future govt.

The departure of the 2 Republicans from the Biden talks,moves the discussions to a new level.With the President in N.Y. for fund-raising ,despite his claims he is too busy to get involved in the talks, he will have no choice.With the Republicans holding tight against any new taxes, the ball is the the W.H. court.
Any Dem.concessions will be a tough pill to swallow for their activists and team. However,everyone agrees on the need to cut spending and avoid the terrible projections issued yesterday by the Budget Office.
We are in for a tense period of political attacks, that will go down to the wire.Who will blink first? MY GUESS IT WILL BE THE DEMS!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Left wing Dems / Al Gore / Huntsman / NATO

As you read more details of the White House briefing by Obama to Dem. Jewish funders,you realize that they constitute to a hreat extent the left of the left.Some were the leaders of the Israel Policy Forum and other such groups.They would support Obama come hell or high water.
I am sure that old time senior pre-alzheimer Jews will votye for Obama.Howevever, if the margin can be cut by 10-15% that could help in a tight race.

When you read Al Gores comments on Obama,you realize the anger of the left with Obama on climate control, immigration,taxes,the wars etc.They have no other candidate to support. Enthusiasm or lack of it can influence fund raising and turnout.Thank G-d orthodox Jews do not listen to Gores' advice on population control( smaller families).

I am totally unimpressed with Gov. Huntsman.He is out raising money from homosexual groups,favors same sex marriages,and I have not heard a word regarding Israel from him.His family gave 25,000 dollars to Harry Reids campaign.

What with Italy withdrawing from the NATO libyan force,and the US in a stste of denial,with Congressional pressures mounting, NATO is showing its true colors.
In the Cold War,they were a force to be reckoned ith.Now with budget problems and a lack of unity,it is time for the US to re-evaluate our defense needs.What with cradle to grave socialism,Europe has cut its defense budget and placed all the hopes and needs on the backs of our country.We can no longer afford it,and we cannot depend upon them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sadness is the first EMOTION ..
Anger and tears are my next reaction.
I am referring to the makeup of the American ship that will join the pro-Hamas ship that will attempt to beat the Israeli blockade of Gaza.Allegedly 25% of the passengers are Jewish.
Aside from the fact that except for cement and equiptment to build bunkers and arms,Israel is allowing huge amount of items into Gaza.The Egyptians likewewise have opened the border.
Israel is at war with Hamas,who seek to destroy the Jewish homeland.
How can one even begin to understand such self-hatred?
In London a group of Jewish anti-Zionists rallied in memory of the 9 individuals who died on the Mavi Mamara-the first ship that sailed and tried to ram their way through the IDF Navy
Those of us who love Israel,should not assume that every fellow Jew is a soulmate on the issues of Jewish survival.
Of interest that a group of Jewish contributors to the Democratic Party have been reassured regarding Obama's stance and support of Israel.These people are dumb,deaf,blind and perhaps only one step or level above the Jewish sailors mentioned above.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fox / Michelle Bachman / Johnathan Pollard

Leaving my physical therapy appointment today,I noticed a Newe York magazine with a number of stories on the Fox network.I borrowed this magazine which was about 3-4 weeks old.
What a hatchet job.When they brought up the Dick Morris sex scandel while he was working for Clinton,I had enough.Morris is now a Fox consultant.
Not that Fox is perfect.I am happy to see Beck leave,and the "panels" of Hannity are ridiculous.In addition Greta seems to harp on a story or idea,and keeps repeating it as nauseum.
Nevertheless,overall there has to be a reason why I and millions of others consider it indespensible to understanding the ills of the liberal elite.
When you combine Fox with the Weekly Standard and Commentary magazine plus some general websites like Drudge,Politico,Daily Caller,Rasmussen and the Jerusalem Post,Haaretz ,Debka etc,you have pretty much availed yourself of a deep understanding of our world.Of course it is the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal that puts it into a daily focus.
Thus you can peruse the NYT , or MSNBC and have a good laugh during Fox commercials.

