Monday, June 20, 2011

Fox / Michelle Bachman / Johnathan Pollard

Leaving my physical therapy appointment today,I noticed a Newe York magazine with a number of stories on the Fox network.I borrowed this magazine which was about 3-4 weeks old.
What a hatchet job.When they brought up the Dick Morris sex scandel while he was working for Clinton,I had enough.Morris is now a Fox consultant.
Not that Fox is perfect.I am happy to see Beck leave,and the "panels" of Hannity are ridiculous.In addition Greta seems to harp on a story or idea,and keeps repeating it as nauseum.
Nevertheless,overall there has to be a reason why I and millions of others consider it indespensible to understanding the ills of the liberal elite.
When you combine Fox with the Weekly Standard and Commentary magazine plus some general websites like Drudge,Politico,Daily Caller,Rasmussen and the Jerusalem Post,Haaretz ,Debka etc,you have pretty much availed yourself of a deep understanding of our world.Of course it is the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal that puts it into a daily focus.
Thus you can peruse the NYT , or MSNBC and have a good laugh during Fox commercials.

The cast of candidates on the GOP slate so far fail to stir my blood.Gov. Perry and Sen. Thune would be attractive addition to the list.So would Gov. Bush of Florida.
It is not too late, for America is looking for an exciting persona who can address the failing economy.
I did not watch the entire Republican CNN debate,and was therefore suprised with the positive comments about Michelle Bachman's performance.Of course the left cannot stand her in the same manner that they dislike Palin.Any conservative woman is to be scorned and attacked.
She is a mother -I believe 5 children,a successful businesswoman, articulate, bright and pretty.She has the right punch lines when she speaks,and would be able to stand up to Romney in the GOP race, and to Obama should she get the nomination.

The Russians and the Chinese are blocking any UN action on Syria.Yet Obama is silent on the human tragedy.It is in our interest to see Assad go.

The government did not respond to the request to allow Johnathan Pollard an opportunity to see his father before he died.His father expired on Saturday.It is time that he be released on humanitarium gfounds.