Thursday, June 02, 2011

Early election talk/ flotilla ships / Paris conference / Weiner

Even a political junkie like me is tired of the daily polls,talking heads and multitudes of potential and real candidates for the GOP nomination.
With the election so many months away, it is impossible at this early stage to know who the final candidate(s) will be.Surely the economy will be key.However an attack on Iran,or the fall of Syria, or the takeover of Egypt by Islamists, or the failure to doslodge Quadaffi etc may also play a key role.It appears that the Bin Laden poll bounce was not very great or permanent.

Israel would be wise to announce that any ship seized in the Turkish flotilla will NOT be returned since there is a war on with Hamas.That might further discourage ship owners and insurance companies from allowing their ships to join the flotilla.
I do not understand why Israel would consider joining a Paris "peace conference" next month based on the Obama '67 starting point.If they think this will prevent Abbas from going to the UN in Sept.,that hardly seems probable.Will Bibi sit next to the Hamas guy?

It is interesting that NBC is the only network that did not cover Weinergate.Of course as has been pointed out, were he to formally complain to a police agency,and it turned out that he himself was involved,that would be a crime (of making a false report).
It would seem his Mayoral race is over,considering the negative page 1 headlines in the NY papers.By the way, those headline writers on the Post and News are terrific.