The cast of candidates on the GOP slate so far fail to stir my blood.Gov. Perry and Sen. Thune would be attractive addition to the list.So would Gov. Bush of Florida.
It is not too late, for America is looking for an exciting persona who can address the failing economy.
I did not watch the entire Republican CNN debate,and was therefore suprised with the positive comments about Michelle Bachman's performance.Of course the left cannot stand her in the same manner that they dislike Palin.Any conservative woman is to be scorned and attacked.
She is a mother -I believe 5 children,a successful businesswoman, articulate, bright and pretty.She has the right punch lines when she speaks,and would be able to stand up to Romney in the GOP race, and to Obama should she get the nomination.

The Russians and the Chinese are blocking any UN action on Syria.Yet Obama is silent on the human tragedy.It is in our interest to see Assad go.

The government did not respond to the request to allow Johnathan Pollard an opportunity to see his father before he died.His father expired on Saturday.It is time that he be released on humanitarium gfounds.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Modern Orthodoxy

I spent time this weekend in Woodmere and then today in Teaneck.It is amazing that orthodoxy has grown to such an extent.
At the 7 AM minyan (there are also 7.45, 8.15 and 9.15 AM minyanim) at the Young Israel 200 people attended.Then a large number stayed for a Talmud class.
In Teanck,Cong Beth Am a reform Temple closed its doors.They have sold it to a nearby orthodox group.
The Teaneck Jewish Center has voted to install a mechitza and become orthodox.At its peak it had 1400 families,but now it was " orthodoxy or dissolution".
The strictly kosher(orthodox supervised) restaurants ,bakeries and super markets are thriving and both areas are a centrum for modern orthodoxy.Both area have a Vaad of local orthodox Rabbis that supervise the religious life of the community.
The advent of the internet,e-mail, and other modern communication devices make learning Totah easier than ever before.Jewish book stores and web sites make learning and understanding Torah simple for even those who can't read Hebrew.
It is just a question of a desire to learn.

Just as an aside, today we dedicated the matzevah (stone)at my mothers A'H grave. It has been 9 months since her passing at the age of 99 plus.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gay Marriage - Term limits

I have often stated in trhis blog that I am not homophobic.Throughout my medical carfeer,I treated with dignity and compassion many homosexualo patients.
However morally and theologically I cannot agree with the concept of " gay marriage". To me a maRrriage can onlybe between a man and a woman.
The State can make whatever legal contracts for insurance, estates etc between 2 men or 2 women.However a marriage contract is an oxymoron.
I don't care what polling numbers say.As a matter of fact that goes along with what I wrote last week about the reaction to Weiner.The morals of this society change based UPON PR, THE MEDIA ETYC.
True ethics and morality from uur Torah is eternal and never-changing.

Barbara Walters takes the cake.she is worried that Weiner has no profession-how will he make a living?.
Of course he brought this upon himself.
Howevever this brings up an interesting point.A man like Weiner, and there are many like him in goverment, never worked a day in their life outside of govt.Their only frame of reference to prosperity is soak the rich-more taxes-more govt spending etc
This is a good reason for term limits-let's get representatives with real world-life experiences.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weiner's wife / Bibi under pressure

A few doctors I know in discussing the Weiner situation raised an interesting question.Is his wife really pregnant?
She is not showing,and the trip for someone in the first trimester was extremely difficult,running around Africa with her boss. Their thought was that if she is not pregnant,and she claims to have lost the baby,they can blame it in the Republicans.
Sounds a little too complicated for me.-I guess we will know in a few weeks.

PM Netanyahu under US pressure to restart negotiations with the PA,spoke to the Knesset yesterday.He reiterated his main points.
1-the settlement bloc will remain part of Israel
2-Jerusalem will stay as the undivided capitol of Israel
3-The PA must recognize Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people.
4-There must be a military presence on the Jordan River.
5-An agreement must be the end of all claims by the PA against Israel-the conlict is ended.
6-Arab "refugees" must be settled within Palestine not Israel.
The pressure is great,but the fact that Congress does not support Obama in these areas,means there is a limit of how far he can go with his anti-Israel demands.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fatah-Hamas / Iraq

The purported agreement between Fatah and Hamas egarding a new cabinet and PM
reinforces the concept that Israel has no partner for negotiations.Whether
Fayyad is PM or not,it does not change the equation
In Lebanon more bad news,as the Govt has just created a cabinet with a Hezbollah majority.Their goal to attack Israel.
There is no question that Israel is sorrounded by enemies.Whether they will go after Iran on their own remains to be seen.No way Obama has the stomach for it.Neither can he take a role in Syria's slaughter of its civil;ians.

