Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sadness is the first EMOTION ..
Anger and tears are my next reaction.
I am referring to the makeup of the American ship that will join the pro-Hamas ship that will attempt to beat the Israeli blockade of Gaza.Allegedly 25% of the passengers are Jewish.
Aside from the fact that except for cement and equiptment to build bunkers and arms,Israel is allowing huge amount of items into Gaza.The Egyptians likewewise have opened the border.
Israel is at war with Hamas,who seek to destroy the Jewish homeland.
How can one even begin to understand such self-hatred?
In London a group of Jewish anti-Zionists rallied in memory of the 9 individuals who died on the Mavi Mamara-the first ship that sailed and tried to ram their way through the IDF Navy
Those of us who love Israel,should not assume that every fellow Jew is a soulmate on the issues of Jewish survival.
Of interest that a group of Jewish contributors to the Democratic Party have been reassured regarding Obama's stance and support of Israel.These people are dumb,deaf,blind and perhaps only one step or level above the Jewish sailors mentioned above.