How interesting that a group of 6 Congressmen were asked to leave Iraq,after they asked PERMISSION TO VISIT CAMP ASHRAF where 3000 Iranian dissidents are housed.There was a battle there with Iraqui soldiers.
After all of our soldiers-money and US blood -that's what you get.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Palin- Romney

How sick is the media! They have sent a huge number of reporters to examine the 24,000 e-mails of Palin.The NYT and W-PO have asked for citizen volunteers to examins the cartons of material.
Why? Because they hate her-and fear her.
She is not an office-holder,and was Gov. of a relatively obscure state.Yet every bus ride,every tweet dominates the news.And always they portray her as ignorant etc.
SUPRISE-the e-mails show a hard working concientious public servant without scandal.
Question-why doesn't the press go over Obama's emails to Pelosi etc on Obamacare. Or the Attorney General's e-mails on the Black Panthers whose case was thrown out.
It is obvious now, that the press especially the 2 mentioned above are appendages of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.
I really feel that the Obama era is coming to an end-he is or will soon be a lame duck before you know it.

While Romney is not my favorite,as he is too liberal.His health care bill, his acceptance of global warming and his support of ethanol subsidies make him the least favorable of the candidates,there is no question that Obama must be defeated And, if Romney is the candidate certainly we will support him.Yet I do not believe he will be the candidate,because by skipping the caucuses he illustrates his fear of party stalwarts.I believe Perry can be the one that conservaives can coalesce around.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


One has to ask what kind of a marriage does Anthony Weiner have? For 2 weeks he has been lambasted in the press, made fun of,humiliated in public,and yet his wife is still overseas.
Barbara Walters is alleged to have said that Weiner did this nonsense because his wife was always traveling.Such nonsense considering he did this before he was married.In addition the new pictures today in the House gym showing him holding his penis,now cement the charges that he used Govt. property to cook up his adventures.The liberal media will do anything to protect one of their own.
I guess in 2 years he can co-host a show with Elliot Spitzer.
To the person who told a reporter that in 2 years it will be all forgotten,I ask
would you be proud to tell your child that this creep was your Congressman? It has nothing to do with memory-it is the insult to the Institution of Congress that cannot be allowed to stand.

Friday, June 10, 2011


"Der Olom iz a golam"
This yiddish expression clearly describes those New Yorkers especially in Cong. Weiners district, who are prepared to allow this pervert to stay in Congress and would vote for him again.The world is crazy!
How can we respect our leaders if such is the attitude?
Just because he supports Israel, or votes the liberal line isn't there some moral line that he has crossed? doesn't he belong in a program for sex addicts?Hasn't he impacted negatively on the lives of many woman?
Firstly any Representaive in his district would be both liberal and pro-Israel.
He has brought shame on the Jewish people both by his public conduct and marrying a Moslem.His child will NOT be Jewish--SHAME ON HIM!
For me this is not a partisan issue-if he were a Republican, I would feel the same anger.
What bothers me more than his conduct is the conduct of the man in the street-our moral climate has so deteriorated, that it is hard to imagine a sexual act except repe, that would shock people.

The PM of Turkey Edrogan calls the Syrian actions today "inhumane".

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

R wing conspiracy /U. N. doubletalk

I erred yesterday in sayng that the Aguda magazine touted Anthony Weiners attendance at their function. It was from a story in the 5 Towns Jewish newspaper..

The liberal blogs like DAILY KOS until Weiner came forward and admitted his actions,blasted Breitbart and the R wing blogosphere for every possible conspiracy they could imagine.Some are still claiming conspiracy.Reminds me of Hillary Clinton when Bill was a candidate and accused of womanizing ,and she claimed it was a "right wing conspiracy".

The UN High Commissioner for civil Rights questions Israel's use of live fire on innocent civilians.
What are they doing in a military zone? Who told them to enter minefields?
or to try to enter another country without permission and to bring back to their Syrian leaders a piece of the chain fence for a reward?
I am more than pleased the the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Eleana Ros-Lehntinin,has startrd to get support for a resolution that says that if the UN grants "Palestinian Statehood" we should withdraw financial support to the General Assembly.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner/ UN /Assad / J STREET

thony Weiner, is not only a liar,a sex pervert but a loud disgusting human being who only seeks the limelight.He screams, bangs on the table and plays to his liberal base.HE KNOWS HOW TO LIE WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.
That he married a Moslem womanis not even commented upon in the Jewish media.
G-d has a way of paying back those who publicly stray.
However, how does Weiner stand up and admit to these disgusting events, and not resign.Do professional politicians, Edwards, Vitter, Schwartzenegger etc. have such little regard for we the people?
It won't be long before Schumer or Bill Clinton picks up the phone and says 'IT'S TIME TO RESIGN".

The UN nuclear energy commission criticized Israel for destroying the Syrian nuclear reactor.Instead ,Israel should have reported it to them.
Let's see-how many years would it take them to get to the bottom of it? as the plant would have been concluded.

We are still waiting for Obama to call for Assad's removal.Every day another 50-250 deaths ,many from security forces trying to desert.

THREE CHEERS for Bibi and his govt for refusing to meet with the 6 Congressmen that J Street brought to Israel.Only the opposition leader met with them.It is clear that the govt. considers J Street an anti-Israel organization masquarding as a left wing zionist group.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Early election talk/ flotilla ships / Paris conference / Weiner

Even a political junkie like me is tired of the daily polls,talking heads and multitudes of potential and real candidates for the GOP nomination.
With the election so many months away, it is impossible at this early stage to know who the final candidate(s) will be.Surely the economy will be key.However an attack on Iran,or the fall of Syria, or the takeover of Egypt by Islamists, or the failure to doslodge Quadaffi etc may also play a key role.It appears that the Bin Laden poll bounce was not very great or permanent.

Israel would be wise to announce that any ship seized in the Turkish flotilla will NOT be returned since there is a war on with Hamas.That might further discourage ship owners and insurance companies from allowing their ships to join the flotilla.
I do not understand why Israel would consider joining a Paris "peace conference" next month based on the Obama '67 starting point.If they think this will prevent Abbas from going to the UN in Sept.,that hardly seems probable.Will Bibi sit next to the Hamas guy?

It is interesting that NBC is the only network that did not cover Weinergate.Of course as has been pointed out, were he to formally complain to a police agency,and it turned out that he himself was involved,that would be a crime (of making a false report).
It would seem his Mayoral race is over,considering the negative page 1 headlines in the NY papers.By the way, those headline writers on the Post and News are terrific.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Weiner /Martin Bashir / The economy / The flotilla

Weinergate simply will not go away-until Weiner answers the basic questions.
Since allefations have been made-the FBI should investigate even without a Weiner omplaint.

Martin Bashir of MSNBC has accused Palin of violating Federal law, by using the flag on her bus tour for private use.This is truly silly season.
The liberal media cannot stand it when female conservative leaders have the ability to attract attention.

I saw an interesting article that noted that the liberal media whenever bad economic news comes out prefaces it with words like "unexpected" or "in a suprise development" new home sales fell etc..This is because they are cheering for Obama,however the news is bad.
I sort of believe that today is the beginning of a new era in US politics,where the economy is so bad,that Obama will become the underdog as soon as the Rep. candidates become clearer.
Gas prices, food ,unemployment ,the defecit,the lack of an Obama budget all added to the housing situation will probably not turn by the end of the year or next year.

It appears that the organizers of the flotilla are having trouble raising money and getting insurance for their proposed voyage.The warnings of Shurat Hadin to insurance companies nay be paying off.